Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 193

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 193 Blunder

The next day commenced in a similar fashion of an exhaustive training of controlling the gravity. While Nik surprisingly felt a subtle improvement in his control, much still remained to accomplish and Nik's body kept getting tempered by an additional few kilograms of suppression. Although, it could hardly increase and refine his own body, every slight improvement counts.

As the sun reached the highest peak, the trio gathered at the room connected to the backyard where they were presented with a delicious meal as they chatted with a pleasant expression.

The tables were set up in a triangular formation with soft futons already placed as Nik took his seat, observing the red-faced servants. If Nik did achieve something, then it would be the control of his Pheromones to cover the entire mansion just through his subconscious effort.

Now, Nik did not have to explicitly control his Pheromones as the aphrodisiac scent that Nik exuded danced the tune he wished them to dance on. Sometimes, he would elicit their carnal desires and sometimes, he would make them relive their most happy moments.

Slowly, Nik was now able to achieve a domain effect with his pheromones itself.

"Days without hunting is soooo boring!" Sasko groaned as she sat with a disgruntled expression while Nik couldn't help but agree and cast a confused gaze towards Saeko.

"Elizabeth told me that Pillars can never rest for too long and are needed to complete a lot of Missions."

Saeko shook her head and pointed out.

"Things are relatively calm out there. While many do not know the reason, we now do. Even the remaining lower demon moons have hidden too deeply.

They are just scared without their master!"

Saeko gulped down her soup and ate with a ferocious glee when Shizuka finally broke her optimistic view.

"Or maybe, they are licking their wounds and waiting for their own ranks to increase before striking a definite offense that would leave us with nothing but despair."

As Shizuka observed Saeko's crestfallen expression, a bright smile touched her lips while she pursued.

"Of course, I can observe the situation wrongly. But the demons are no scared beasts, that I am sure of.

And Muzan himself boasts more cleverness than strength"

"Wait, what?"

Nik immediately shot a look towards Shizuka as the latter tilted her head leftward in confusion and waited for Nik to form his questions.

"What did you mean... when you said Muzan is more brain than brawn."

"I meant, till now, he has been able to evade us all this time through clever baits and splits. If not, the first breath user would have easily ended his life."

Shizuka shrugged nonchalantly while her words were nothing short of peals of thunderclaps exploding in his ears and then smashing his stupid, oh so moronic head that immediately kept on jumping on conclusions regarding the strength of his opponent.

"So... he isn't powerful..."

Shizuka finally seemed to have understood Nik's situation, which was, in all honesty, a common misunderstanding between most of the demon slayers.

"When compared to a single Cultivator, he is. But, if flanked, even the ancestor of all demon must leave the hope of surviving."

As Nik started to understand the true situation, his eyes widened momentarily and he immediately posed another question.

"When compared to other pillars, where do I stand?"

Shizuka looked at Saeko, who let out an envious sigh. Even she understood how grave of a misunderstanding Nik had about Muzan. The demon was undoubtedly strong, but he was still a mortal with a huge lifespan and a taste for blood.

"Well, he can easily beat Shinobu... but I doubt he would beat her... they both are too alike." Shizuka suppressed a chuckle while Saeko continued.

"Of course, he can beat the shit out of certain slithering pillar... then there is that fluffy one..."

"Can you... just state it normally?"

Nik groaned. He needed answers as Saeko smiled and spoke softly.

"All in all, you are already a top-tier pillar. If we include the fact that you have many things" she eyed his lower region for a moment before continuing, ' that the other pillars do not.

For example, you can use multiple breaths, you can control gravity and even use your Pheromones to control weak-willed demons.

And if we also include your elemental Hamon, then you already classify into the ranks of a Cultivator.

Of course, Master would keep this information hidden and also, only your skills fall short when compared to the top three pillars, Cultivators and Shigure."

"And the top three also includes you."

"Got that right..."

Nik nodded and inquired once again.

"Do you know any reason why there are not many stronger demons?"

"There are many myths." Shizuka spoke softly with a contemplative expression before sighing out loud.

"But since the beginning, even after killing so many moon demons, we only know one thing that Muzan never increased the number of the elite demons.

Most probably, he feared that someday, a stronger demon might break free from his control and right now, there are already three such cases."

"Thank you."

Nik nodded and finished his food silently before exhaling loudly.

He made a big mistake. In their training, Saeko always mentioned to never underestimate your opponent but also not overestimating them and that is the very blunder he committed.

