Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 181

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 181 Battle

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"Saeko, am I supposed to battle all of them?"

Under the faint whispers of the maniacal, mindless chuckles of the numerous demons surrounding the duo, Nik couldn't help but make a wronged expression. Training was training. He loved the feeling of getting strong... but fighting was a bit taxing for him. Sure, he would grow strong after converting the demon's Negative Hamon, there was no doubt that fighting without any reason was one of the least activities in his priority list.

Gazing at each demon, Saeko couldn't help but frown before she stated candidly.

"Nik... can you spot the difference?"

Sue whispered, not in the mood to divulge in her usual fantasies while calmly regarding each and every demon that was looking at the duo with a lascivious gaze instead of primal hunger for flesh that the usual demons, even the Lower Moon Demons presented.

"Well... the females in the lot are glaring at my lower region with an awful amount of concentration. Same is with you, except, those are disgusting guys."

"So female demons are ok, but not male demons? That's quite... s.e.xist."

"What can I say..." Nik shrugged. Fighting without aim was taxing indeed, but if the males, especially demonkind, happened to be eyeing the woman he is currently trying to please and tease, Nik felt yet another primal urge to tear them apart. Of course, this urge was masterfully suppressed, making Nik realise after a lot of observation that his mentality did get affected after becoming a Carnal Demon.

But he did not mind it. Even without the lineage, he reckoned that he would get irritated if Saeko would get eyed in such an illicit nanner other than himself. Of course, if the group eyeing the duo was a peaceful group, Nik would have tried to resort to a more peaceful approach, like knocking the males outright and knocking out the females later in the night.

'Sadly... this needs to be finished quickly.'

Blue lightning crackled over Nik's body, attracting the sombre attention from the group of demon as an awful amount of ominous lightning focused over his arms, turning into two small daggers.

'Breath of Lightning: Sixth Form...'

Nik felt the raw power coursing through his body into his hands as he eyed each of the demons for a moment. After his encounter with Nezuko, he would use his [Life Vision] and plain observation to check if all the demons were as maniacal as they are rumoured to be.

In his books, feasting on humans wasn't a crime. Since the demons only had one way to fill their own stomach, who was Nik to restrict them from even eating their fill.

But till now, Nik had actually failed to find anyone with a comprehensive thought process. While demons clung onto their past selves habit, their ultimate goal was not to fill their stomachs, but exterminate humans. And since he was already on the mission to slay the demons, he didn't mind completing it.

'No one... alright then,

Sixth Form: Lightning Shower!'

Nik immediately raised his hands upwards as the blue lightning daggers turned into slivers of energy shooting towards the various demons gathered around them with enough force to pierce their bodies. Not giving them any time think, he immediately activated his Breath of War God.

'Second Form: Death's Control.'

His Hamon invaded their bodies and immediately seized the main source of the demon's negative Hamon, promptly activating his third form.

'Third Form: Revival.'

While Saeko couldn't see the ominous Negative Hamon getting corrupted into the Positive Hamon, she was well informed of the technique and remained calm when the demons visibly turned into ashes.

"Although the orthodox way to mobilise the breath of lightning would be using your Nichirin Blade...' Saeko pointed out while looking at the cleared out section of the forest, she couldn't help but shrug.

"I can't argue with the efficiency."

Nik nodded before frowning.

"These were different. Even though the hunger was prevalent, it is obvious that they are not under any sort of control."

He pointed out while looking at the entrance of the ruined village.

"Are you sure... that you aren't going to help me?" He smiled wryly once again as Saeko scoffed.

"You can form elemental Hamon... you even managed to learn Master's inheritance. At least, act like a proper genius!"

"Well, when it comes to fighting, I am no genius... just a fortunate guy. So, I understand the fact that jumping a demon with quantity is always the better option than acting cool and facing it head-on."

He smiled, only to witness Saeko looking at him with a strange expression.

"Tell me... you didn't happen to learn these kinds of things from... Jojo, right?"

"Huh? No, no. But if he thinks similarly, he has a bright future ahead."

Nik grinned while Saeko looked a little lost.

"I... don't even know what to say. You finished 8 demons in a single attack... weak as they may be... even I would have sweated a little."

"Yeah, that would have been a wonderful sight."

He chuckled before activating his [Life Vision] to make sure that nobody was hiding in the surroundings to commit a surprise attack before walking into the village as Saeko didn't hide her indignant stomp and followed Nik.

Meanwhile, Nik opened his mission menu. With hunting a total of 11 demons, his rank within the corps had been increased. He knew this because his mission was updated and the fact that the Kasugai Crows above them would transmit the reports straight to the headquarters. Although, Nik's ability to wield the Elemental Hamon was still kept under the covers.

[Side Mission 2

Status: Complete

Climbing the Rank

Description: You have finally joined the ranks of Demon Slaying Corps. Now, all you have to do is slay some demons and increase your ranks.

Objective: Slay 4 Demons

Rewards: Rank 8, 700 SO]

[Side Mission 3

Climbing the Rank

Description: All you have to do is slay some demons and increase your ranks.

Objective: Slay 7/8 Demons

Rewards: Rank 7, 900 SO]

'Looks promising...' Nik shrugged while finally stepping into the village as the disgusting smell of the rotten corpses assaulted the duo, making them frown. Although the village structure was already demolished at best, there were still many 'demonic' presence hidden within the village.

"I say, we should take this seriously... from what I can sense, the whole village is already turned into demons..."

Nik took a few steps back and stood beside Saeko while whispering softly. This time, sincere concern was evident in his voice, making the maiden a little bit giddy, but suppress her thoughts she did!

If Nik happened to be correct... then Saeko would really have to partake in the battle for the demonification of the entire village was unheard of and honestly, she wasn't a blind follower of Lisa Lisa's orders. From the very beginning, she had been categorised as a problem child by her master. So she must uphold her reputation!

Unsheathing her blade, Saeko's gaze narrowed down and she stated casually.

"I still won't help you with the Lower Demon Moon..."

"Aww.... not even if I trade some equal services for your help?"

Nik snickered at the visible grimace before unsheathing his own Nichirin Blade and looking towards the nearest hut. His next words immediately proved the demons in hiding that Nik had already been aware of their presence.

"You guys... I'll blush if you stare at me with such focus."

He smiled politely and brandished his sword.

"The night is young, so... why don't we play? Man-to-man... no homo tho."


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