Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 169

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 169 Pleasant Surprise?

"Breath of Water, Sixteenth Form Candy to the Eye!!!"

Nik roared with utter determination as his blade slashed through the surface of the water itself and sent a huge wave towards the nearby Shizuka, drenching her and revealing her s.e.xy, perky body for the seventh time in a week.

"That isn't proper form... there are no forms other than the ten original forms..."

Shigure commented, ignoring the almost indignant Shizuka who was bursting in shame and anger, but with her own body exposed in such an illicit manner, and the fact that topless Nik looked way more stimulating, she couldn't help but purse her lips, else, she calls him handsome bastard once again.

"You say there are ten forms... and yet, this is my sixteenth."

Nik muttered while looking at his own nichirin blade with mock astonishment. The calm and constant ripples beneath his foot revealed his better control over Hamon, meanwhile, the strings of invisible Hamon latched over every other servant in the mansion with his pheromones inducing various funny thoughts within their mind spoke volumes of his training.

"You- You shouldn't do it!"

But of course, after growing comfortable with Nik rather physically, Shizuka did grew a bit resistant towards the Handsome Bastard and was able to at least, express herself.

"Ah, Shigure, do you see that?"

Nik looked towards the calm Shigure that kept on cleaning her own blade with a peaceful expression while nodding.

"It's a... bean..."

She replied calmly and Shizuka... with her slowly erecting 'beans' finally lost her equilibrium between shame and anger.

With an overwhelming Shame touching her body, she immediately crouched with a yelp, her b.r.e.a.s.ts pressing against her knees, almost spilling out of her own kimono, making Nik smile indecently.

"Alright, alright."

Nik walked out of the rippling pond and crouched in front of Shizuka while flashing a charming smile on his face, making Shizuka's heart bitter with excitement and complicated feelings as she herself took the initiative and raised her beautiful face as Nik stole her lips for a few moments once again.

Well, even though Nik's training did bear him sweet fruits in the form of progress, his greatest achievement was successfully seducing the soft, meek and perfectly perky Shizuka Marikawa through dastardly means of [Carnal Desires] and [Illusion] while he refrained himself from using [Mind Control] on the innocent, mature beauty.

Feeling his lips seizing control of her entire mouth, Shizuka couldn't help by m.o.a.n softly into his mouth as her legs felt weak, but of course, Nik's arms gently wrapped across her waist and brought her closer while the enchanted scent that overflowed from Shizuka's body threatened to wipe off Nik's consciousness and force him to take the beauty right here and then.

Of course, expertly controlling his own urges, Nik ended the intimate moment before helping her stand up and enduring her soft whispers of anger while consoling her.

After all was said and done, Nik gave one swift spank to the retreating Shizuka before winking at the blushing beauty as she made yet another hasty retreat.

"See that? And you said that Shizuka won't even allow me to kiss her."

Nik grinned while embracing Shigure from behind and planting a kiss on the top of her head as she nodded.

"It's true that I have underestimated you on a number of occasions. But... well, a part of me believes that... Saeko is going to kill you...

Or Aunt Lisa..."


Nik whispered softly, attracting Shigure's attention and continued softly.

"There is a little evil on your face..."

And indeed, there was no denying the fact that Shigure had a small, yet evil smirk om her face which disappeared instantly after being found out, making Shigure lean back into Nik's chest while sighing, almost mewling.

"Less than two months remain..."

She whispered as Nik nodded.


They both continued sitting in such a position until Shigure looked at her own sword and back at Nik's before inquiring softly.

"Do you want... me to forge you a better sword...?"

Nik looked at Shigure's sword and asked candidly.

"Can it reach the level of the sword that father-in-law in forged?"

Shigure shook her head.

"Close... but not same... I am still lacking..."

Nik nodded at her words then agreed and requested softly.

"Alright... after that survival."

"Hmm... I want to show you my village, too."

She continued softly as she wriggled her body to turn around while sheathing the sword and hugging Nik's body tightly, allowing his warmth to fill her up.

"Let's... train again..."

With Nik's and Shigure's sparring match of the day already concluded, the word train brought a short smile on his face and he immediately leaned down and sealed her tiny lips and readily enjoyed her warm mouth.

"That is why we were brought here in the first place... training..."

Nik whispered during narrow, breathless breaks while unceremoniously willing his thoughts to make every single servant make clear of this region using his [Mind Control] and [Illusion] for the sake of backup with eluding the eyes of every being that enters the range of his already spreading Pheromone to hide the illicit couple from the n.a.k.e.d eyes and showing them the peaceful backyard instead of Shigure's rapidly stripping state.

First her already e.r.o.t.i.c kimono, that left little to imagination was pulled down, immediately showing a strange sight of her mesh armour being cut out from the regions of Shigure's bare tits that already sported erect n.i.p.p.l.es while her droopy gaze lowered in a bit of embarrassment while she remained within Nik's strong and large embrace.