All this time, Nik pushed himself into the delusion that Muzan has been able to live because of the fact that the cultivators failed to kill him. Never could he have imagined that Muzan has been actively evading the pursuit and now, finally, he got his hands onto something due to the interference of [Monster Paradise].

Feeling relieved, his shoulders slumped and he smiled heartily. Although he would not overestimate Muzan, underestimation of an enemy is something he wouldn't commit.

"Let's spar."

Nik smiled and stood up, looking at Saeko and Shizuka.

"Me, too?"

Shizuka questioned with a mesmerizing smile.

"Well, without you, it won't be fun in the arena called the bedroom."

Shizuka stood up in a moment's notice and Saeko immediately jumped towards Nik, who immediately caught her and brought her into a princess carry, kissing her cherry lips and fondling her b.r.e.a.s.ts with his hand supporting her back.

Meanwhile, Shizuka walked actively, her massive bosom jiggling and a lascivious glee on her expression when she reached the bedroom and jumped out of her clothes in a few moments, her golden hair hanging loose while two long locks of her hair covered her erect n.i.p.p.l.es.

Meanwhile, under Nik's conscious care, Saeko let her body free, her arms hanging loosely around his neck and her lips still stuck against Nik, enjoying the feeling of her mouth caressed.

"Instantly, Nik converged his makeshift domain over the room and the sense of l.u.s.t and debauchery within the two girls exploded into massive waves of pants and heated whispers as Shizuka promptly walked closer to Nik, sliding his Yukata down and planting soft, luscious kisses and hickies across his carefully crafted body.

Taking the party over to the bed, Nik's lips found Shizuka's mouth as his next target while Saeko took the chance to remove all her clothing while Nik's hand roughly squished Shizuka's massive bosom. And she loved every single touch of his!

She loved how her own soft, extremely f.u.c.kable body would react to Nik's thumbs pressing her erect n.i.p.p.l.es while his hands squeezing onto her b.r.e.a.s.ts would sometimes pull them apart or mash them together.

Her butt twitched and although she hated the feeling of air across her soaked snatch, she knew that the fruit of patience is always sweeter and when it came to Nik, it was literal sweetness.

After all, his c.u.m was literally sweet and pleasant to drink, or else, there was no way Shizuka would have even agreed to suck on it... after all, pleasure and disgust had clear boundaries separating them.

Of course, even now, Nik's mouth remained the source of unending sweetness as Shizuka's hands stroked his erect c.o.c.k while rubbing his balls.

'Mmghhh! My kind of taste!'

Shizuka's voice rang within Nik's mind as he finally let go of one of her b.r.e.a.s.t reluctantly, letting his finger slide across her soft abdomen before gripping her snatch and immediately plunging his thick middle finger into her warm, wet p.u.s.s.y, spreading her fleshy entrance and eliciting a series of enamored m.o.a.ns while continuing to move his index and middle finger within her snatch.

Saeko, on the other hand, hugged Nik from behind, nibbling on his ears and neck, trying to attract his attention while her heated m.o.a.ns and hot panting itched his heart.


Breaking the kiss while still exploring Shizuka's insides all over again, Nik turned his face towards Saeko and plucked her lips, his other hand freeing itself of Shizuka's b.r.e.a.s.ts reluctantly before placing it on Saeko's extremely gripping, ravishing butt and squeezing it tightly, making her whimper under his care while Shizuka's unrestrained m.o.a.ns rang melodiously.

Finally, Nik shifted his c.o.c.k to point at Shizuka's entrance and finally plunged his member deep into her w.o.m.b, bypassing every single wall as if her body is already accustomed to surrendering all resistance while Shizuka's body shuddered mesmerisingly, her b.r.e.a.s.ts jiggling in delight and her breathless pants showing relief.

Her innards gripped against Nik's c.o.c.k while her own Hamon exploded, covering the trio to increase the stimulation as Saeko's body immediately twitched into a massive orgasm while still hugging Nik tightly from behind.

Soon, Nik started pumping deep into Shizuka's body with ferocious thrusts as his fingers stretched Saeko's innards before placing her over Shizuka's convulsing body and bringing her snatch near her face. Taking a deep whiff of Saeko's mind-numbing scent, Nik's lips immediately started tasting her insides while rubbing her hard clit.

Just like Shizuka, Saeko soon surrendered herself to the addictive pleasure that Nik's body was while she felt his tongue stimulating her into multiple orgasms as Nik continued thrusting into Shizuka as the blonde beauty clawed and clutched in the bedsheet, her tongue lolling out in extreme pleasure.

With a soft groan into Saeko's cunt, Nik let out a massive load of spunk, filling her pink cunt into the white love juice!