Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 190

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 190 Returning To The Routine

"I sense... awkwardness..."

Shigure muttered under her munches while looking at Saeko and then looking back at Nik, who continued eating calmly with a gratified heart. Such dishes were hard to come by and Nik wanted to relish every single moment his body getting filled with energy that slowly increased his physical stats. Unlike the painful, torturous method of the system, this upgrade felt rather pleasant.

"That is correct. Saeko, I wonder why is it so."

Shizuka smirked while Saeko cursed under her breath without batting her eyes as she continued eating. No matter the embarrassment, she didn't like to kiss the chance to eat brunch with her family Shigure and Shizuka.

"Well, many things could have gone a different route."

Nik admitted and smiled playfully at Saeko, who finally couldn't hold it in and hissed.

"I'll teach you manners during our spar." She snorted coldly, making Nik shrug. Her attitude made it clear that she needed Nik's push to grow a bit honest and push he did. Saeko would have never thought that Nik would have the nerve to push her down in front of Shigure and Shizuka once again before ravaging her mouth so openly.


The worst part was that she truly enjoyed it.

She wouldn't admit it, no. But she did enjoy Nik's caress against her cheek as his free hand rudely groped her ripe bust while Shigure and Shizuka continued eating without batting their eyes. Of course, their overflowing scents pointed out their hidden desires that Nik fully intended to fulfill.

Of course, he first had to take care of a certain spicy pillar with his tongue as Saeko's weak resistance made all too clear for others that there was obviously no point in making such nonsensical stands.

Finally, after an entire minute, Nik parted away from the crimson Saeko, who failed to match his gaze before Nik continued eating as if nothing had happened. The meal felt even more fulfilling this time. Meanwhile, Saeko could barely focus on food with her eyes constantly sending somewhat needy gazes towards Nik, which were all ignored. If she wanted honey, she would need to state it openly, just like how Nik openly took her the moment the need arises.

Finally, Nik removed the upper part of Yukata, spread his Pheromones to cover the entire mansion and fill the denizens with utmost l.u.s.t, not minding a few adventurous couples in the dark corners of the mansion and even helping them by fueling their desires, Nik finally started the training to control his Hamon and also inventing his own Breath of Gravity. Of course, this time, Nik kept taking breaks and continued the rotation of the breathing techniques between all the elements and then finally coming back to the Breath of Gravity.

Till now, Nik had only reached the entry phase of this particular breathing technique and honestly, a part of him still screamed internally to give up on 'inventing' the technique and just practice the already proficient techniques to their utmost capacity.

Of course, Nik would ignore his own fickle side every time and continue training. Inventing his own technique wasn't just to improve his own battle potential, but also the potential of his understanding of the Gravity.

Being one of the strongest trump cards within his arsenal, even when including the Light element Sorry, Virya Nik apologized internally, the understanding of this element would greatly help him in the future. At least, this is what Nik's guts conveyed to him.

The training went on for a little more than three hours as Nik would keep his Hamon output constant even if his breathing technique would be interrupted, slowly increasing his control of his Hamon and refining his body simultaneously.

After a few moments of treasured rest, Nik finally saw Shigure's appearance, followed by Saeko's as the trio drew their blades and engaged in a sparring session. Even though Saeko's attacks were straightforward, the power behind each of her strike was mind-boggling. Meanwhile, Shigure's attacks were always strange and clever, making Nik wreak his brain to come up with a method to deal with her techniques instantly.

Of course, he failed more times than success, but that little rate of success pushed Nik to move forward and take his beating head-on. Shigure's strikes mostly targeted Nik's limbs and many times, she would change the intensity of her strikes to throw Nik off balance before Saeko would conclude the attack with a massive stroke, sending Nik into the pool something that was within Saeko's calculations and as expected, Nik's soaked body looked even better.

Not to mention the outline of his fat, flaccid c.o.c.k that did not lose out to many erect males. Of course, even with her focus on his junk, Saeko still proved herself worthy to keep her attention on the battle, just like Shigure, whose drool gave her away.

With one final fall into the pool, Nik finally had to call for Saeko's help to get out of the pool. He had no strength to swim out and no more Hamon to keep his injuries under control.

Of course, even if Saeko did not show her giddiness, she still jumped into the pool, something, that was entirely unnecessary, but of course, the feeling of her wet body pressed against Nik's exhausted one pleased her greatly. This time, instead of shying away, her palm 'accidentally' stroked his member as she slowly pushed him out of the water, where, an amused Shigure waited to roast the pillar of steel.

Of course, Nik was nothing if adaptable. With Saeko taking the lead for the first time, how could he leave such a chance? So, instantly, the moment she embraced his body to push up, he once again sealed her lips, his helpless arm seemed to have gotten better suddenly and instantly slithered towards her crotch, stroking her erect bean while making her whimper within his mouth.

With his physical training complete, and getting 'delivered' to Shizuka, who seemed to have grown fond of taking Yuriko due to the fact that she can just laze around, Nik's body finally entered its healing phase, but laying on Shizuka's laps, his own body had different ideas as pointed out by his erect c.o.c.k.

"Hehe, I guess, I got lucky."

She whispered while Nik shrugged.

"You have to admit that Saeko really has her own charm."

"That she does."

Shizuka smiled and nodded before gently adjusting Nik's body to lay on her lap 'horizontally' instead of 'vertically' as her arms finally slithered into his belt, unraveling his erect member and giving it a few soft, dry strokes as he leaned down and shared a passionate kiss. Finally, she bent downwards, her bosom pressing over on Nik's face while her mellow scent entering his nose as she placed more than half of his c.o.c.k into her mouth in just one slurping sound.

Her other hand keeping her hair from cascading, Shizuka started bobbing her head over Nik's shaft as her tongue wrapped around the backside of his shaft, licking it simultaneously while she soon felt Nik's lips sucking onto her bosom and playing with her n.i.p.p.l.es.

Soon, the heat grew within them and they started using their own techniques to stimulate their partner's body for they were already scheduled to be having s.e.x for an entire night. And Nik still had to bestow Hamon over to Yuriko to keep her condition from deteriorating.

After a few minutes of passion, Nik finally let out a spurt out of his sheer will to conclude this session into a quickie, lest the situation grows out of hand, which, Nik did not want to see as this was the medical room.

Everything had an appropriate time and place.

While a quicky befitted a filled medical room, a full-blown session only felt even good away from prying eyes, which, in this situation would mean, an empty medical room.

Giving the cleaned-up tip as soft kiss, Shizuka smiled and seemed to be gulping his hot load before letting out a relieved sigh.

"Well, healthy enough in my expert opinion."

Shizuka grinned widely as Nik stood and stretched his body.

"Thank you for the diagnosis, doctor."

Nik smiled and commenced his fourth form as streams of generated Hamon entered into Yuriko's body before twisting and corrupting into the Negative Hamon.