"You look beautiful in this, Shigure."

Nik whispered hotly into her ears, his hands gently squeezing her b.r.e.a.s.ts before moving forward and pinching her n.i.p.p.l.es rather roughly while taking then chance to spend some time on her neck as her body shivered in silent delight and shame while Nik's masterful moves and thoughtful actions only made Shigure hotter and needier by the second.

His hot, demanding c.o.c.k was already pressing against her butt, a feeling she cherished extremely, yet, Nik kept on enjoying her body with his hands, her stomach, thighs and of course, her bosom, were shown no mercy and yet, Nik still did not move a single inched to remove her already soaked fundoshi as he would usually commit in a single move.

"Nik... haaa~... no teasing..."

She whispered between the much-appreciated breaks between the kisses while her body finally started to grow a bit comfortable after feeling his lecherous palms converting her body into a mass of pleased flesh and nerves once again. Her own hands had already pulled his pants down while his raging c.o.c.k emerged from behind her butt, through the gaps of her thighs, rubbing directly against her clothed snatch.

"Then try it yourself." Nik continued whispering. His words made his own c.o.c.k's twitch more impactful as Shigure's hands slithered across the shaft and gave a few strokes before she raised her hands closer to her face to let her own drool and saliva lubricate her hand.

What followed was a few minutes of Shigure's soft and well-moistened palms gliding across his shaft, her thumb would sometimes rub against the bulbous head while at times, she would also cup his full balls while wrapping her free palm around his shaft and giving ferocious pumps.

"Your hands aren't enough."

A pinch and twirl of her n.i.p.p.l.es brought muffled m.o.a.ns out of Shigure's lips as her hands only grew quicker, not willing to admit defeat while trying her damn best to make Nik c.u.m before she ended melting in his arms, like usual.

Even though Shigure boasted agility and strength far higher and controlled than Nik, all her accomplishments would feel short-sticked in front of that particular long one.

"Maybe... we should try this one?"

Nik questioned softly, one of his hands moving within the gap of their embrace before reaching the base of Shigure's h.i.p.s placed above his laps and sliding his index into her perfectly trained, v.i.r.g.i.n anus, ready to be plucked.

The sudden penetration brought a shivering shock to her body and she immediately yelped in surprise, a sound Nik loved to hear every time before he immediately committed his words with action and adjusted his body on his knees and let Shigure bend forward.


She whispered while looking back with somewhat indignant and wronged expression, only witness Nik smirking and winking at her.

"Nah... maybe I'll continue."

And continue he did, with a slight adjust of the direction, Nik poked the clenched anus and the small poke was all he needed for he immediately used his Pheromones to bring wave of pleasure by each of his touch, slowly relaxing her body while building a massive outburst of nectar as he finally decided to sit back once again and brought Shigure onto his lap, finally penetrating her deep into the endless abyss while sealing her lips to suppress the loud groan.

Nik's hands, on the other hand, changed their targets from the luscious b.r.e.a.s.ts to seductive flower, stretching her fleshy entrance while revealing her soaked pink slit with a particular hole already gaping, showing a premiere of what to expect within while her prized jewel immediately found itself getting rubbed and with Nik's Pheromones in place, the feeling had increased exponentially!

A single touch to bring a crystal clear squirt of happiness as Nik continued rocking Shigure's body with his other hand enjoying the clench of her anus that wished to destroy and melt his own c.o.c.k with an outrageous quality of heat and fleshy feeling.

"Stahppp... I... I..."

Her words failed to express her joy as another squirt soon followed the previous outburst while Shigure's violet pupils already touched the roof of her droopy eyes, her raven hair disheveled and her own body losing all its strength.

But by now, Shigure did have some experience and finally, her breathing technique wasn't stopped as Nik and Shigure enjoyed one of their myriad impromptu training session with Nik finally plunging his hot c.u.m deep within her after almost half-an-hour before they both came to a stop.

But of course, they made use of the beautiful and prized pond of the mansion's owner to wash their filth and clear their hot heads with cool water before the simply soaked in the open bath for a few minutes, sharing a loving embrace.

"That... training regiment... needs to be increased in frequency."

Finally, his prized kuudere whispered the words of approval while leaning forward and cupping Nik's jaws before landing a sweet kiss.

"Of course. Once a day!"

Nik smiled and hearing his words, a short and gentle smile touched Shigure's lips.

Just like this, Nik's days passed between his illicit training and actual training while his actions towards Shizuka only grew bolder with no-one in the mansion to put a stop on him.

Of course, after deciding to fully focus on Breath of Water and his Illusion techniques before placing his thoughts on deriving the techniques of his exotic elements and also training in the other two Breathing Technique, Nik's progressed at a marginally better pace.

Alas, his peaceful days of training was finally put to an end with the arrival of an unexpected yet pleasant surprise.