Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 187

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 187 Back To Training

"On a more serious note, this demon will definitely end up becoming your responsibility."

Elizabeth spoke with her face still flushed. Of course, her eyes had regained their icy clarity as she spoke calmly. As if her body wasn't overflowing with passionate scent and her snatch wasn't soaked in juices. Of course, Nik also decided to ignore the small puddle of sensational liquid that trickled down the spot where the two just made out with each other.

"It is not known how the demons can actually break Muzan's control. But until Yuriko, there has only been two existence.

Nezuko and another demon associated with us through the trading of information."

"Another demon?"

Nik pondered on the implications while Elizabeth continued.

"Of course, she and her familiar are still under the strict observation while she stays in the capital."

"And the Demon Slaying Corps is alright with this?"

"Of course, not. When I say you are a pillar, that means you are a pillar under my, Joestar's name. The pillars of the corps only harbor hatred for the demons but we do not.

We... have a more rational outlook on the situation."

Elizabeth slowly formed her words and continued.

"Although, what I said was true... when it comes to helping the human society, the pillar's responsibility is of utmost importance.

And now, with the rank of pillar, you are entitled to may information and the rights to visit various places. Like... information on the other breathing techniques."

Elizabeth smiled while Nik took a deep breath and finally spoke up.

"Wait, wait, wait." He spoke immediately, a bit of anxiousness clear within his voice as Elizabeth eyes him curiously.

"Other breathing techniques would be a hindrance. I still have to master many techniques and honestly, even if I practice and gain a little bit of proficiency in each of the basic Elemental breathing, I wouldn't be using them all the time."

Nik thought for a few moments and finally spoke with a sigh.


"Elizabeth." Elizabeth corrected Nik as he nodded and continued.

"Elizabeth, there are somethings that you would have a definite need to be informed of. But right now, I can't divulge such topics... and with the things are, I need to practice on my existing techniques and become even more proficient in them before turning towards other techniques."

"Important information?" Elizabeth questioned as Nik shrugged and spoke the open truth.


Nik nodded and continued.

"Either way, I would like to have a week for myself and finally focus on improving my own strength instead of my foundation... and also, I think that I may have some inkling on why Muzan's control did not cover Yuriko and Nezuko..."

Nik stated as Elizabeth frowned, still inclined to listen rather than interrupting the flow of the conversation due to her astonishment.

"Hamon... I think that's the answer. When I filled Yuriko's body with my own converted Hamon... I felt a slight resistance from her physique itself.

Ordinarily, it should not be such a case for her body needs the converted Hamon. But after I overcame the resistance, Yuriko has been able to... how should I put it..."

Nik touched his chin in contemplation before smiling.

"She has been more 'active'... I guess..."

"You mean your fourth form: mercy?"

Nik nodded.

After that, Nik was still given the booklets regarding the remainder elemental breathing and Nik easily remembered the pathways for his breath of War God already utilised many parts of them already. Of course, Nik still wasn't keen on training in those breathing techniques... at least, not at the moment.

After taking his leave from the cabinet for Elizabeth was really packed with her own work, Nik still decided to accompany her through the use of his Pheromones and finally made his way towards the backyard, promptly walking up the water surface and removing the top of his Yukata, letting it hang around his waist and finally letting the entirety of his energy morph into gravity infused Hamon and flood it within his body.

The demon was the largest thing Nik had ever manipulated his gravity on and honestly, instead of his energy reservoir, the size of the opponent actually depleted his mental health.

A fatal weakness for this implied that Nik's own lack of control may end up becoming the cause of his own death.

Indirect Suicide? Nik did not understand the proper term for this situation and neither did he plan to search the term. Now, his plan only included brutal sparring against Shigure and Saeko... simultaneously, continued practice in Gravity Bending and finally, his Breath of War God.

The moment Nik formed his own fourth form at first try, he understood that the potential of the breath was greater than any elemental breath in his arsenal.

Overdrive for temporary strength, Death's Control to take control of the negative Hamon, Revival to corrupt the Hamon and finally Mercy to bestow Hamon.

Instead of taking the more brutal approach, Nik decided to focus on his Second Form Death's Revival for it presented AOE type attack if Nik fully explores its potential, surviving the impending main mission would get marginally easier.

Without further ado, Nik started gleaning insight on the pathway and kept on breathing to manipulate the gravity infused Hamon. The process was one of trial and error, leaving Nik with little success and much frustration, also making him realise the potential benefits of the [Teachers] provided by the System. If Nik somehow found someone who is accomplished in the ways to manipulate gravity, his strength would only soar.

After all, the coordination of his body increased greatly after practicing Korosensei's stretching exercise and Nik felt that this exercise would keep on benefitting him as long as he keeps on growing exponentially with regards to his Stats.

Of course, after three hours of continuous trial and errors alongside a bit of luck, Nik made a little more progress when compared to the previous training session and dragged his mentally exhausted body towards the already waiting Shigure and Saeko.

Though, the duo was surprised by the sudden request of the simultaneous spar, Saeko immediately grabbed the opportunity during which she can get closer to Nik her fists, of course. It would seem that Saeko's inability to express her honest thoughts did bring her to a twisted realisation to fight and get closer.

It was her fortune that Nik could distinguish between a socially awkward girl and a downright vicious one for her actions were borderline, making him realise that he may as well pull her in when he gets the chance.

Of course, today... he would be having someone special. And, if his fortune shone brighter than the sun, then he might also get to have a go with the disciples.

Since Nik, Shizuka and Shigure usually get up during the afternoon, Nik's training would extend until the late evening as he would literally drag his body across the mansion to get on Shizuka's kind, curvaceous, soft lap as her Hamon was able to fill him up with energy and the subsequent dinner would refill him completely.

Of course, during his visit to Shizuka, he came across an unconscious Yuriko, whose thinly-veiled body lay on a mattress while Shizuka conducted some basic tests on Yuriko. Although Nik still failed to grasp Shizuka's unique technique on forming tendrils of Hamon specifically designated to heal the injuries of a human body, he still learnt many possible uses of Purity Lightning form the Blonde genius.

But still, she wasn't able to wake Yuriko up for after the destruction of the lower moon demon, Yuriko fell into the state of unconsciousness in tandem to Nik.

After getting patched up, Nik placed his palm on Yuriko's forehead and once again bestowed streams of Negative Hamon for Yuriko's life signature dictated that she was running low on energy.

"So? What did Master say?"

After Nik was finished, Saeko immediately hugged him from behind, covering the back of his head with her healthy, generous bosom while her words made Nik smile.

"You wouldn't believe what happened..."