Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 180

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 180 Expectations

Saeko had a lot of expectations. Although debauched, they were still expectations based on Nik's behaviour that she observed for the past few weeks before leaving for the journey to hunt the demons.

Nik was as horny as a Rabbit in heat. Finding anything and everything to fill and the Shigure's and Shizuka's plump stomachs at the end of the session just due to the inhumane amount of spunk proved Saeko's conclusion of Nik.

So, in this journey, secretly, she had already embraced the fact that she might get jumped midway. Like right now. The forest seemed pretty empty save for the lush greenery and the duo. Nik might just lose his self, pin her down, tear her clothes and fill her up. Then, maybe he could push her against that tree, making her bare b.r.e.a.s.t scr.a.p.e against the rough bark while riding her from behind, taking a fistful of hair, he would yank her back, arc her body and grip her bosom possessively. His lips leaving bruises over her body and her own crotch feeling the sweet ache of getting used, f.u.c.k.i.e.d and filled to the brim.

Then, when she would have already succ.u.mbed to her sweet, blissful orgasm for the umpteenth time, he would finally fill her again with his searing seed, making her feel complete, hot and womanly.

Saeko looked at the slowly disappearing corpse of the demon.

Their third hunt!

The night was young, Nik and Saeko were, too.

But noooo, Nik was too focused on hunting demons and growing stronger! Did he not feel her own thought? Did he not care for her own cold, lonely snatch?

'Focus, Woman!!!!'

Saeko roared internally, breaking her out of her own debauched worries as she scanned the surrounding for any hints that may indicate to a demon's existence before sighing and glaring at Nik.

The dazzling, golden fire that covered Nik slowly receded as he let out an exhausting sigh before gulping only to find his throat already dried out.

"This is too taxing on my body... but still..."

Nik felt a stream of energy erupting from the area where the corpse of the demon turned into ashes. Activating his [Life Vision], Nik found a rather large source of crimson life-force signature being trapped in his own golden one as the Negative Hamon was slowly being corrupted to turn to match his own version of extra pure Hamon, filling his body with energy.

This was the true secret of this technique. To convert.

Each demon's death under his attack meant that he could use the second form of the technique to seize their life-force energy and corrupt it into transforming the energy into his own Hamon using the Third Form.

'Second Form: Death's Control.'

'Third Form: Revival...'

No matter how poetic the names sounded, the fact remained that this technique did not depend on the acc.u.mulation, but the amount of demons slew, if specifically stated, the amount of Negative Hamon converted.

Nik had even tried to use the technique of living animals only to find that his Hamon simply couldn't absorb the same charge of Hamon Positive.

And, due to this realisation, as disheartening the thought was, Nik's estimate for Lisa Lisa's true strength grew exponentially, which made the threat named Muzan all the more scarier.

Be it brain or brawn, Muzan remained the enemy of such strong demon slayers and remained alive and kicking while creating waves of demons. He is the certified top boss, that Nik now understood.

But of course, the ever-prevalent musky scent overflowing from Saeko's body broke his thoughts while attracting his attention towards her glare, making him shrug. She wanted to mate, her scent and actions were clear by now.

And even if Nik had almost no self-esteem, he did find the women who were actually unable to express themselves honestly quite off-putting.

Didn't he pay extra attention to her? Didn't he even move in with her so that they slept together almost every night?

Heck, Nik had even explicitly invited Saeko, but she remained as indecisive as ever. And honestly, even when the prospect of making her submit through the use of his [Pheromone Illusion] felt quite memorable, a sadistic side within Nik did not wish to rely on such methods.

An egoistic self within him, for the first time in ever, slowly resurfaced. Wanting to hear the explicit agreement from Saeko's mouth directly.

During the journey, Nik would continue touching her, but proper limits would remain. He won't be distant to her, but neither will he warm her up in the night. Not until she says it herself. Not until she kneels on the ground with clear need and desperation making her wag her tongue and shake her h.i.p.s while her hands clutched onto his thighs needily.

'Yeah, not until then...'

Nik reaffirmed his thoughts and steeled his mind to not to be swayed by such an enticing scent and smiled at Saeko.

"I am getting hang of the technique. It actually became easier after achieving Continuous Focus Breathing."

"I see." Saeko shrugged while groaning internally. Saeko never felt that she was such a needy girl. Of course, she had come across demons that would commit illicit actions before eating their meals, so her knowledge about many things was at a very high level. But never once did Saeko imagine that she would be at the stage where daydreams about having s.e.x with Nik would be the least of her trouble!

"Caw! Mistress sent a new piece of information! There is a Lower Moon Demon in the mountain!

There is a lower moon demon!

Nik has to personally slay it! Pillar Saeko is strictly forbidden to partake in this confrontation!

This is the Final Assessment!!"

And the crow cawed away after directing the duo towards the said Demon without any care of how the mood took a turn for the worst in between the duo. Hearing the crow's next assignment, Nik himself felt quite stunned.

Even though Nik was already at the level of the Pillars technically, his true skills were a far cry from them. But still, Saeko sighed heavily and nodded.

"Let's go."

She stated simply before picking up the pace while Nik followed while calming his breathing and clearing his head off of the petty thoughts he held previously.

Just like the damned crow stated! This was the final assessment and Nik did not think that it would be a walk in the park. He needed to find his calm and grow cautious during the fight since the blood demon arts are already the miraculous application of the elements and even more wondrous concepts etched into the body of the demon instinctually.

Much like his skills. He only observed such a piece of information after fighting and defeating three blood arts using demons.


"With Muzan-sama's disappearance, we all are left on our own devices..."

A pale-skinned female with green eyes muttered as the kanji denoting '3' remained etched in her right pupil.

"Even the upper moons are not replying to our plight... we are left alone!"

The girl whispered indignantly before spinning around with a joyful expression, looking at the two particular figures behind her. One was a burly man in tattered clothes, dark skin and black hair with pitch-black eyes. His mouth inflated, as if he was enjoying a delicacy.

Meanwhile, the ravishing pink-purple haired woman felt extremely repulsed and attracted to the dish and the blood leaking through the man's mouth before she turned her head away.

"Oh? It looks like I still have a long way to go. When master turned us into a monster, we couldn't even say his name out loud.

But the suppression is gone, so I can experiment with the art of demonification on you.

After all... my brother took an interest in your clan, right, Takagi?"

The girl grinned viciously as her brown hair with green tips seemed to float and immediately, the mature lady felt compelled to feast on guts that littered the entire floor!

But immediately, the lady tried to suppress it! Fight it out! Even though her husband was much stronger, he soon succ.u.mbed to the hunger.

But before the overbearing pressure could force her to feast on the flesh of humans, the demon's head snapped in the direction of the forest and her countenance immediately turned grim.

"Oh, a familiar was killed. *Sniff*" The demon sniffed before smiling.

"How lucky... one of them has my brother's scent... another familiar for myself!"

The girl grinned before turning her heels and entering the village. Meanwhile, the man followed as usual while the lady felt her legs trembling when she gazed at the utterly slaughtered village with corpse piled on each other as blood covered the entire surface of the central region of the village.

Suddenly, the lady felt disgusted. Not by the flesh. No.

But by the thought of how tantalizing the utterly grotesque corpse actually felt to her stomach.

'Saya... Saya... Saya...'

The lady kept chanting a single name within herself as the image of the twin-tailed, pink hair girl flashed within her mind, making her control the urge of her instincts before she sent a troubled look towards the forest.

Seeing the female demon quite far away, the lady quickly squatted and immediately started writing a few things on the ground.

It would be her fortune if any passing demon slayer read the note as her information might help them increase their chances of survival.