Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 184

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 184 Pillar

[Hidden Conditions Met, Side Mission Completed.

Current Rank: Pillar

Requirement: Defeat a Numerical Moon Demon.

Rewards: Rank Pillar, 4400 SO]

[You have defeated Lower Third Moon Demon. World Root gained: 2.9%

World Root: 6.9%]

[New Side Mission unlocked.]

[Side Mission Stability

As a newly appointed Pillar, you shall travel the lands and save as many humans as possible from the demonic clutches.

Objective: Save 0/?? humans.

Note: There is no upper limit to the mission.

Rewards: Performance-Based.]

"Hence, the hunt was productive enough..." Nik kept gazing at the screens popping out in front of his vision before sighing and lying back on Shizuka's lap while Shigure sat beside him and stared at the screen with a contemplative gaze.

"It is astonishing... that a world even greater than ours exist..."

Shizuka muttered absentmindedly before letting her hands softly ruffle Nik's hair and massage his head making him narrow his eyes in satisfaction while a content sigh escaped his lips.

"And yes, Master told me that the Head of the corps has already changed your rank to a pillar. With this, you can finally travel to Shigure's village."

Shigure's attention finally came to be as Shizuka's words pulled an approving nod from her before she stated softly.

"I... want to ask something..."

Nik looked towards Shigure as her voice finally entered Nik's consciousness, to which, Shizuka's consciousness was already connected.

'If we are already connected to the system with our partnership as the medium... does that mean that if I save someone... it will be counted, too?'

Nik seriously thought before shaking his head.

'It is unlikely. But there is no harm in trying it out...'

'What do you plan to do with the demon?' Shizuka suddenly uttered, shifting the topic to a stranger one as Nik thought before smiling, a wide grin touching his face.

'Although, I admit that I had some professional need for her... but the moment she licked me, it just got personal.'

'That's... such a bad lie... by now, we both know... about your Pheromone...'

Shigure whispered as she leaned a little towards Nik while sniffing as a relieved expression touched her face while Shizuka sighed in discontent.

'Geez... after you pulled the stunt of creating the fourth form... Master is not allowing me to rest, always asking me to keep an eye out for Yuriko...'


A loud voice interrupted their chat, making Nik sigh as he sat up while the door to his room was unceremoniously opened up, revealing a lightly dressed Saeko walking in with a visibly relieved expression before she stopped at a barely appropriate distance.

"Master is calling for you..."

Saeko looked at Shizuka and Shigure briefly before a seductive smile touched her lips before she walked past the inappropriate distance and let her arms slither across Nik's shoulder before she adjusted her perky butt between Shigure and Nik.

Although the final boundary was not yet crossed, such harmless skinship happened between Nik and Saeko on a daily basis and now, Shigure and Shizuka only showed their dissatisfaction through the mental contact between each other.

'Saeko... needs to be brought down...' An ominous tone oozed within Shigure's statement while Shizuka's lazy voice had little to offer.

'No worries... we already have the women knocker by our side.'

Nik couldn't help but agree at Shizuka's words before he smiled and turned his face towards Shizuka, seizing her lips while immediately pulling a short smirk from Shigure as she watched Saeko's expression distorting into a crimson mess.

"W-what the hell are you two doing?!"

Saeko blurted out while taking her arm back as Nik grinned and finally looked towards her and closed in at her direction. Saeko's heart immediately went into a panicked overdrive that wasn't able to comprehend a response in such a situation. So, Saeko committed the action that felt the most natural course of action.

She closed her eyes while preparing her heart to be filled with sweetness the moment their lips intersected.

Alas, after a few moments, nothing happened and finally, Saeko opened her eyes to witness the debauched scene of Nik's lips stuck against Shigure's right in front of her face.

'Oh... very well done...' Shizuka's mischievous voice echoed within the consciousness of the couple as Saeko finally stood up, breaking the link between the duo.

"Just hurry up." She glared daggers at Nik. By now, there was already a tacit understanding between Saeko and Nik. Saeko understood that Nik would only tease her. Nothing more, nothing less. And Nik understood that he could either just take her right now or... tease until she pleads.

But of course, where is the fun in former option?

Hearing Saeko, Nik chortled and stood up.

"Yes, yes."

He followed while Shigure looked at the yawning Shizuka who immediately slumped back on the bed as her jiggling bosom brought waves of apprehension to Shigure.

"Master... said to focus..."

Her whispers promoted Shizuka's m.o.a.n as the blonde beauty rolled around.

"I don't want to... I am an a.d.u.l.t... I deserve all the sleep I want..."


Shigure denied her request and finally forced her out of the bed.


"It seems that I have underestimated your... hn... talent..." Lisa Lisa let out a hidden, content sigh as she was forced to admit that having Nik in the mansion was definitely 'relieving' enough.


Saeko spoke up only to get shot down by Lisa Lisa's icy cold stare.

What should someone even speak in such situations? Nik did not know. Lie? Most of his abilities were already informed to Lisa Lisa. But frankly, it wasn't a bad thing at all. Would his own master do anything untoward him when she would find out that he had more potential in oliberating demons than any other slayer? No.

Even now, the hint of appreciation within Lisa Lisa's eyes was hard to extinguish. So, Nik only sighed and stated softly the thing he should be doing.

"Master, I will take Yuriko's responsibility."

Hearing his words, Saeko and Lisa Lisa snorted simultaneously.

"Oh, how gallant of you."

She sneered before standing up and walking towards him as the sea of pheromones around her only grew denser. But, she was already accustomed to her nectar oozing and covering the inner parts of her thighs.

"First of all, congratulations are in order for you have been promoted to the Rank of Pillar under the Title War.

Second, I should explain to you some of the responsibilities of being a pillar..."