Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 179

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 179 Journey

"Haa~ Open baths are da best!"

Nik cheered softly, his arms sprawled across the rocky surface while his body remained submerged within the steamy bath with a wooden sheet separating his section and Saeko's section of the bath.

"Honestly, I didn't know that there are civilians that help the corp with such services."

Nik narrowed his eyes in bliss as he admittedly made the water even warmer using his elements and let out a relieved sigh.

Of course, by now, his connection with the duo was already closed since Nik was still getting accustomed with the communication hub and the girl's constant chattering. Although, after disrupting the connection Nik came up with a few ideas, he would still need some time to start experimenting.

Meanwhile, an equally loud and relieved sigh escaped from Saeko's body as her tight, plump body remained within the water with her hair tied up.

"It is a form of repayment." She replied while letting her legs stretched, sitting in a similarly 'open' position with her arms sprawled across the rocky surface with her plump b.r.e.a.s.ts exposed to the warm water.

"The demon slayers have saved many citizens and their future generations took upon themselves to support us in anyway they can.

Thus, there are many households that provide a roof over our head and food to us even if the government isn't a fan of this particular treatment."

"Oh. What a generous world this is."

Nik smiled and looked at the wooden wall.

"Say, Saeko. Shouldn't we learn from their generosity of giving what they can apply between ourselves."

Nik, of course, had to try. They were n.a.k.e.d in the same pool separated by a plank for god's sake! If he did not even try now, then when would he?

"Shut it... you think I don't know your type by now?"

Saeko snorted. Although she had planned to thoroughly make the trip a hell for him after what she had to go through in the mansion each day... not to mention getting caught!

Yeah, she was still angry about it! If the trio did not want to be seen, then they should have kept it low! If they are shaking the entire mansion with their coarse, body tingling m.o.a.ns, then it was within her right to at least witness them in their acts and witness she did!

For three days straight before Nik caught her red-handed... specifically, wet handed with her fingers stretching the entrance of her wet, pink slit while her free hand twisting and playing with her erect left n.i.p.p.l.e.

Just the slightest resurface of that memory made her blush in incomparably shame. The already rosy tint on her healthy skin grew a shade deeper as she sunk into the water while hearing Nik's loud exhales.

"Yeah, yeah. I am always the bad guy."

Saeko couldn't helo but nod at his words as Nik stretched his body, enjoying the sensation of his body getting relieved of its stress while simultaneously removing his skill over Saeko so that she could also relax more naturally.

"The spare clothes are placed outside, guests. Please relax as long as you see fit."

A soft voice erupted their moment of relaxation before the momentary peace returned. Finally, Nik heaved another sigh and got out of the water. As much as he liked the feel of the open bath, he had other priorities he needed to focus on and with his idea to regarding the communication hub, his priorities were only getting stretched.

"I am leaving, Saeko. Take your time."

He spoke before leaving the blushing maiden in the bath as a hot sigh finally escaped her lips before she tried to calm herself for a long time in the bath.

The next day, Nik commenced with his usual routine of meditating on all the pathways of the elements before performing the stretching exercise. Although, he did spend some time trying to develop his use of Mind Control over himself, but somehow, he couldn't even start the process of the goal he had in his mind.

"Thank you for everything, Miss." Nik smiled and accepted an extra pair of clothing for the journey from the old woman that hosted the duo slayers as they left on their own merry way.

"That was relaxing."

Saeko finally felt a little good and comfortable. A calm smile touched her lips while she walked in a casual gait. Even Nik felt a little refreshed after moving out of the mansion. Although he had a bombastic time in the mansion, everything in excess would sooner or later turn out to be toxic.

So having s.e.x in the mansion all the time was not good for his health. He needed to change scenarios... like onsen...

His gaze unconsciously fell on Saeko's pert butt. Did he ever mention how hot she looked in her demon-slaying uniform? All black with luscious curves erupting in the right places.

"Well? Do you want to have a short spar before we reach the village?"

Saeko spun around and flashed a smile. The day happened to be a lovely and mellow one, the wind was soft and she was feeling quite comfortable.

A perfect day for a spar.

Of course, her suggestion was already accompanied by the sound of unsheathing of her blade.

"Sure, I guess."

Nik shrugged. A spar with pillar would only benefit him and it was a better way to pass the time instead of leering at the woman who could potentially end his life.

So, without further ado, the duo stepped out of the patched path into the more nature-filled region and took their stances before moving towards each other slowly.

Saeko's breathing style allowed her to enhance her basic sword technique into a more primal and feral version. Each move boasting a spike of strength and piercing effect that no demon managed to describe after facing against Saeko.

Meanwhile, Nik decided to channel his Breath of War God and immediately, his body felt a surge of heaviness suppressing his senses, his movements and even his thoughts. It was a strange situation for Nik, fortunately, not the very first one.

The Breath of War God did not rely on nutritious food to enhance the body. Even the forms were based purely to strike hard, harder and hardest.

But, there was a catch.

Familiarity with the technique required a lot of time and by now, Nik had already solved the mystery of the immense surge of Hamon that erupted from his body yesterday. It was due to all the unused, acc.u.mulated Hamon within his body being mobilised at the same time in the most overbearing method of all.

But now, Nik only had two ways to increase his strength. The first one was s.e.x. And the second one was fighting demons, since Saeko took her time to describe the essentials of the Breath of War God to Nik and he was immediately attracted to the benefits.

Finally, the spar erupted and Nik was thoroughly beaten. It took him a lot of effort to even start responding to the attacks with his Breath of War God activated. And even if he did not activate the first firm Hamon Overdrive, Nik held no delusions that Saeko could still beat him.

Of course, the single sparring session proved absolutely beneficial for Nik immediately started the practice to achieve Continuous Focus Breathing for this very technique due to the fact that at some points during the spar, not only did he feel himself getting heavier, but he also had the inkling that the opponent grew slower in his vision.

Of course, even after Nik spent the rest of day sparring, he only achieved little but it failed to dampen his mood.