Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 174

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 174 Schedule

The breakfast wasn't awkward at all. Yup! With Shizuka sitting right next to him and eating happily while Shigure flanking him from the other side, leaving Saeko sitting alone in front of him with an embarrassed face. Just like in his homeworld, Nik decided to create a communication hub within his mind and allowed the girls to chat with each other and finally found out that their deeds were witnessed.

Both, by the illicitly masturbating Shigure and the red-faced Saeko, who had admittedly lost all her splendor since the moment she encountered Nik in the morning.

After all, witnessing someone you consider as your elder sister getting f.u.c.k.i.e.d silly with ropes of c.u.m drooling out of her snatch while a very visible bulge over the crotch only pointed out to the stock of unholy spunk stocked within would make the person extremely... embarrassed.

Not to mention... watching Shigure climax.

How the mansion turned into the cave of l.u.s.t and debauchery was something Saeko would never know. The only thing she did know was that Nik was a dangerous entity. Not as a fighter. Even though he has the potential to reach greater heights in combat as stated by Lisa Lisa Saeko, enlisted him as a threat at a more fundamental level.

Seeing two incredibly wonderful, beautiful, able women sharing Nik while not afraid of showing their own true colours...

If Demons were a threat to mankind, then Nik's existence was similar to females.

But as embarrassing the situation was, Saeko had never been the one to hide away from shame. Her years of training wouldn't allow her to. But what should she start the conversation with?

Compliment his prowess? His astonishingly delicious looking... uhm!

'Don't get sidetracked...'

Saeko chided herself internally when Shizuka suddenly spoke up.

"I think we should actually create a proper training routine for Nik so that our timings do not clash."

Immediately, a barely perceivable tick mark appeared on Shigure's head as she spoke in her usual calm tone.

"There should never be a proper training routine. A body is not something artificial. It has various needs, so there is no need to" Hog him over was what Shigure wished to speak, for Shizuka's training was something Lisa Lisa commented to be prioritised, but in the end, she decided to take a tamer approach, " trouble yourself. He will need occasional spars between the training. I will spar with him."

As much as Saeko was surprised to witness one of the rarer moments where Shigure actually spoke full sentences, Shizuka's smile couldn't help but grow wider and she nodded in agreement.

"Spars! Yes, we also need sparring sessions in between the training."

Laziness and unhidden lasciviousness oozed thickly within her statement, making a pink blush encroach Shigure's cheeks while Saeko had yet, once again, lowered her head in shame as the memory of the complete defilement of Shizuka filled her conscious thoughts.

"Hmm? Is there truly a need to even do things so elaborately? I will train until I get exhausted.

Plain and simple."

Nik muttered as his Continuous Focus Breathing produced streams of Hamon that drilled within his body as he ate the highly nutritional food present only in this mansion.


Playfulness had receded as Shigure and Shizuka denied simultaneously. Even Saeko looked at Nik and shook her head before finally deciding to speak up. All this time, she had been trying to change the flow... and the meaning of the conversation from Nik's supposedly hidden yet, open s.e.x.u.a.l relationship with Shigure and Shizuka. This was an opportunity she did not wish to miss.

"While training until you exhaust does imply that you might improve." She stated quicker than Shigure or Shizuka and continued, "To become a better fighter, you need to target specific weaknesses and blind spots and train them until you are proficient enough to turn those weaknesses into something that at least does not weigh you down."

Still not willing to even give the duo a chance to speak, Saeko continued boldly, "Not to mention the training of control over Hamon can never be treated in a similar manner. Many exercises are needed to be practiced.

And although your control is better than the majority of the potential candidates... you have barely taken a step forward."

"Alright... I don't understand two things..." Nik took a moment to digest Saeko's burst of information and stated slowly, "What I am being trained for?... And, although it is not related to me, who are these potential candidates that you speak of?"

Saeko looked at Nik with amus.e.m.e.nt flickering in her eyes for the first time of the day and smiled.

"Not of your concern? Nik and Brian. Top potential candidates alongside other successors of pillars and cultivators.

