Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 172

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 172 Another One Down

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"For the record... I don't like this..."

Shigure muttered softly while tightening her hold around Nik's waist before retreating suddenly.

"Yeah, I can see that on your face." Nik smiled before bringing Shigure into another embrace. Unlike her usual expression, she did look a little bit more annoyed than usual.

"Does this get easier... the sting?" Shigure inquired softly as she tried merging herself within Nik when she thought of how Shizuka may accompany Nik instead of her.

Letting her face nuzzle against his neck, Nik nodded slightly and whispered in return.

"It may feel better if you join"

Before he could complete, Shigure instantly struggled out of the embrace before disappearing while letting her angry voice tormenting his consciousness with cute whispers stating the obvious pervert for more than a minute before going silent as the door to his room was knocked, attracting his focus.

Walking up quickly, Nik opened the door only for his vision to fall on lightly dressed Shizuka whose body wafted a pleasant scent while the wet tips of her hair pointed out her previous action of taking a bath before coming here.

"You really came."

A broad grin emerged on his lips as Nik's words made the ripe, untaken beauty in front of him flush in shame as she kept hold of her right wrist with her left palm beneath her ample bosom, pushing the two, untied bunnies up, accentuating her figure further.

"Ehm, I- Nik... Um... Can I... get a drink?"

Shizuka finally mustered her courage and asked for the potion of bravery, to which, Nio agreed with a nod as he led the meek and anxious healing Demon Slayer into his room of debauchery before bringing out a bottle of beer from his inventory and handing it to the confused Shizuka.

Even though Shizuka had the best Hamon Control after Lisa Lisa, she still found Nik covered in a mysterious shroud. Even his Hamon was strange.

Violent and Controlled at the same time.

Not to mention that he could use three types of Breathing Technique, yet, the Nichirin Blade never changed its colour.

Taking a sip of unnaturally cold and spicy beer, Shizuka felt her head clear up a bit before she looked up and found Nik gulping the contents with a pleased expression.

"Nik... I... I don't think I can do that to Shigure...

I have watched her grow up."

Shizuka muttered with a sad smile while the recollection of all the indecent contact with Nik in the past week resurfaced within her consciousness as her smile couldn't help but grow wider.

"But it was a good"

Before the lady could continue wallowing in her own thoughts, Nik immediately pulled her face up with his index curled around her chin and seized her prized lips while letting the depraved beer in his mouth flow into her tiny mouth as the thin trail of booze leaking through the corners of the lips made the lower half of their face a bit enchanting.

"Nik *huff* I"

Once again, Nik cut Shizuka short and brought the bottle closer to her lips, a warm and mischievous smile on his face as he whispered softly.


A single word and yet, her body obediently committed the action without gulping the alcohol for she felt that it wasn't the end of it and Nik swooping down for another illicit kiss and sharing the booze from her mouth proved her point.

Another bottle appeared in Nik's hand mysteriously and while scratching Shizuka's hot mouth, he poured the contents of the bottle over her hot, curvaceous body. The creamish thin yukata immediately soaked in alcohol and exposed her luscious bosom with erect cherry toppings while Nik naturally pushed Shizuka down.

His [Pheromone Illusion] exploded and instantly, Nik's room turned into a safe haven of l.u.s.t and debauchery where complicated thoughts were forced to step aside to reveal the true, primal urges that drove a living being to live their life.

"No- don't..."

Shizuka muttered, yet her own gasps and pleased m.o.a.ns when she felt Nik's hands roaming across her body, rubbing and kneading her lonely, cold bosom whenever she was Shigure and Nik making out while the thought of her body drenched in alcohol only made her denial laced with pleas of seduction.

Her own hand divining into Nik's loose robes proved the point as her fingers finally traced the much-craved muscles she had been witnessing. His smooth abdominal muscles, large and firm pecs, mind-numbing and a tight butt! Just how she imagined it to be!

Not to mention the threatening mass of muscle and nerves poking out from in between his thighs...

Her thoughts were slowly being corrupted by her own body's instincts. Her snatch was soaked, not in beer, but with her own lewd nectar and she knew it! She felt it! Even after being an inexperienced lady, she was a healer with knowledge on human bodies that even Lisa Lisa failed to compete with.

Each of her reactions was being measured in her own consciousness. Her mouth felt at peace, her bosom warm and her body happy. So why must her thoughts wallow in self-deprecating thoughts that would only ruin the mood?

Shouldn't she just...

Shizuka matched Nik's glimmering violet gaze and smiled beautifully before bringing her hands to his face and cupping his cheeks before using her astonishing physical prowess to pull Nik into a deep, bruising kiss.

