Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 178

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 178 Breath Of War God: Take 2

"Breath of War God has a total of three forms." With a tone of depreciating enthusiasm, Lisa Lisa muttered with an impassive face while keeping her feelings, both mental and physical, at bay while describing the technique.

Although the backyard was already free of her... nectar, the fact that she ended up orgasming in front of her student, who happened to have enough control of Hamon to actually sit on the water, brought a great deal for embarrassment.

But, her inheritance demanded no shame, no personal bias when finding potential candidates, or else, there was no way she would have even allowed Nik to stay in the mansion anymore, despite the obvious resistance she would be facing from Shigure and Shizuka.

And Lisa Lisa's bet coincidentally happened to be on the mark for almost 80% of the pathways of the breathing technique happened to be already in use when Nik let his Elemental Hamon flow within his body freely. Heck, the pathways actually happened to include the paths of elements other than Light, Gravity and even Purity Lightning!

A true all-round developmental breathing technique!

The implications were mind-boggling and finally, Nik had some idea on how strong Lisa Lisa truly was, making him falter for a moment before he continued with his dastardly operation to keep the mansion under his debauched clutches.

"But, the forms are in essence, quite simple." Lisa Lisa continued, "It is the breathing technique that is hard to master."

Nik nodded before standing. Lisa Lisa had already demonstrated the three forms to him and after practicing the set of forms of three different breathing techniques for so long, he could now at least gain the slightest bit of insight on Lisa Lisa's forms to train without seeing the demonstration again and again.

His breathing hastened and his muscles squirmed underneath his skin, making Lisa Lisa sigh.

"If you don't control" And as she started, her eyes widened in surprise when the squirming muscles seemed to be structuring themselves all together, meanwhile, a pained groan touched Nik's lips when he felt slight, but multiple shifts of his muscles and the adjoining vascular structure as a great deal of Hamon was rapidly emerging from his body itself, as if, there was some sort of hidden reservoir within his body before drilling into his muscles back again.

Finally, his body bulged momentarily before compressing all over again, his muscles grew rip, firm. His shoulders wide and waist thin, his arms bulging and the vascularity of his body boasted a lean sensation.

"Hamon Overdrive..."

Nik whispered while swiping away the notifications temporarily and, for the first time, the Hamon Energy within his body started to form outside of his body, covering the entirety of his figure in the flicker of golden, raging waves while the ripples beneath his foot grew in pace and intensity, yet, remained constantly even.

And feeling the surge of strength, Nik scr.a.p.ed away the recent realisation of Lisa Lisa's strength and found himself mulling over her true secrets once again.


They both thought instantly, yet, Lisa Lisa had to add more to the evaluation for Nik just looked like a beginner right now when covered in such a tiny spark.

Of course, aside from the glaring shame, Lisa Lisa felt a strong surge of relief rushing through her body when she found that Nik could actually enter the beginning stages of the technique. But instantly, when she felt her body tingle, Lisa Lisa once again took control of her body and couldn't help but glare at Nik, who happened to have already closed his eyes to try and feel the overbearing Hamon energy that was too pure and focused to be even considered as Elemental Hamon.

"This feels amazing..." Nik admitted it, for his [STR] and [AGL] rose by a single stat point.

But soon, he felt his lungs flare in pain, making him cough and finally, Nik emerged out of his powered state and looked at Lisa Lisa with a pained confusion.

"To even enter Hamon Overdrive at your fist try is a stroke of genius and fortune... you will now need practical experience since this breathing technique does not develop on acc.u.mulation."

Her words finally made it clear that Nik would have no chance to enjoy his time with Shigure and Shizune, at least, not in the near future, making him sigh while the distress on his face did wonders to Lisa Lisa's heart as she finally felt a little joyful.

"Alright, I should be preparing to leave then. Thank you for everything, Master."

Nik spoke softly and smiled. Though, Lisa Lisa was not like Sakonji, who would keep an observant eye over Nik for his benefit, she had her own life and it was only due to her that Nik was finally able to learn the last part of breathing technique and even this particular breathing technique that seemed to compose of every single elemental pathway.

Sincerity touched his voice, making Lisa Lisa narrow her eyes for a brief moment before her body felt stimulated, not by the dastardly means under Nik's debauched hands, but just the sensation of sincerity from this troublesome student did wonders to her.

"Even though there won't be Hamon enriched food outside, I will see to the fact that you leave with enough preparation.

As much as it... annoys me. Saeko will be following you and keep you up in training and also be there to take control of the situation if a demon way above your league appears."

"Uhm, master, isn't it better that Shigure accompanies me?" Nik tried for the last time and was immediately shot down by Lisa Lisa's glare as her cheeks were flushing once again.

"Don't you even think..."

She snorted before disappearing while Nik had also updated the duo on him achieving the basics of the technique, something, the three female disciples under Lisa Lisa failed to achieve and the group made some final preparation before sharing a meal with an uncharacteristically content Lisa Lisa.

Finally, a smug Saeko and the expectant Nik left under the indignant gazes of Shigure and Shizuka. Meanwhile, Lisa Lisa bade her farewell to their backs through her eyes while looking through the window.

The Breath of War God was quite simple, in reality. But its requirements made it hard for anyone to even achieve any success in the technique.

'Just like... the Dance of Fire God of the Kamado clan...

Now that I think of it... Tanjiro and his demon sister is also quite a peculiar situation. He is slowly developing the faint whisper of the dance and his sister...

She maybe another key aside from the damn flower and Shizuka's idea...'

Lisa Lisa reclined on her chair as she felt the debauched feeling slowly disappear, making her realise that the situation was really due to Nik...

But Lisa Lisa finally had to admit it...

It felt good.


"Don't be depressed, Nik!" Saeko chuckled with a suppressed, mischievous glint as she hung her arm across his shoulder and grinned.

"Look at the bright side! Now you can meet so many women better than those two!"

'Hehe, let's see if their charm was even enough to hold Nik down...' She thought internally, while not even knowing that Nik's consciousness was connected with Shigure's and Shizuka's, making the other duo somewhat annoyed at Saeko.

"Sure thing. Even better, after meeting many women, I can always come back to you."

Nik smiled and leaned over Saeko's shoulder with a gentle expression comparable to a loving wife's while Saeko's face immediately flushed as she jumped back.

"What the hell?!!!"

"Ah! Don't be so cruel to me, love. You first pass advances over at me, touching my body so passionately.

And now, you are teasing me by leaving me cold..."

The bitterness in his voice made Saeko flounder for a moment before she gritted her teeth.

"Hah! Let's... just go!"

Her shoulders finally slumped as Saeko came face-to-face with new realms of shamelessness that Nik represented.

Meanwhile, Saeko's Kasugai Crow flew down to let them know of a demon sighting!

Their next hunt!!!