The potential candidates are demon slayers who have the necessary talent, bravery and skills to become a pillar... or even a Cultivator."

She stated and fell silent... clearly not wishing to clear out Nik's former query while Shizuka sighed and Shigure averted her eyes. Clearly, the trio had gone through some bad experience regarding the 'thing' Nik is being trained for.

But Nik did not mind for he had another task in his hand. Due to his own debauched yet, hard-working, lifestyle for the past week, Nik had admittedly forgotten about Brian completely and finally, he decided to try and contact him.


[Yo, any updates?]

A blue-haired youth suddenly slowed down when the particular golden-haired youth and the crimson-haired youth with a large box looked back in confusion.

Gazing at the chat message, Brian mulled over a bit before sending a reply.

[Honestly, it was a failure. Even with my skill set, I have failed to find any stronger demons... Right now, I am moving with my... senior and Tanjiro boy you spoke to me about, towards the location with demon sightings.]

[Tanjiro? Then Nezuko must be with her. What are your thoughts on her life force... can we also achieve the same state?]

Brian admitted that he had the same thoughts as Nik when he observed the two opposing Hamon signature slowly stabilising within a single entity. As strange as it looked, it was the truth. But still, Brian felt that the chances of them turning into demons was greater than becoming an anomaly that Nezuko was.

[I wouldn't try it without a certain success rate... and to even achieve that, the number of human experiments needed to be conducted would be huge.]

"Is there something wrong? A demon? Aaahhh! There is not a demon, right?!!"

The golden-haired youth screamed hysterically while Brian kept his calm and shook his head before placating the irritating... senior.

"No... Zen..." He didn't even like speaking Zenitsu's full name, so he settled for the short version.

[What about you?]

Brian sent a message and sighed. Till now, he had only challenged one strong demon into an Asura Match... if he doesn't find something useful, Brian didn't know when he will be able to enter another world that has such variation in the bloodline and make use of the locals to glean insight on evolution.

But strangely, Nik's answer came a moment later than expected.

[Oh... you know... a partner here and a partner there...]

Even the texts exuded a strange sense of lethargy, making Brian sigh in defeat before he cursed the lucky bastard bedding beauties and snapped.

[If you tell me something useful... I can try... and be your wingman...]

[Oh, then, I have some info on the past and a bit about the origin of the demons....]

And just like that, Nik sold the information and gained a Temporal Fiend, the almost extinct species if not for Brain, as his wingman.

Nik felt extremely cool at the moment, and honestly, he wasn't the least bit shy to admit it.


Closing the chat, Nik and the trio finally concluded the breakfast and reached the backyard before his usual intense training began. But instead of sparring with Shigure for the entire time, who would allow Nik to hone his skills, the sparring sessions were regulated and finally, Nik came to face the strength of a Pillar that did not hold back in the slightest and dishearteningly found that just like him and Shigure in bed, she had been taking it easy on Nik.

Because, without depending on his water sword, his own might took a plunge... no, it would be better to say that Nik also truly faced trouble with his own skills and felt the endless strikes of wooden sword much harsher than any play he had ever committed.

Of course, sparring with Saeko never lasted long and if his training focused on weak points and Hamon control, then the spars with the duo put his whole body into a terrifying style of training where he didn't train until exhaustion, but, got beaten until exhaustion took place only to feel Shizuka's unnatural Hamon that would stimulate the human body in various, miraculous ways healing him.

Although he was still exhausted, he wasn't in pain anymore, inducing him to train harder than ever, where, Saeko vented her frustration, making Nik enter a bout of a brief duration of unconsciousness to recover from his unnatural state.

Of course, during all the punishment Nik faced in the form of training, the entire mansion once again fell under Nik's control as he started affecting the residents, including the trio masters in front of him through his subconscious itself, making the affected person's subconscious bring up many illicit moments of their lives and affecting their state of mind.

Even Shizuka, Saeko and Shigure would fall under Nik's charm every now and then, making them slowly turn the training even more intense while they remained flushed for various reasons.