Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 175

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 175 Debauched Days

Nik's body was licked, bitten and turned into positions that provided the maximum pleasure to a particular raven-haired and the blonde beauty, whose bodies were covered in sweat as they huffed and panted with a thick stream of hot, searing spunk drooling out of their gaping pussies that still refused to contract as they hugged Nik's ripped body while he accommodated their backs gently, yet firmly.

After a few days of debauched passion, Nik's energy reservoir had increased from 22 to 24 but that was the extent of the improvement of his stats. Aside from that, his relationship with the duo turned out extremely well for the duo had teamed together to overpower Nik only to fail miserably as their milky bodies held a rosy tint while they nuzzled against Nik with a short, yet, satisfied smile on their faces.

Of course, after teasing Saeko by catching her red-handed while peaking in on him, Nik only saw her during the training, but the thick scent of s.e.x lingering on her body spoke volumes of her s.e.x.u.a.l frustration.

Not minding Nik controlling the uncomfortable fluids covering their body, the duo simply rested on his chest before drifting into sleep. Nik soon followed and only woke up when he found his already erect c.o.c.k balls deep within Shigure's mouth as her violet eyes grew a bit wider when she saw Nik waking up.

Of course, the process couldn't stop as she shook her head while letting the c.o.c.k choke her out of breath as the sudden sound of the spank attracted Nik's attention, making him observe the barely perceptible blonde head behind Shigure's cushy, round and spankable rear as greedy palms gripped on her butt cheek while faint slurping sound reached Nik's ears.

If it was a normal day, Nik would have definitely greeted them politely, but he only woke up to his near limits, finally, he greeted Shigure with a pump of his endless seed that filled Shigure's stomach hot and full, alas, the silent beauty couldn't swallow all as ropes of c.u.m leaked through her mouth.

Slowly, Shigure lifted her head and finally, removed her face with an audible gasp while her voice rang within Nik's.

'Good morning...'

Nik couldn't agree more.

This was definitely a good morning. But still, there was more to come as Shigure rolled her tongue out before starting to tend to Nik's sloppy c.o.c.k covered with his own mess alongside Shigure's thick trail of saliva. Taking an entire minute, she cleaned the master c.o.c.k till the tip and finally presented the bulging c.o.c.k with a soft peck before turning her gaze towards Nik's satisfied expression with a small smile.

But of course, she easily noticed Nik's lascivious gaze towards her own ample bosom, making her think for a while before she gingerly wrapped her plump b.r.e.a.s.ts around his shaft and once again slathered the tip of his c.o.c.k with her prized saliva, something she just recently cleaned off of the shaft before rubbing her b.r.e.a.s.ts softly, eliciting a relieved sigh from Nik.

But this time around, Nik's own [Pheromone Illusion] exploded out in the form of thick tendrils infused with Hamon that immediately circled around Shigure's erect n.i.p.p.l.es, brushing across her delicious a.r.e.o.l.as as her eyes widened and her snatch gushed with immense pleasure, her mouth couldn't help but leak a loud groan as Shizuka felt a little troubled downwards with the sudden eruption of orgasm. Shigure's calves curled up and forced Shizuka to drink all her juices while she started licking the tip of his c.o.c.k before placing the master tool within her mouth.

'What did you do?' And yet, her hot and indignant voice whispered within his consciousness as Nik laid back and relaxed.

'Nothing much. Just learnt a few things from Shizuka.'

And the master in question also felt her body shudder in immense pleasure when similar tendrils immediately seeped into her body, making her shudder. Almost instinctively, she knew that Nik had woken up, after all, aside from her, there was no one who could utilise Hamon in such a manner aside from Lisa Lisa.

And a greater part of her believed that Lisa Lisa would not be increasing her own sensitivity in such activities... with how things are actually going... the situation might change... probably.

Of course, she also couldn't look up for she was dealing with Shigure's sweet nectar and kept on lapping up anything and everything while connecting with Nik.

'Are you awake?' She immediately questioned with glee as Nik responded with mental waves of ecstasy.

This was something he picked up after experimenting with his [Partner Communication]. Just like sharing the essence of his memories, he was now able to share his current or past emotions, and that included his l.u.s.t.

Of course, Nik once again connected his mind to the duo and filled their consciousness with waves of flaring l.u.s.t, making Shigure suck on his c.o.c.k yet again with a renewed vigor while Shizuka couldn't help but increase her effort and started probing Shigure's anus, enjoying the tight and hot feeling.



The randy sound only grew louder as Nik once again finished into Shigure's mouth with much of it spilling on her warm, wet b.r.e.a.s.ts that somehow didn't lose to the feeling of her snatch as she looked up to match Nik's gaze with a needy, hot expression as her hazy violet eyes expressed way more than she could ever hope to.

What followed was a proper romping session as Nik immediately separated the needy duo and engaged in a passionate kiss with Shizuka to exchange and play with Shigure's nectar while he roughly ploughed the kunoichi in both of her holes, filling her up nice before finishing with a deep and pleasured orgasm of packing her tight with his seed. A part of him actually wanted to just let go of his inhibitions and just knock up these great beauties and make them completely his.

But he reigned such thoughts erupting due to his l.u.s.t and need for dominance. Making the duo pregnant just before the great survival mission was too risky and while he could send them into Harem, Nik knew that the duo won't just hide away.

But of course, Shizuka happened to be quite perceptive of his emotions despite her lazy nature. Maybe, Nik unknowingly let certain emotions aside from l.u.s.t enter their consciousness as Shigure was also looking back with obvious concern while trying to overpower the urge to arch her back and buck her h.i.p.s to let out another stream of orgasm.

"Come on, now."

Nik simply smiled. Letting such a great session go to waste just due to his own worries was extremely stupid, something he wasn't willing to become and immediately thrusted deep into Shigure's back, giving her a full-blown anal experience while lowering his head and taking the tip of Shizuka's left b.r.e.a.s.t into his mouth, making her m.o.a.n in delight.

Sure, after Shigure fell on the bed, powerless, Nik did not stop. Since the duo had allegedly restricted him from training in the morning due to their attempts, Nik was definitely not willing to let them go so easily.

Pussies were stretched once again and Shizuka soon found herself helpless against Nik's bestial nature despite her stamina. After all, she also needed to take moments of respite else the session would only become Nik's session of 'using' them. Something, he wasn't willing to do and would keep on rotating between the duo till the entire afternoon as he admittedly brought out snacks and alcohol during the session, or else, they would have stopped midway.

Soon, the duo emerged only to find the ranting Saeko.

After all, it was already evening and even Saeko wasn't willing to touch the sensitive subject of their carnal session audible to everyone!

Of course, Nik trained in a regime even harsher under Saeko's lead for the remaining duo simply weren't motivated enough after having their fill of the day. So they just kicked back and enjoyed the sight of Nik getting beaten up... no, they weren't being petty... probably.