Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 188

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 188 A Master Taught

After an extremely hearty meal, Nik returned to his humble, accommodating bed, lying in wait. He had already conveyed the name of the special guest joining him tonight to Shigure and Shizuka. Now, it was upto them if they wished to join or not.

Of course, Nik was fortunate enough to dally around with his thoughts for long as the door to his room was pushed open by a thin hand extended from an extremely curvaceous, hourglass figure. Silky brown hair with clear blue eyes with her perky, larger than average bosom hidden under a thin yukata while a soft scent lingering around her.

Smooth skin flushed crimson, one arm placed in such a position that the palm rested over her covered crotch while face lowered and eyes averted the moment she stepped in, Elizabeth failed to recall the last time she felt this cautious.

Nervous, even.

Heck! She is a Cultivator of War!

Her kill count had already surpassed the first legend for the sheer hate she held for the demons. Although she may look calm and rational when dealing with demons. More than often, her actions were driven through her suppressed hate.

One more thing Elizabeth realised was that in her giddiness, she failed to form any sort of game plan. How should she act? Cool? Lascivious? Arrogant? Experienced?

She did not know and her own initial decline of momentum made her wish to escape the predicament and run back. But that would be hilarious. Not worthy to the name belonging to a Cultivator.

But of course, all her karma paid off today for her students decided to help her.

One arm wrapped her into a warm embrace, a stunned Elizabeth felt a mellow scent invading her senses while her waist felt yet another pair of arms wrapping her waist from the side.

"Master... how about we teach you this one time?"

A soft whisper grazed Elizabeth's cheek as the randy hands immediately cupped her bosom, making her whimper softly before she turned her head to see a pair of smirking Shigure and Shizuka.

As it could be seen... Nik did have god's fortune in such decadent situations.

Not willing to wait on the bed while getting teased by the amorous show being played right in front of him, Nik made his way towards the trio and immediately took Elizabeth's chin into his thumb and index before planting a passionate kiss.

If Elizabeth had been downright fatal during the afternoon, right now, she could bring nothing from within herself for the embarrassment of her own disciples touching her body illicitly took over.

Her mouth was the one to be played with this time, he own bosom and butt were also not spared for Shigure had become surprisingly masterful in such situations.

To make sure that her own little sister wasn't left out, Shizuka finally left her master's bomb body and knelt behind Shigure to keep her warm as she felt Nik's ever pleasing Hamon... or something of the sorts touching her in the right places.

Honestly, Shizuka always thought that Nik had been a genius. After all, his control of Hamon wasn't the least bit lower than her, but even then, he only picked such a lascivious technique instead of her healing one.

It wasn't a mystery that Nik was simply uninterested in her own technique after she found the existence of purity lightning that not only clears the injuries but also the diseases.

Soon, Shigure's soft m.o.a.ns leaked as she planted soft kisses on Elizabeth's h.i.p.s while slowly taking down the last piece of clothing while Elizabeth was already taking Nik's support to even stand properly while her saliva got lapped into Nik's mouth while he continued playing with her exposed bosom.

Large, soft and perky.

An apt description.

All this time, Elizabeth wasn't idling around for her petite hands were already stroking a rather massive c.o.c.k. Just like how she imagined! The gentle curve of the c.o.c.k kept digging into Elizabeth's conscious as she simply couldn't wait to get it inside. Although she had been a widow, it did not mean she was willing to remain one for the entirety of her life.

And being a steadfast warrior, once Elizabeth thought of something, she would end up committing herself to it for she finally showed her hidden, ferocious side as she immediately pushed her own raunchy disciples away and pushed Nik over to the bed. Her own blue eyes showing her heat, her passion as her beautiful pink snatch dripped with illicit juices.

"Nik *Hah* *Hah* you will take responsibility for what happens next."

She panted, almost unable to breath for she desperately wanted it. If Nik's touch could produce such a relieving orgasm then his c.o.c.k would be definitely better. And yet, Elizabeth couldn't help but show a bit of selfishness and wait until she gets her own reply.

"Of course." Nik smiled widely before placing his hands over her h.i.p.s and pushing his tip against her dripping cunt.

"That's what my pillar is all about."

That day, under the sensual pleasure of rotating his dock in between the pleasurable holes of master and the two disciples, Nik did not have enough energy to point Saeko out, who had once again gotten attracted to m.o.a.ns only to witness her own master being filled with unending streams of c.u.m flowing into her mouth, packing her w.o.m.b and filling her ass.

Not to mention Shigure and Shizuka.

But in the end, the lazy busty blonde emerged victorious as she kept getting packed until the sun touched the sky while Nik finally collapsed alongside Shizuka into a sleep of tiredness.

Leaving everything unto Saeko's shoulder to deal with.