Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 191

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 191 The Carnal Routine

The window connecting the world to Nik's room glittered as the morning sun rose into existence, yet, the activity continued in night stretched till the morning. Nik's body smelled of sweat and passionate juices and yet, the smell wasn't off-putting at all for Saeko only had the hard, throbbing c.o.c.k scratching the innards of her very w.o.m.b within her mind.

She felt enlightened.

The loud m.o.a.ns, her own master succ.u.mbing and even the fact that the girls appeared alright to share Nik.

He was just that good.

Saeko's h.i.p.s bucked against Nik's laps as her bosom was pushed against each other with both of her hard nubbing getting sucked into Nik's mouth as she m.o.a.ned, no, roared with pleasure spreading throughout her body.

Her p.u.s.s.y was soaked in white, hot c.u.m. Her w.o.m.b packed full and even then Nik's fat, large c.o.c.k seemed to be able to scooch in some space to give her yet another bout of hard, body-rocking pounding. Her legs straddled against his waist as they kept rocking against each other in a sitting position.

From the corner of her eyes, Saeko could see Shigure's clean figure sleeping even with such loud m.o.a.ns, exhaustion and bliss mixed into a brand new expression while Shizuka slept as she hugged Shigure from behind.

No, Saeko could not outlast her... she just woke up early and got an early fill, again. She was growing addicted to Nik's c.o.c.k. If previously, she only wanted to touch it, maybe taste it, then now, Saeko did not wish THE c.o.c.k to leave her snatch.

The feeling of emptiness after getting plunged and piledriven into a blissful oblivion was too hard to be suppressed. This was just right, Saeko reckoned.

Her snatch filled with overflowing seed. Her mouth strained from her outrageous m.o.a.ns and her anus clenched in pleasure as Nik's c.o.c.k struck deep into her w.o.m.b, pressuring his own seed to spill further.

'I love it! Ohhh Ohh Haannghhh! I so love this!!!'

Saeko m.o.a.ned into Nik's mind mentally as Nik continued sucking onto her rich, pink n.i.p.p.l.es. He couldn't get enough of Saeko herself. Her body was perfectly toned... yet, so incredibly soft that he only wished to indulge himself further. Just keep on c.u.m.m.i.n.g inside until she gives up before treating her anus and then her mouth in a similar manner before continuing all the same.

He wanted her filled. There was some strange instinct within him that wished to feel a defiant girl such as Saeko. To grab a fistful of her butt with one hand and a fistful of her luscious, long hair with other. To push her down and keep on manhandling her holes. To f.u.c.k and ravish. Even now, he simply wished to tear his last remaining bit of consciousness as Saeko's melodious m.o.a.ns rang within his mind.

It's already been three days since Nik and the girls started indulging themselves in their carnal bliss. Three days of continuous s.e.x and training followed by food and yet another bout of s.e.x until Saeko joined in truly worsened Nik's mental health.

'Shit... I am losing it!'

Nik's eyes glinted dangerously as he pumped into Saeko even deeper as she spasmed while bucking, pointing out the arrival of yet another bout of orgasm that ruined the bed.

'More! More!'

Nik's and Saeko's voice seemed to have combined into a carnal symphony for Nik.kept f.u.c.k.i.n.g her. He did lose himself after c.u.m.m.i.n.g once again and when he finally woke up, he found that the dawn had turned into dusk while the two c.u.m-soaked bodies laid over to his sides, flanking him while Shigure remained laid over his body with his erect c.o.c.k still stuck deep within her.

Well, from that point onwards, Nik and the three girls abstained from s.e.x and focused on training and food. Only now did they truly understand what would happen if Nik actually exhausted himself and honestly, they were somewhat scared and excited of the bestial side of their man that even Nik seemed completely unaware of. Of course, instinctively, Nik also understood the fact that if such a side of himself continued without proper nourishment, he might end up committing suicide just due to having more s.e.x then he could sustain.

Of course, the workers could only sigh in relief for a day since the carnal routine emerged once again packed full of m.o.a.ns and squelching sounds that led to workers' to continue living their carnal nightmare.

Some females finally couldn't hold it in and decided to settle upon the less pleasing to the eyes while the determined ones sought pleasures with each other.


Nik had even introduced some of the carnal pleasure into his training.

Open sessions with Shigure and Saeko!

And of course, to still train while finally indulging himself into Saeko's and Shigure's soft snatches, with their insides molded into the shape of his c.o.c.k to induce proper pounding, the intense session took place over the surface of the pond.

