Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 186

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 186 Elizabeth Joestar

"Responsibilities?... for that, you had to walk up to me? Is it some kind of secret?"

Nik questioned softly with a frown while Lisa Lisa would be darned if she let out her thoughts known on how much she missed the effect of Nik's Pheromones. Of course, the strange expression was instantly broken with a soft cough and she matched her gaze with Saeko's, who was just as confused for Lisa Lisa never stood up to explain the 'responsibilities' when she was promoted to the rank of the pillar.

"Saeko, please excuse us."

Of course, no amount of indignant sigh could stop Lisa Lisa's calm stare, inducing Saeko to make her way out of the room with a slightly begrudging expression.

"It seems that you still are not satisfied with my two disciples... you do know what we name those with a voracious appetite, yes?"

Lisa Lisa smiled with a tinge of envy leaking through her voice as Nik matched her gaze with a soft smile.

"Master... such topics make me feel embarrassed and uncomfortable."

"So, speaking of already committed actions make you feel uncomfortable? How virtuous!" Lisa Lisa chortled with a sneer. Even she herself was startled by her own agitated state. Never did she lose an ounce of her composure even when she accidentally encountered Muzan. And that time, she didn't even possess half the strength her present version holds.

But in front of Nik, the guy that is capable of stimulating her by his mere presence getting flocked by girls that are similar to her own daughter... she felt complicated, and she was mature enough to admit this contradictory feeling.

"Master knows me the best..." Not minding the sarcasm, Nik shrugged and observed her slowly flushing cheeks as he took a step forward.

"Now then, master. What were those responsibilities?"

Nik asked softly, his violet eyes glittering enchantingly, making Lisa Lisa take a step back unconsciously as the feeling of getting ravaged that had been subtle until now seemed to have exploded once again.

"R-responsibilities?" For a moment, Lisa Lisa couldn't even form any coherent thoughts for her mind was filled with s.e.x. Her consciousness reeked desperation while her subconscious, that was getting 'ravaged' burst into a peal of outrageous m.o.a.ns ringing within her mind.

"T-to help any human in need..." She immediately came up with a reply and took another step back as her legs almost gave up on her. Her head felt a bout of dizziness and once again, she felt getting transported to a similar room where she enjoyed her stay with Nik. Of course, 'mental' stay.

"To help humans... I see. Straightforward enough." Nik smiled before taking another step forward, his eyes boring into Lisa Lisa's as his arms slithered and immediately covered Lisa Lisa's waist in a moment's notice, preventing her from collapsing into her pleasured mess as her musky scent was already covering every corner of the room.

"Master... you seem to be in some sort of need..." His whispers grazed past her cheeks as Lisa Lisa finally couldn't even be bothered to play around his games. In her despairing heat, her head shot forward and immediately, she took Nik's lips skillfully. Her left hand stroking his cheek while her right arm passing through his underarm, hugging his back.

This is what Nik loved to see and feel. Feeling such an extraordinary woman throwing herself at him filled his vanity with satisfaction. And a satisfied consciousness always yields better results for Nik soon took the matter into his own hands due to the fact that Lisa Lisa was mind-numbingly stronger than him.

Something honestly he was used to due to... his rather randy past.

His palms lowered upon her perky butt, grabbing the twin cheeks ferociously as he pulled the cheeks apart softly before mushing them in, using the elasticity and softness of her butt perfectly.

And just through a single touch, all of Lisa Lisa's frustration exploded into a seductive, toe-curling m.o.a.n as her body spasmed while a stream of crystal clear nectar erupted from her snatch in tandem.

After a few moments of an intense hug so as to not fall over, Nik finally helped Lisa Lisa sit on the chair and smiled deeply while observing her flushed face.

"It looks like my very first mission as a pillar has been a success."

Nik whispered before leaning down, teasing her soft nose with his and whenever Lisa Lisa tried to take his lips, Nik would retract his head until Lisa Lisa groaned and stood up, pulling Nik into an impromptu embrace leading to another bout of a passionate kiss.

"Alright, master... it's afternoon right now... you gotta stop."

Nik pinched her butt and let his free arm stroke the back of her thighs.

"Since when did the light of the day stop you?"

Lisa Lisa whispered under her breath before leaning in for another kiss.

She just couldn't get enough. No matter what her expectations were, Nik's lips were too perfect. Soft, thin and even if her harsh passion did leave any bruises, they would heal almost instantly. What's more, Nik's saliva was unnaturally sweet.

It was phenomenally impossible for any living being to have such sweet saliva, making her suck more than Nik.

Finally, she broke the contact as her blue eyes finally felt more heated.

"Yes, it was a definite success.

And call me Elizabeth... Elizabeth Joestar."

She whispered before initiating yet another round of session for teaching Nik the 'responsibilities' of a pillar.