Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 192

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 192 Limits

"I don't want to go..."

It was barely dawn and surprisingly, all of the ill-mannered masters of the house were calm and properly dressed without an ounce of m.o.a.n leaking through their lips or a single trickle of sensational juices flowing down their nether regions.

"But you must go, right?"

Nik smiled and stepped forward before wrapping his arm around Shigure and bringing her face closer to his chest. There was nothing debauched about his embrace. They both stood at the door in each other's arms for quite a few moments before a perfectly crafted miniature Nik appeared within Shigure's consciousness.

'My cutest kunoichi. If you feel like having a face-to-face chat and relax, be sure to call me. I would love to hear all about your day.'

Shigure nodded while nuzzling against his chest as she truly approved Nik's utilisation of creating his own conscious image within herself.

'I will create... a better weapon for you... any suggestion?'

She finally stated within Nik's mind and Nik immediately replied without an ounce of shame.

'Gauntlets, please.'

Finally, after they broke the embrace, Shigure looked at Shizuka and Saeko. Her droopy eyes had a touch of sombreness as she softly inquired.

"You guys shouldn't... have s.e.x all night long... do you know what these kinds of couples are titled with?"

She wasn't jealous, Shigure kept chanting to keep a cool head while also trying to dissuade them from hogging Nik completely. Of course, to her question, Shizuka and Saeko chimed in simultaneously.

"A healthy couple."

"A happy couple."

This was one of the rare moments where even Shigure couldn't hide her scowl.

As she left for her home village in a grimace, Nik looked at them with an amused expression before speaking.

"A happy couple, that we are. But now... with a change in the training routine, it would be safer that I first seclude myself to build my confidence and concentration."


Saeko immediately groaned with slumped shoulders while Shizuka nodded in understanding. Looking at Saeko, Shizuka comforted her and scared Nik at the same time.

"Saeko, playing with gravity isn't easy... what if he accidentally crushed the most important organ of his body..."

Shizuka narrowed her eyes and embraced Saeko from behind while matching Nik's gaze as she licked her lips, sending shivers down his spine.

" his brain, of course."


Nik roared internally as his apprehensions only grew and even then, he understood a simple fact.

If not now, then when?

Training required multiple minor objectives to achieve a major goal. Right now, his goal was to achieve gravity manipulation as easily as he breathed. Quite an ambitious goal, Nik knew, but still, he was willing to make efforts to achieve the goal for manipulation of gravity just marked the first step in achieving the understanding of gravity.

Since it was already dawn, Nik did not have the heart to sleep on his training and immediately made his way towards the backyard while greeting the workers posted on night duty. Of course, Nik decided to give friendly nods to myriad female workers, old or young, beautiful or not, gaining an additional set of glares.

This time around, Nik did not step on the calm surface of the clear pond but started his stretching exercise to make his body more co-ordinated after the influx of stats with his recent addition to the Partnership program.


Name: Nik Faran

Age: 19

Affiliation: Incubus Society (Member)

Bloodline: Carnal Demon

STR: 12--> 14

AGL: 13--> 14

VIT: 13--> 17

ENG: 23--> 26

CHM: 10

LUK: 2


With his [ENG] stat already reaching the maximum limit of this world, the progress in the total quantity of Hamon had decreased quite a bit, allowing Nik to focus on quality that could be refined using the Breath of War God. Meanwhile, even with such a huge amount of Hamon, the progress to Nik's physique still remained slow.

By now, it was all too clear to Nik that the Hamon was a somewhat 'soft' energy that improved the body over time instead of making drastic improvements at the cost of the stability of the body.

"Ok, it's cool..." Nik muttered, assuring himself.

"Nothing is going to get crushed. Especially, not you little soldier. Shit, don't recall Shizuka's words!"

He breathed a curse before mobilising streams of pure gravitational elemental energy and circulated within the entirety of his body for a few minutes. Even without manipulating the gravitational waves around him, Nik still felt a sense of heaviness suppressing his body.

