Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 173

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 173 Satisfaction

What is satisfaction?

Waking up to a whole new round of improvement?


Name: Nik Faran

Age: 19

Affiliation: Incubus Society (Member)

Bloodline: Carnal Demon

STR: 9--> 11

AGL: 11--> 12

VIT: 11--> 13

ENG: 16--> 22

CHM: 10

LUK: 2


No, to Nik, waking up to a whole new round of development wasn't satisfying enough. Swiping the screen away, Nik looked at the beauty that kept hugging him with an innocent expression while a pure white sheet covered her luscious, mind-numbing body.

This was satisfaction.

Nik softly stroked Shizuka's head while observing the mess they had made out of the room... not to mention, various debauched stains. Heck... when did he shoot up to the ceiling?

Nik questioned himself internally for he had really lost all his reasoning as he indulged himself in the sweet carnal bliss that Shizuka's body provided.

Getting out of the bed, Nik immediately performed the usual stretching exercise for fifteen minutes before he went into the bath and enjoyed the warm water. Never had he realised that Shizuka was just like him, a beast.

Through her usual training of Hamon Control, Nik had failed to realise how much of a physical strength she boasted and honestly... he felt that her physical stats easily rivaled the cultivators, making up for their lack of talent and expertise in battle.

"Huff~ Oh well, can't deny... it was extremely fun!"

Nik whistled and chuckled as he cleaned every inch of his body. The feeling of dried out c.u.m is disgusting, he knew it, that is why he would always mobilise Waterbending to clean the girls after the session so they won't feel disgusted or uncomfortable just after waking up.

They also had the right to feel satisfied when they wake up.

After cleaning himself and finding clothes for his body, Nik promptly entered the bed once again and sat cross-legged while waiting for Shizuka to wake up as he started training in his Gravity element and finding the right path to create the breath of Gravity.

Honestly, Nik now only had a single reason to discover or invent the Breath of Gravity. After all, he can already mobilise a stream of gravity infused Hamon and just practice its forms.

The point was Strengthening!

Water strengthened the body as a whole, but less efficiently.

Lightning strengthened his muscles to produce a burst of movements.

Wind strengthened his lower body to make him swifter.

All these techniques held the potential to indefinitely increase his physical stats if the required type of energy is formed within the body.

Due to this, he simply couldn't help but train to find the strengthening effect of Gravity, Light and Purity Lightning.

And counting all the affinities he had and the amount of training he would need just to reach the proficiency he has in the element of water, Nik couldn't help but waver for a brief moment before shaking his head and continuing training with a focused mind.

He will have time for fun, he will also have the appropriate time to tease beauties, but right now, he needed to use this brief period of peace and meditate on the gravity infused Hamon coursing throughout his body to glean some insights regarding the Breath of Gravity.

Of course, even after half-an-hour of focused observation, Nik failed to deduce anything that would allow him to take the first step in the formation of the breathing technique and then carried on to practice his gravity bending on extremely tiny objects to finesse his control.

Korosensei had actually mentioned using the Gravity over Nik's own body to help him assimilate with his strength quicker. But after a heated discussion on the idea, the duo denied the idea for the risks it contained. Gravity bending was completely related to Nik's control, and if, by accident, Nik lost his control, there was a certain risk that he might end up committing suicide by getting squashed or torn to shreds by gravity itself.

Once he felt satisfied with the little, yet, obvious improvement, he looked towards the asleep Shizuka and couldn't help but smile secretly.

"Uhm... there is evil... on your face..."

A quiet, frosty whisper almost made Nik's heart lurch and his throat producing shrill screams of terror before he reigned himself in and took a few seconds to register Shigure's voice as he looked at her direction with a bit of an annoyed glare.

"No, there is evil on your face."

Nik sighed when looking at Shigure's smile as the lonely kunoichi promptly picked her pace and sat on Nik's lap before looking towards Shizuka for a few seconds... her peaceful smile to be specific.

"You went easy on me..."

Shigure whispered without looking back as her back pressed against his chest while Nik's arms wrapped around her body in a soft and passionate embrace.

"It's not me going easy on you... just slowly building up the level of our debauched nights step-by-step.

And peeking is a bad habit." Nik muttered while giving her bosom as swift pinch before lowering his head and nibbling on the corner of her soft left ear.

"You should simply join."

At Nik's words, the usually silent, yet, sassy type Shigure had no response aside from lowering her head and nodded with a hum of approval.

"I should leave... you should explain the situation to her... she is waking up..."

Shigure muttered as she stood up and left, but not before spinning to face Nik and plant a soft kiss on his cheek.


On time, Shizuka sat up while yawning with her hands spread as her wonderfully large bosom trembled and jiggled softly as she rubbed her eyes and looked sideways with a somewhat tired expression.

"Good morning, Nik."

She smiled and immediately crawled over to him, immediately latching onto his body akin to a lazy koala as she kissed his chin before wrapping her hands around his waist.

This was a reaction which Nik wasn't prepared to deal with. Unlike her usual, self-conscious aura, the current Shizuka only portrayed... laziness.

"Hehehe, surprised?"

Shizuka cooed softly, her tongue slathering his neck while her free arm already stroking the slowly growing bulge within Nik's pants before she winked.

"From now on... I'll be teaching you things way exotic than you could have imagined."

She finally rolled over mischievously and entangled herself with the bedsheet as she kept gazing at Nik before releasing a somewhat strained, yet, tantalizing sigh.

"I can't believe... I let Shigure hog you for so long..."

She shook her head at her past version's selfishness as and immediately sat up with an excited expression.

"I know!! How about we just kick back and enjoy an entire week of sessions?"

The usual meek Shizuka was gone, Nik had to adapt to the situation... yet, too many things changed too suddenly, leaving Nik with a single reply.



"Oh... now I understand."

Still laying on the bed rather seductively, Shizuka muttered in comprehension and she immediately swiped up the screen that showed her and Shigure's name.

After explaining his true situation to the girls for so many time, Nik had already created a set of standard strings of information that he would send into the consciousness of his partners and explain the true essence of the situation without requiring the use of words.

But by now, Nik also felt a bit enlightened. While his seven partners in his homeworld were rather 'normal'. The same couldn't be said for the girls of different worlds that have supernatural entities. After facing deadly creatures for so long, most of the surviving demon slayers or other Factions in their affiliation have formed a different side of themselves that is kept personal to cope up with all the deaths.

And Nik's hammering of love and passion completely opened the girls to him. After all, getting pounded and filled full until her w.o.m.b enlarged a little left a little space for shyness for Shizuka.

So, if Shizuka was truly a lazy person with an otherworldly Hamon talent and an extremely s.e.xy body, then Shigure was somewhat evil and petty, with once again, an extremely hot and tight body.

"Alright, should we go and eat? I am famished!"

Shizuka rubbed her cheek against Nik's and asked softly, her hands once again within his kimono, immediately slithering towards his already excited member while soft tendrils of Hamon impacted his c.o.c.k once again.

Seeing this, Nik understood that Shizuka happened to be famished for something else, making him shrug.

"Well, as long as you know how to use the tongue correctly, who am I to stop you...

But our training shouldn't be delayed?"

Nik grabbed a fistful of Shizuka's hair and brought her close to gave a deep kiss before she looked at Nik with narrowed down eyes and smiled broadly.

"Of course!"

She grinned as pushing Nik down while disrobing him quickly and placing her treat once again between her large bust while immediately working on the continuously twitching tip before streams of 'juice' filled her up real nice and hot.