"Ohhh! Hnngh!"

Once again, Shigure's and Saeko's m.o.a.ns interlaced into a mind-numbing tone as the training went on for more than three hours. Finally, Nik made his way towards Yuriko and commenced the usual ceremony of bestowal with some reaction finally resurfacing over her expression.

It would seem that Yuriko would he waking up soon.

Finally, with the day coming to an end, Nik, Saeko, Shigure and Shizuka sat over at the dinner table with a peaceful expression as they chatted casually while eating and filling their stomachs.

"I should... return to the village and prepare some weapons..."

Shigure finally diverted the topic to a more serious one. With Elizabeth already gone for four days, the group had only grown more lazy and decadent. Something, that even Nik was starting to feel guilty over.

Instead of feeling bad to waste his time, since, for Nik, s.e.x would never be a waste of time, Nik still couldn't help but think, specifically, imagine the situation where he could simply have more time.

More time to spend with the girls, train and gain an even sturdier foundation. After all, as the things were already set, only a month remained until the destined apocalyptic event where Nik now had to survive to uncover the surprise Elizabeth wished to show him.

Right now, that particular promise drove him to motivation, rather than some mission etched over a holographic screen with a few rewards.

"Prepare weapons? I'll tag along."

Nik spoke up. He had long wished to enter the village of the blacksmiths that created the nichirin blades but surprisingly, Shigure shook her head.

"No... you have to train more... even more... and even even more..."

She quietly whispered while Saeko finally sighed and continued.

"It's not only about this world... but, even I have to admit this... Nik, as things are now, you have to start some sort of long-term plan for your growth.

If the situation regarding your affinities is correct, then probably, it would be better to design a specialised training method to focus on the creation of unique breathing techniques to fully explore your potential."

"Or... you can just have s.e.x and focus on physical strength." Shizuka shrugged and gave her own piece of advice, gaining approving nods from Saeko and Shigure simultaneously.

"It sounds enticing." Nik smiled and looked at the girls with a warm expression before he sighed softly. Even he knew that no matter what he did, unless he tackled the situation on uncovering the method to invent the breathing techniques more efficiently, the situation would remain grim.

"Maybe... we are looking at the situation wrongly."

Shizuka placed her bowl down and finally spoke up, her gaze matched Nik's violet, glimmering gaze before she continued, "The focus of each breathing technique is to enhance a specific section of the body and uniting the elements with Hamon.

Nik can already achieve the final product without actually going through the process aside from the strengthening part of the breathing technique."

"Yes, that is correct."

Nik affirmed as a small, purple ball of energy formed over his extended palm. The ball of energy seemed to be distorting the very fabric at an extremely minuscule scale for the others to observe but Nik could feel it distinctively for it was extremely close to his body. Before any accidents could occur, Nik dispersed the ball of energy while Shizuka continued.

"We also know that there is a possibility that you can distort and manipulate the gravity around yourself to increase the pressure on your body to train your body more intensively."

"But I lack the proper training to achieve that."

Nik shook his head while Shigure and Saeko, who were observing Shizuka's smirk felt an ominous premonition and their intuition was correct for Shizuka let out a soft chuckle before pointing at herself.

"Would you hurt me?"

She whispered softly while Nik frowned for a moment as he gazed at her.

"If you are going to ask me to practice on you, then forget it."

Shizuka shook her head and pursued once again.

"Would you hurt me?"


"You won't hurt me... at least, not outside any s.e.x.u.a.l play." Shizuka answered her own question and finally spoke up.

"Nik, I have a request to ask of you. With Saeko and Shigure already an expert in battle, I want to catch up to my little sisters.

Use your gravity on my body to pressurise me. Of course, you will have to slowly increase the pressure."

"Hell, no."

Nik immediately snorted and looked Shizuka with a sour expression.

"Risking your life is something only a freak would commit."

"Have you not seen us in bed? We all are freaks." Shizuka countered while Shigure finally stated.

"I think... when it comes to training... a person can only take a leap of faith."

"Yeah, Sis is right. You will have to start training your gravity over yourself one day. Better start it now than to wait after a few months..."

Saeko nodded while Nik took a moment before agreeing.

"It would seem that my own fearful nature took better of me." A bitter smile touched his lips before his heart grew gratified and he immediately chugged down the soup before looking at Shizuka.

"Thanks, but I will still be punishing you for such an outrageous and life-threatening request."

"Oh, I am counting on that."

Shizuka winked in return.