Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 189

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 189 Step Forward

"So that's it? An apocalypse?"

Elizabeth whispered after merging with the essence of Nik's consciousness. The idea of the system itself was mind-boggling for the quest and Missions were nothing short of fortune-telling. After all, not a single soul would be prepared for the sudden apocalypse by the time Muzan emerged.

Sitting on Nik's lap with her body completely cleaned, of course, due to Nik's effort, with Shigure and Shizuka sleeping beside them with a peaceful expression as if the l.u.s.t overflowing from their eyes had been a fleeting dream, Elizabeth couldn't help but marvel at the fact that Shizuka actually managed to outlast her.

What a stamina!

Speaking of Stamina...

Elizabeth tilted her head and matched Nik's gaze with overflowing curiosity, just like how she witnessed him for the first time. Many of the peculiarities around him seemed to have vanished but even kore questions popped within herself.

"I have so many things to ask of you..."

She whispered as her arms gently wrapped around his neck while she extended her neck to softly kiss Nik's lips.

"Then ask away. We have the time."

Nik smiled warmly, his embrace around her body tightened a little as he lowered his head once again, kissing the back of her neck as he brushed her hair away.

"No we do not... in less than two months, the entire state will plunge into a state of panic and despair...

Time is the only thing we do not have."

Elizabeth whispered as a sad sigh escaped her lips.

"And I wanted to stay with you for a long time... but now..."

Elizabeth shook her head as Nik's voice emerged within her consciousness.

'I'll always spend time with you. One way or another.'

'Yeah, you would... you are just that type of guy. But chatting without seeing you feels extremely lonely.'

Her words immediately made an idea spin within his consciousness and immediately, Elizabeth could 'see' Nik within her mind. It was a strange sensation, but it felt real nonetheless. Immediately, Elizabeth struggled out of Nik's embrace and turned her body to match Nik's gaze.

"Alright, this was extremely adaptive of you."

"I am nothing but adaptive." Nik smiled and hugged her body as Elizabeth nuzzled against his neck while Nik continued in whispers.

"And you should give yourself some credit. Your body is quite adaptive too."

He whispered and immediately, his left hand pinched her butt, making her smile warmly while she kissed his chin.

"Of course. I, too, am nothing but adaptive."

They both continued the embrace silently, enjoying the moment until Shizuka's soft m.o.a.n pointed her awakening followed by her unceremonious kick due to stretching her leg towards Shigure, waking the other, too.

"Well, too much for having some time alone." Elizabeth groaned before pecking Nik on the lips and getting out of the bed.

"Aw, we should be cuddling."

Nik smirked while Elizabeth eyed him seriously and finally stated.

"After your mission... survive the entire month without leaving... and I'll surprise you."

Clothing herself thinly, Elizabeth left with a wink as her words sounded within his consciousness, describing her plans on how she would be leaving within an hour to make appropriate preparations. As things are now, instead of hunting the moon demons, the corps should be conducting a severe training exercise to bolster their ranks and also become a bit lenient in the qualifications to join the ranks.

But even then, Nik still felt that only a little could be achieved for Muzan's change was due to the interference of the other system. And even then, Nik's apprehension for this particular mission was quite low.

He just needed to survive.

That is all.

Of course, those with their families' responsibilities, this particular event would leave a deep scar in their lives. Of course, staying at the capital, where Elizabeth's mansion and the Demon Slaying Corps headquarters is, Nik also speculated an increased pace of immigration into the capital with regards to various noble families for once Elizabeth took action, many strong families would definitely get the wind.

"Mmhm, Nik, where's master?"

Shizuka yawned, spoke and rubbed her eyes simultaneously as she slowly crawled over to Nik's lap with a satisfied expression and enjoyed Nik's hand softly stroking her hair.

"Elizabeth left to make preparations."

He whispered. Shigure's wakening was a false alarm for she only twitched a little before continuing her sleep. Nik noted that even after being a shinobi, a profession that demanded utmost cautiousness, and yet, she wasn't less lazy than Shizuka.