Her arms pulled his body further, as if demanding to melt him, an action which the previous Shizuka would have never even imagined of, and yet, as her half-lidded, passionate eyes fell on Nik's perfectly carved c.o.c.k with toe-curling size and the perfect scent that kept on lingering, she couldn't help but get down onto the floor and push her b.r.e.a.s.ts up without stating the obvious request.

Her hot, needy pants making up for her lack of conversation while Nik also felt mesmerized by the sheer quality of her perky bosom and sat up, his c.o.c.k erect in anticipation and soon, Shizuka leaned forward and enveloped Nik's eager member with her large bosom before registering the feel of Nik's hot, twitching c.o.c.k as she opened her mouth to let the decadent nectar of saliva and beer flow over her cleavage through her exposed, lolling tongue.

Nectar gushed over Nik's bulbous head before covering the inner side of her bosom, moistening the surface enough for a rough gliding session of her b.r.e.a.s.ts for the first time, when suddenly, Shizuka's eyes narrowed down dangerously and she licked her lips seductively.

Had Shigure been present, she could have vouched for the fact that Shizuka's current expression matched Nik's when he had some dastardly s.e.x.u.a.l trap hidden somewhere while they were already mating like animals.

Even Nik admitted, his heart froze for a second before waves of Hamon flowed out of Shizuka in a wild, untamed fashion. Her Hamon immediately enveloped the couple right before the much-anticipated boobjob session as tendrils of Hamon struck many bundle of nerves within his body, making him go daze while a sultry m.o.a.n emerged from Shizuka's lips as she immediately placed her hands against her b.r.e.a.s.ts and pushed them up before gliding them down passionately.

Her mouth lowered and covered the remaining part of his c.o.c.k as Nik felt like exploding almost instantly. It was a strange feeling, really. Being an enduring type, Nik had never felt the urge to release all his stored up c.u.m in one go, and followed the urge he did.

Immediately grabbing Shizuka's head and plunging his c.o.c.k deep into her throat, Nik released one of the biggest nuts he ever had as streams of oozing thick c.u.m filled Shizuka's throat as the beauty's eyes widened while strings of non-ingested c.u.m flew out.

Finally, Shizuka regretted playing with Nik for his outburst was too huge and too sudden. But deep down, a wave of feral pride gripped her heart as all it took was the manipulation technique of body and one stroke of her bosom to make Nik c.u.m!

Alas, the first nut has always been known as the warm-up nut.

Had Shigure been here once again, she would have easily vouched for this fact, too.

"*Cough* *Cough* Hah~ Hah~ I knew that this way would have been better!"

Shizuka smiled while licking her lips as Nik narrowed his gaze dangerously when he felt Shizuka's Hamon probing his body. This was a technique he was feeling for the first time and seeing its application in s.e.x.u.a.l session, Nik had not even thought of mobilising his own Hamon to resist and feeling his body exploding once again, Nim grinned and immediately picked Shizuka up and settled her on the bed before piercing deep into her tight w.o.m.b, her flesh sticking against Nik's shaft as Nik unceremoniously released another wave of hot, breathtaking load, but his h.i.p.s did not stop!

Soon, Shizuka deeply regretted and enjoyed her decision to use the technique for she had never thought that Nik, even after making her orgasm and c.u.m.m.i.n.g himself, could last for such a long time and fill her so much that her usually slender abdomen felt bloated.

Her sweet agony still did not stop there for Nik had decided to thoroughly use the chance to test his own limits and aside from her anal v.i.r.g.i.nity, kept on rotating between her mouth p.u.s.s.y and the c.u.m-soaked c.o.c.k eating, voracious snatch that was already molded into his shape, w.o.m.b pierced!

Once again, melodious waves shook the entire mansion and while many simply took the owner of the strained groans as their young mistress, a peculiar soul felt quite surprised for this was her first night in the mansion after Nik's arrival.

Immediately, Saeko stood up from her bed and made a beeline towards the source of the debauched noises when her gaze fell on another lascivious scene of Shigure peeking into the room while her hand moving within her kimono unceremoniously.

"The hell?" Saeko blurted with a dumb expression as Shigure immediately snapped towards Saeko's direction and brought her soaked index towards her lips, indicating Saeko to remain quiet as the Pillar of Steel frowned and immediately walked behind Shigure to witness an astonishing scene!

Meanwhile, before Shizuka faded into her unconsciousness, a strange square popped in front of her, asking if she would wish to be Nik's partner.

'Why wouldn't I?'