Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 196

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 196 Evolution Codex

"Are you sure about this?"

Yuriko could barely keep her mind calm with such an enchanting scent overflowing from the entire room. Even sitting on Nik's bed almost made her lose her mind just because of a single deep whiff that touched her nose with a sweet scent mixed with multiple musky, arousing scents.

Meanwhile, Nik kept looking at the Yuriko's exposed arm as she had already pulled her left sleeve up. Finally, with a flick of his finger, a small scratch opened up over her forearm, letting out a single drop of crimson blood before Nik lowered his head and immediately sucked on her injury.

[Evolution Codex: High

Item Tier: Unique

Description: A conceptual item that bonds with the host and allows the host to sample the myriad Bloodline present in the multiverse. The higher the amount of blood is ingested, the greater the information obtained.]

This item was the true reason why Nik gave Brian the information about the Demon Slayers' past for the exchange for him becoming Nik's wingman. And even now, Nik still remained indebted to Brian even if he did not state the fact explicitly. After all, no amount of SO could buy such an item and Brian just gave it to him for less than 20000 SO!

If this wasn't generous, then what is?!

The Evolution codex is the most important item to have to trigger an evolution. Without it, no matter how favourable the conditions are, a host can never trigger an evolution.

Within Nik's energy space, right next to the Harem in the shape of Rubik's cube, a brown, leather-covered grimoire gave off a violet light as an information window popped in front of his vision.

[Rare-Tier Genes detected. Analysis Formed.

Description: An unnamed variation of the Rare-Tier blood fiend is detected. Aside from the obvious hunger for blood, this variation is devoid of the usual l.u.s.t for battle found within the fiends. But, the hosts of this bloodline are extremely weak towards the elements present in the UV rays and similar types of energy

Integration: 19%]

Nik looked at the screen thoughtfully before looking at the flushed Yuriko, who simply couldn't contain her own curiosity. After all... maybe Nik also loved tasting blood. Maybe, this common point between them could develop further.

"Thank you. I have what I needed to know."

Nik smiled and then looked at his room before looking back at Yuriko, who simply couldn't match his gaze, always looking away.

Of course, Nik also knew the reason and that was his main motive. The entry of the blood into the codex was just the minor objective, after all, he could always get his hand on some demon blood later during the apocalyptic event, but trying to tease Yuriko had its own merits.

Nik's enjoyment, that is.

"Well, are you ready to drink my blood?"

Nik smiled and extended his arm towards Yuriko, who visibly gulped. No matter how 'full' she felt, Yuriko kept on having the urge to 'taste' it... blood that is.

Finally, unable to control herself, a thin trail of drool leaked through the corner of her lips, yet, her eyes remained as hesitant as ever which Nik happened to appreciate for his blood was the highest class of aphrodisiac present in this world.

Finally, Yuriko shook her head and hissed softly.

"Please, give me some time alone."

Immediately standing up, she rushed out of the room while Nik's smile broadened. Of course, he wouldn't stop her. There was no need to. Since she had already taken a tour to his bedroom... there was no need to force her.

The moment she left, Nik looked at his own bloodline details.

[Rare-Tier Genes, Bloodline Carnal Demon.

Orthodox Evolution Atlas found in Codex.

Description: An orthodox evolution of L.u.s.t Imp recognised by the multiverse. The blood and flesh have an aphrodisiac effect and even the other fluids of the body are unnaturally sweet and healthy for the females. Similarly, if the fluids are ingested by males, they act as a slow poison.

Next Evolution: L.u.s.t Fiend (Extreme-Tier)

Integration: 78%]

Compared to Yuriko's bloodline, Nik's bloodline's integration was extremely high. Opening the chat regarding the Bloodline sent during the first few days by Brian, Nik couldn't help but smile.

At least, he didn't lose out on Bloodline.

[Remember, the integration of Bloodline decides how less our Bloodline weakens in front of certain elements of nature. Due to or ancestors' efforts, even the low tier evolution has an extremely high integration.]

[Either way, this codex will work for all bloodlines till the High-Tier evolution. After that, you'll have to find a codex yourself. Not to mention, it will be better for you to trigger your evolution after amassing the blood of higher evolved Bloodline because it will allow you to at least glance at your future evolutions which will, in return, allow you to make better decisions during evolution.]

Nik rummaged through the chat as he still remembered the simple fact.

