Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 177

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 177 Breath Of War God: Take 1

"What did you do?"

The moment the master and disciple were alone, Lisa Lisa hissed and glared at Nik with a flushed expression. By now, the problem was too glaring. Her body was sweating and she was getting wet... way too quickly to be called this phenomenon a natural reaction. Even if Lisa Lisa admitted she had the hots for Nik, it wouldn't have been to the extent that she was 'this' close to buck her h.i.p.s and let out a melodious m.o.a.n extending to the sound of her blissful squirt.

And moreover, she hadn't faced such a situation when she was out gathering information on lower and upper moon demons. The only thing common the both of time she felt such a sensation was Nik!

"Shizuka and Shigure... and I must say, objectifying women is not nice, Master. So, your question should have been Who did you do?, right?"

Nik tilted his head and lowered the kimono from his upper shoulder, sliding it towards his waist with the rest of it tied by a belt while stepping upon the surface of the water, momentarily, taking of Lisa's attention from the situation and onto Nik's bare abdominal muscles.

It was the trail of sensual liquid that had reached her thighs that woke her up.

"I did not mean that!" With no demeanor befitting a master, Lisa Lisa shrieked, albeit, keeping her voice soft as Nik looked at her with an amused smile.

"Honestly, I do not know." After all, he had already admitted his relationship with Shigure and Shizuka. What else did she want to know?

Gritting her teeth, Lisa Lisa looked away. Although the feeling had morphed into something subtle, more instinctual, unlike the previous version where she was practically given a mental ride.

But, the feeling was slowly acc.u.mulating within her body, making her more sensual as the time passed. Her gaze wandered across his body, unconsciously biting her lips, Lisa mobilised every single strand of struggling will to calm her damn womanly self before gazing at Nik with a revived pair of cold icy stare.

"Alright, then. We should just start with the lesson."

There was also a soft snort at the end that Nim managed to hear. Keeping a straight face, Nik decided to ignore her incredibly flushed and hot face that looked nothing but needy and that paired with her cold stare made her all the more 'forbidden' and tantalizing.

'She must have been talking about [Pheromone Illusion] back then...' Nik thought internally before gazing at her twitching figure and nodding with a visible look of eagerness. But honestly, Nik didn't really want to learn her secrets most probably, a breathing technique. After all, he had just too much to learn. Too much to practice and too much to achieve. And if Lisa Lisa's technique happened to be worthwhile, his goals would be extended once again.

"You were trained in battle arts and Hamon manipulation for a single goal. To use Hamon itself to affect the physical side of the world.

By that, I do not mean demons. I mean the world as a whole."

'Ah, shit...' Even though it wasn't known if Nik could actually practice it since the incredible squirter Shizuka, failed in this technique, the description was definitely attractive enough to gain Nik's attention.

"Back then, I did not tell you one thing. This information, aside from you and me, is only known by the leader of the Demon Slaying Corps and my three disciples.

The demons have some sort of energy that allows them to use Blood Techniques. That very energy is something that is a complete opposite to what Hamon stands for, and yet, it is also a force of vitality a demon's vitality to be specific."

'The negative Hamon, huh...' Nik commented internally for he had already witnessed the distinguishing feature of the demon's life-force signature.

"But, demons are not able to use that kind of force on anything other than their Blood Arts. So, we humans, can manipulate our Hamon to suppress their vital energy and slay them for good.

You should know that the first Breath user was the strongest user that ever walked on the state, stronger than even cultivators.

That man utilised the breathing technique named Breath of Sun.

And yes, the Breath of Sun is the original breathing technique lost to the world."

Lisa Lisa took a moment to regain her attention and finally focus on Nik, whose, oh, so charming eyes looked back at her.

'Don't lose focus!' Snorting internally, Lisa Lisa continued with her explanation.

"The main elemental breathing techniques branch out from the Breath of Sun. Of course, there are many peculiar breathing techniques, like Saeko's breath of Steel that is derived out of sheer genius and luck. The pillars have many such entities.

But, there is one style that managed to reach the existence closest to the Breath of Sun."

The pause for the dramatic effect made Nik sigh as Lisa Lisa finally smiled, although, Nik had to admit that such a smile was not suited to see the daylight. Of course, he wasn't going to ruin Lisa Lisa's dramatic introduction.

"That is my lineage's inheritance The Breath of War God!"

For a moment, Lisa Lisa's control over her own body went a little haywire when all the acc.u.mulated heat exploded with a soft brush of something ethereal and tantalizing against her swollen, yet covered, clit as her eyes lost their focus and a soft yelp was all it took to thoroughly drench her legs as she fell on the ground, powerless, panting and helpless.

'Are you... kidding me...'

Nik gulped a lump of saliva and kept gazing at Lisa Lisa's limp, helpless form. A visible puddle of womanly juice soaking the middle region of her dress while her palms clenched the side of her yukata, two, peculiarly knobs clear over her trembling, heaving bosom while her disheveled hair spread over to the lush grass.

Of course, the scent.

A deep whiff was all it took to smell Lisa Lisa's need for the true war god, Nik chuckled at his thoughts internally. He couldn't help it, really, after making such a grand proclamation, Lisa Lisa simple orgasmed her troubles away.

But her mental fortitude was nothing to scoff at as she groaned softly while the light of consciousness returned to her and with widened, astounded eyes, Lisa Lisa sat up as a wave of relief spread through her body but the following, immediately glare of shame made her avert her eyes as the scene fell into a stunned silence.

Lisa Lisa didn't dare match Nik's gaze, even when she could feel the soft strokes of his lascivious eyes over her perfect, soft, milky body that gained a rosy tint due to sweat and and an exhilarating orgasm. But her eyes did fall on the glaring rod.


A single word to describe and Lisa Lisa admitted that it would have been her fortune to feel the same that her own disciples felt. But still, her body failed to respond, and soon, her face flushed as the consequences of such a situation.

"Ehm... should we... continue this later?"

Nik smiled as Lisa Lisa once again felt something impure pass over her body. The same sensual, debauched feeling started to slowly fill her insides, making her toes curl, her p.u.s.s.y lips twitch and her insides wet, hotter and needier. Of course, in glaring shame and anger, her eyes snapped up to match Nik's amused eyes.

At this situation, she could commit many actions.

Murder being the easiest while teaching the technique at the very moment being the hardest.

Of course, both of the options were flung out of the window of her thoughts as Nik decided to be the bigger man and leave. Her eyes showed enough rage for him to understand that she wasn't exactly willing to shag up with him. Continuing to anger her was also out of the question for she was stronger than him by quite a margin... abysmal margin, to be particular.

In the end, Nik bowed and proclaimed with a righteous expression and a just tone.

"Master... I understand your plight. We should train later... and if Master needs my help, only a single call is needed.

I will be taking my leave promptly."

Not waiting for her response, Nik increased the dosage of his Pheromones on her, inducing her to let out a sultry, sweetening and somewhat indignant groan as he immediately walked into the mansion. By now, his mind was already buzzing due to Lisa Lisa's incomparable scent, and honestly, after having an all-nighter with the duo, he did not have it in him to tire the duo.

So, taking the more sensible approach, Nik immediately entered a cold shower, meanwhile, the residents, including Saeko and Lisa Lisa felt a spike in their usual reactions, making them all twitchy.