Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 171

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 171 Unusual Spar

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"I know. Master sent me info on you."

Saeko walked around Nik while her gaze kept measuring inches of his torso before tiptoeing over the surface of the pond while moving in front of him.

"I am Saeko Busujima, The Pillar of Steel. Now, why didn't your Nichirin Blade changed its colour?"

Saeko's gaze once again focused on Nik's sword that was still in its prime condition as Nik internally measured Saeko himself while shrugging.

"How would I know"


Two kunais flew past the gap between Saeko's and Nik's face before they slowly craned their neck sideways, coming face-to-face with a dark-aura'ed Shigure whole lightning-shaped brows kept twitching.

"Like... I thought... I don't like this..."

She muttered while Saeko couldn't help but look towards Shizuka for an explanation, who immediately lowered her head in embarrassment making Saeko's eyes go wide.

"It couldn't be..."

Saeko muttered in disbelief and she snapped her head towards Shigure's direction and immediately walked towards her while sniffing loudly as her gaze would rotate around Nik and Shigure.

"For real?"

Saeko questioned absentmindedly. Since Saeko was a head-taller than Shigure, at this moment, she looked somewhat towering due to her vague expression that immediately made Shigure cautious before the hand pressed against the hilt of her sword immediately unsheathed the silver blade before she spun around and matched Nik's gaze with a joyful expression.

"I can smell that you aren't strong... but Shigure-san has your scent in abundance. This means that you must have something special.

Let's battle!

Let me find out your secrets!"

At Saeko's words, Shizuka couldn't help but sit on the ground while Shigure herself shook her head. Although she would beat Nik every time when sparring with him using the Breath of Wind.

The truth remained that Nik's true proficiency lied in Breath of Water... not to mention, his moves' fluidity only increases when using the blade of water.

But even more surprising was Nik's reaction as he shrugged at Saeko's baseless challenge and replied with a smile.

"There is no need to spar for that. Since Lisa Lisa already knows, it is only a matter of time."

As Nik spoke, his entire right arm was covered in brilliant raging waves that started to condense over his palm before forming into a blade of raging waves.

"What... is that?"

Shizuka gulped, wide-eyed. After all, she still hadn't witnessed such a strange use of Hamon. Meanwhile, Saeko couldn't help but blink at Nik's non-committal response at her thirst for battle.

Thinking for a little while, Saeko hesitated a bit for this was the first time she was facing such an issue. Usually, the other party would have simply accepted the challenge and then, she would beat them up mercilessly and bloody until they spilt the beans.

"What if I still wish to spar?"

"Ah, no problem. It would be an honor to train with an official pillar."

Nik nodded with a smile while Shigure coughed softly, attracting Nik's attention, who immediately smiled widely.

"Of course, Shigure is even better than most of the pillars."

Although, Shigure's expression remained the same, her fingers twirling the luscious green grass betrayed her giddiness.

But before the spar could commence, Nik retracted his blade of Hamon infused waves, earning a confused glare from Saeko before he used pure elements to create the blade. The effect would be the same, but the strain on his energy would be reduced by a lot.

"One move." Saeko spoke while getting into a firm, solid posture, her silver sword placed in front of her while her eyes scanning Nik and finding some of the weak spots and openings left out due to his inexperience.

Of course, Nik wouldn't be Nik if he lost his shamelessness in front of the beauty and mobilised his own [Pheromone Illusion] to create the effect of [Carnal Desires].

The effect was immediate as Saeko's posture slumped a bit, attracting Shigure's attention while Shizuka simply looked at Nik's magnetic back...

"One move it is."

Nik smiled and raised his own makeshift sword, matching Saeko's gaze while enjoying the slight twitches of her body while her thick scent soon started to linger in the surroundings, making the purple-haired pillar blush in shame as she lowered her sword before walking away silently.

'You... used a shamelessness move... didn't you?'

Shigure's soft voice enchanted Nik's consciousness, who smiled and nodded candidly.

'I just used my first move earlier than she could have expected.'

Nik grinned before spinning and snapping his finger to bring Shizuka from her dreamland and immediately beckoned her forward.


She stood up and wished to make an excuse and skitter away as usual, but once again, she found her body having a consciousness of its own as her buxom body moved as quickly and steadily it could before stepping over at the pond while stopping in front of Nik, making Shizuka lower her head in embarrassment.

Honestly, even Nik was a bit tired by just teasing Shizuka... he wanted more, and he wasn't the least bit afraid of stating his wishes. His hand brushed her long golden lock away while making contact with her cheeks as Nik smiled and whispered softly.

"Shizuka... the door will be open today."

Before the second mistress of the Mansion formed coherent words, he leaned in for a kiss and immediately started taking his way within her mouth, his hands wrapping around her h.i.p.s while her unusually ample bosom pressed against his body.

Today, he intended to form a symphony of m.o.a.ns belonging to two beauties instead of one.


"Saeko and you have some bad past?"

With things settled and Saeko's presence still unknown, Nik took this chance to be the one to place his head over Shigure's lap, enjoying the sensation and warmth while he asked with a curious expression.

"Not bad past... she used to beat me... I would lose every time..."

She muttered with a somewhat crestfallen expression.

"But Saeko seemed to be over the past. Not to mention, you are capable of rivaling that strongest Pillar, right?"

Shigure nodded at Nik's words and then thought for a while before leaning downwards and initiating and passionate kiss.

Although stunned, Nik enjoyed the sensation of her cute little tongue taking the initiative, but he still decided to tease the s.e.xy kunoichi.

'Does this mean you are a sore loser?'

Nik's snickers within her consciousness stunned Shigure for a moment before she opened her eyes and matched her indignant violet gaze with Nik's while retracting her head. The small, smooth bump on her cheeks pointed out her cute pout, making Nik fall for her even harder.


"What... is this?"

Saeko looked at the viscous liquid forming bridge between the gap of her fingers as her own body's scent felt strangely tantalizing to her. Her entire body was filled with sweat as if a fire was lit within her body and the feeling of overflowing hotness pointed at the reliability of the thought before her own p.u.s.s.y was gushing!



Saeko, who has only trained with a single focus, couldn't help but become genuinely curious at this strange feeling. The tingles were a bit uncomfortable, but in that very discomfort, her body felt strangely pleasured.

Not wishing to ponder on things further, she jumped into the hot bath and felt her anxieties and tension flow away.

"Ahh~ Bathing in warm water after slaying a freaking Demon Moon feels awesome!

Although, I wonder how other pillars are doing with their trainees."

She wondered out loud. Each of the demon slayer with the potential to reach the level of the pillar, or even higher, was given an assignment that would lead them to the remaining five lower moon demons. Meanwhile, a Pillar would follow them and if the candidate fails, the pillars were ordered to save the candidate's life insure of slaying the said demon.

Of course, Saeko was never the one to follow orders that involved letting a demon live and neither were the others.

Especially... that Wind bastard.

She thought with a scowl. That Bastard is a sore loser... just like another breath of Wind user she knew of.

Of course, the latter had other qualities to make up for that particular distasteful behaviour.