[Common, Uncommon, Rare, Extreme, High... these are the tiers of evolution. As a temporal fiend, I am a natural Extreme-Tier evolved being. So, you need to catch up quickly even in terms of evolution.]

Higher the evolution, better the innate skills. Nik knew this simple fact. So, he did feel genuine respect for Brian as he openly shared all this information with him. No matter his motives, Nik had to present a basic level of etiquette to his beneficiary.

'If the lower-tiered demons are already rare tier beings... that means, Muzan is at least, at the Extreme-Tier evolutionary rank. His blood... if I can get it... that would be better.'

Nik stood up and cleaned his room for a few minutes before leaving for the backyard. With his Pheromone Domain, he could easily sense Yuriko still within the mansion, isolating herself within her room. Of course, leaving a hungry, aroused demon was less than responsible action, so, Nik made his way towards Yuriko's room and sat outside the door and starting his control over two strands of Gravitational-wave once again.

Yes, even though it grew incredibly taxing for Nik to control the two strands, he still felt a sense of achievement and satisfaction. And although there were only a few kilograms of difference, Nik understood the fact that the more his control grew, the lesser would be the strain on his mentality to bend the gravity when trying to squish demons like a bug.

After all, to squish the lower moon demon, Nik had mobilised hundreds of strands before passing out.

And now that he thought of the demon, he also recalled the treasure medallion he received from the demon, tickling his curiosity to activate it and find out the item within.

Maybe, he would get something incredible. After all, the tier of the item was greater than dark green.

Finally, Nik waited and calmly trained without affecting the surroundings save for himself as the pressure around him was quite easy to get used to. After all, with his stats, he would still find himself light as a feather when suppressed by a few kilograms of weight.

Finally, he stood up, still controlling the gravity, making the strands rotate closely around him, almost touching his body and knocked on Yuriko's door, startling the hungry demon.

"It is time for dinner. Let me... fill you up." No matter how suggestive Nik sounded, his words were true, and finally, after a few minutes, Yuriko opened the door, revealing her flushed face and barely controllable drool that only stopped after she felt her body being filled with Negative Hamon.

During the process of the bestowal, Nik and Yuriko stayed silent the entire time and Nik finally moved when he found Yuriko's body overflowing with Negative Hamon.

"Yuriko, in a few days... I think, we will be giving you free reigns. But if you wish to meet your daughter, you'll need mine or either Saeko's company."

Finally finding a topic that could attract her desires, Yuriko controlled her mind and looked at Nik with a confused expression.

"What do you mean?"

"Just like me, your daughter is probably under the tutelage of another pillar. And... breaching a pillar's property with the blood of a demon running in your veins, that too, at night...

Let's say, the pillars would prefer burglars over you."

Yuriko nodded in understanding as her fill of Negative Hamon finally managed to restrain her overflowing thought for hunger and blood.

Finally, she laid on the bed and covered herself before turning her body to the other side, leaving a soft whisper.

"Thank you... for everything."

With a smile, Nik stood and turned his heels, still keeping Yuriko under a constant surveillance. Who knows, if her instincts grew wild and she ended up committing a murder in a Cultivator's mansion.... that would be a major 'oof'.

As Nik made his way to the dining room, he found many chefs waiting outside the kitchen, earning them Nik's attraction.

"What happened?"

He lightly tapped the shoulder of the head chef, a burly man with scars for a face and a grumpy expression stating his dissatisfaction. But the accompanying helplessness has been evident on his face.

"Master Nik... it's the ladies...

They want to cook this time around so..."

"Here we are." A young chef shrugged and completed the sentence for the head chef.

The young chef seemed extremely chill about the situation, making Nik's eyebrows rise in wonder as he nodded and finally decided to make his way towards the kitchen and... just look what the girls were cooking. No matter what they fed him, he still liked to watch women cooking.

Maybe it was due to his lingering attachment to motherhood, Nik reckoned.

"Hey, newbie! Don't you understand?! A kitchen is a chef's life!"

The head chef hissed while the kid smirked mischievously.

"Oh, come on, Head! The master is in the kitchen... so are the mistresses.

You tell me what happens usually when they gather together..."

The head chef's face paled as he thought of the implications while the kid shrugged.

"Well, now, at least, we can request a brand new kitchen with all the new equipments."

The kid flashed a toothy grin while the other chefs behind him shook their heads. Of course, the females in the group glared daggers at the kid while growing green in envy.