"Master is so uptight... I am happy that she at least has you to make things easier for her."

She whispered before closing her eyes. Nik's petting was too good. Just being around him, Shizuka felt like she could slowly grow into a warm ball of laziness and enjoy her life while kicking back. But still, she also understood her responsibilities as she took a deep breath and finally sat up, her abnormally large and perky bust jiggling in her wake before she gave a soft peck to Nik's lips.

"I'll wash up... and wait for you inside the living room."

"Sure. We have an entire week to ourselves. Let's make the best use of it."

Nik smiled and kissed back before he himself stood up and covered Shigure before kissing her on the forehead.

As he said, with an entire week within his hands, Nik had to find methods to make quick progress in his training. Especially the much anticipated Breath of Gravity.

It was a technique whose potential tickled Nik every single second.

Taking a bath never took a lot of time for Nik, but he still made sure to scrub every single corner of his body before drying himself. Changing into one of the myriad training yukatas in the mansion, Nik smiled and greeted other workers as he made his way to the living room right next to the backyard.

Aside from Nik's voracious appetite for s.e.x, he was a pleasant fellow for the workers. Of course, the male section did make conscious effort to keep their female counterpart away from him, in fear that the ladies would finally lose their interest in normal men after having a day-long session with Nik, it came as a pleasant surprise to the males that Nik simply didn't make a move on any females.

Of course, someone's fortune is another's misfortune for the ladies only grew more envious of their masters. Their tantalizing m.o.a.ns made it harder for them to sleep. Even if they managed to sleep, their toes would curl unconsciously and they would end up orgasming due to the night-long session.

By now, Nik's stamina was already graded as Legendary-tier by the females but with their masters in the mansion, they simply couldn't dare to make a move on Nik. After all, they all were beautiful women and had enough confidence in their charms, sadly, such confidence lacked when it came to their status.

Either way, all in all, their life was normal. For males, there was yet another guy to admire and feel envious of simultaneously. Meanwhile, for the women, there was another target of jealousy and another guy to coo over.

Of course, there is one particular woman who only gnashed her teeth at Nik's presence. No respect, no admiration. Just pure rage.

"He... master..."

Saeko failed to form coherent words while Shizuka looked at the backyard's calming scenery as she sipped on her tea.

"This tea is so delicious."

She cooed happily, not minding the mess Saeko currently was.

"But... master... she..."

"Master? Oh, we had a wonderful night. She was so warm and kind."

Shizuka smiled a foolish grin while her eyes twinkled happily, making Saeko's temple twitch further.

"So... you guys"

"Why asking the obvious?"

Nik opened the door only to hear the first phrase.


Not wanting to deal with a rant of denial that would probably leak out of Saeko's mouth, Nik finally decided to make a better use of it and immediately walked upto her and pushed her on the ground before sealing her mouth.

Of course, Shizuka's eyes widened for a moment before she returned to her normal expression.

Even master failed in the competition of stamina. With this, Nik might add any number of girls, but Shizuka knew that she would always accompany him the longest.

Meanwhile, Saeko's body shivered as her widened gaze faltered under Nik's impassive one as she felt myriad pleasure points being mobilised at the same time, making her spine tickle, mouth dry and her snatch wetter than ever.

"Just stop with the act."

Nik whispered. As accommodating he was, Nik has never been the guy to put up with mindless rants. Since Saeko wished to keep on denying her interest for him through the words spoken out of her mouth, Nik sought to corrupt that very mouth and finally turn her into his own woman.

In the feudal age, there were already many nobles who kept slave girls to satisfy the needs that their official wives and consorts failed to achieve.

So, Nik definitely intended to fill his ranks of partner with capable women and honestly, Saeko was one of the most capable women he had ever met. Of course, he would be inducing Saeko to be more open with him.

After all, nobody likes a relationship where the guy has to guess the thoughts of his own girl. Although it would be all cute banters at the beginning, things are bound to get ugly sooner or later.