'Here goes nothing...'

Finally, extremely tiny tendrils of the purple energy exuded from Nik body, right now, he did not dare to release all of his energy at once for he already knew the outcome. Getting squashed like a bug.


He once again concentrated on the task while sitting on the grassy backyard as he started controlling a single, thin strand of a gravitational wave around him, twisting it into a loop and making it rotate above his body as the pressure around Nik increased once again.

Maybe, by a few kilograms. A manageable task, but taxing nonetheless for Nik came to a distressing realisation that controlling even a single strand of gravitational wave continuously and expending his energy while keeping his concentration to the maximum required a finesse of control he still hadn't developed.

In short, Nik wasn't capable enough to micro-manage a single thread of gravitational wave. Of course, this was an obstacle he would need to overcome sooner or later, hence, without faltering, Nik started to focus on his control, rather than the effect on his body.

In such a training with high risks and an equally high, maybe, greater return, Nik felt the need to calm down instead of brashly stepping without any game plan.

The thin strand continuously rotated around him and finally, when Nik felt his concentration slipping, he slowed down and recuperated in deep meditation.

Finally, to accommodate his already depleted mental power, Nik decided to lay down and close his eyes until his energy reservoir is filled naturally. Finally, Nik stood up when the sun started to shine and walked up to the clear pond before commencing his usual Hamon training. With constant ripples spreading through the base of his foot, Nik kept on practicing the various breathing technique in his arsenal, slowly making his way towards the state of Continuous Focus Breathing in regards to the Breath of Fire and Stone/Earth.

As things are, Nik could only make grit his teeth and train. He could make a lot of excuses like wanting to spend time with his girls, already having a lot to train with, etc but he knew deep down that his communication with his girls was already healthy and he could now even chat with them face-to-face through [Partner Communication] and no matter how much strength he has, he could barely match against the threat named Muzan.

To be able to still live after having so many strong warriors following his tail... that guy is the very definition of a monster. Nik reckoned that even the Moon Series Demons would look cute if compared to Muzan.

'If I can bitch around, I can also train.'

Nik once again returned to the grassy bed and set in a meditative stance to once again control a single thread of Gravitational wave around his body until his mental energy was exhausted once again.

Laying back once again, exhausted, Nik closed his eyes until he was woken up by a smirking Saeko.

After shedding her shyness, Saeko turned out to be the very embodiment of shamelessness. During the dinner, she would poke at others and even spank any and every female servant that would bend to serve the food in front of her.

Of course, right now, she decided to control herself when faced with Nik's exhausted expression and sat beside him, presenting her toned out, elastic lap with a soft pat and made his rest even more pleasant.

"I never knew that even you could feel exhausted."

"Of course, I can."

Nik muttered softly, enjoying Saeko's fingers combing through his hair while he closed his eyes with a content sigh escaping his lips.

"But I got my due reward."

"Even exhaustion does not stop you, huh."

Saeko smiled widely, gazing at Nik's smiling face with an uncharacteristic gentle warmth as Nik nodded.

"That's my motto."

"Instead of sparring, we should rest."

Saeko suddenly spoke up, but her words weren't spoken out of concern but a rational outlook. Instead of overworking the body with already depleted mental health, it would do more damage than benefit to fight in such a state.

"I'll take your offer."

Nik grinned as Saeko gently leaned down and softly kissed his forehead while Nik drifted into sleep.

"And I also never knew that you could be so determined to exhaust yourself to this extent..."

Saeko still kept her smile and tended to Nik without a sound. Massaging his head and shoulders as he slept soundly before waking him up with much reluctance when it was the time to bestow Hamon to Yuriko.

Finally, after fulfilling all his responsibilities and a nutritious dinner to fill their stomach and reinvigorate their body, Nik and the duo finally entered the room to enjoy a soothing night of m.o.a.ns and carnal pleasure with Shizuka and Saeko until midnight before Shizuka took the moment to retreat and have an early sleep for even then, Nik's mental exhaustion had been evident.