Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 197

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 197 Under The Apron

The moment Nik pushed the door to the kitchen open, his eyes widened in a pleasant surprise for they observed two beautiful women in nothing but an apron, of course, their lacy panties served to increase the blood pressure of the viewer.

"See? I told you he would check on us." Saeko sighed in content as she let her finger scoop up what seemed to be whipped cream present in the bowl and licked on her index. Her long hair tied into a high ponytail as her free hand immediately gave Shizuka's extremely bubbly butt a swift spank.

The sound of her spank echoed in the kitchen... with no dishes prepared whatsoever. Of course, in such a situation, nutritional food was to be ignored due to the already cooked delicacy waiting to be ravished.

"Need I ask?"

Nik whispered an inquiry, to which, Shizuka averted her gaze silently, still nibbling on her soft, plump lips while her beautiful blonde hair remained the free spirit they are.

As if his words woke something within Saeko, the pillar of steel shifted behind Shizuka, her palms immediately slithering into the packed apron with fleshy organ spilling out, revealing Shizuka's fluffy pink a.r.e.o.l.as as Saeko's palms turned out to be the straw that finally broke the camel's back, immediately making Shizuka's heavenly bosom spill out of the pure white apron.

The poor cloth could only hide in beneath the natural cleavage of Shizuka's bosom while a pair of roguish palms immediately used its index and thumb to twirl the perky n.i.p.p.l.es, pinching and kneading as unrestricted m.o.a.ns leaked out of Shizuka. From behind the introverted hottie, a pair of gleaming eyes matched Nik's increasingly lascivious gaze, encouraging him to take a step forward, cover the erogenous zones that the hands couldn't.

Of course, with a similar plan already forming in his mind, Nik stepped towards the trembling beauty, her b.r.e.a.s.ts jiggling as she tried to resist Saeko's hand, at least, in appearance. With each twist of her butt, Shizuka would end up grinding against Saeko's crotch, riling her further as Saeko started dry humping Shizuka, her lips tasting the nape of Shizuka's neck and finally, one of her legs in between Shizuka's thighs, letting her already soaked panties rub against her elastic, thic, thighs.

Before any due m.o.a.ns could leak, Nik grabbed Shizuka's hands and leaned in for a hot kiss. His lips pressed against her's tightly while her palms covered bosom rubbing against his chest, allowing the back of Saeko's hands feel Nik's chest simultaneously.

A barely audible groan leaked through Saeko's lips, who started to seductively crouch down, even when no one was looking, while her hands slid from her eldest sis' mind-numbing bosom, making their way to her soft, un-toned stomach that still remained flat, with just a hint of extra flesh right above her crotch before her thumb contacted the lacy undergarment, light-blue in colour as her entire butt remained exposed with a thin fabric passing through her ravishing butt cheeks, immediately inducing a gulp from Saeko as she took a deep whiff.

With Nik's unnaturally sweet scent, Shizuka's arousing liquids only increased her seductiveness and with each successive twist and rocking of her waist, Saeko felt her mind slowly inching towards the lascivious insanity.

Let the fingers of both of her hands slithering down the end of Shizuka's crotch, Saeko finally grew closer to Shizuka's butt. With a small gulp of a lump stuck in her throat, she opened her mouth with both the lower lip and the upper lips connected through the soft ropes of her own saliva before she bit on her smooth butt cheek.


A slow, toe-curling groan leaked into Nik's mouth, Shizuka's thighs trembled and her eyes widened in a mixture of anguish and l.u.s.t. She wanted it more! Bite marks on her prime, breeding butt that took loads upon loads of Nik's nourishing c.u.m that filled her w.o.m.b shut and ass full.


A soft lick over the bite mark was all it took for the prime breeder out of the group to spasm into a mind-breaking orgasm with her crystal clear p.u.s.s.y juice trailing down her inner thighs, easily bypassing the thin panty and creating a puddle of luscious treat on the previously clean floor that of course, now turned holy.

Finally, Saeko's hands slithered back, pulling on Shizuka's butt cheeks, revealing the poor fabric digging into her butt, not even hiding her butthole and the juicing cunt as Saeko promptly tugged onto the cloth, immediately digging it deeper into Shizuka's p.u.s.s.y while her fleshy entrance spilled out, forming into a perfect cameltoe as Saeko used her free hand to immediately extend her finger into the welcoming anus, experiencing the fleshy dungeon that Nik ploughed on a daily basis.

Meanwhile, Nik's arms were already hugging Shizuka's back. By now, he already understood the simple fact that Shizuka needed to be tended and cared for. Her torso arched against his chest while her butt further accentuated, allowing Saeko to continue playing and teasing her holes.

Finally, Nik couldn't hold it himself. Observing the neat kitchen that he had already decided to taint, Nik broke the intimate kiss, crouching himself while leaving Shizuka's mouth high and dry, finally allowing her seductive m.o.a.ns to rock the entire mansion.

Down below, Nik matched Saeko's seductively half-lidded eyes filled with passion and l.u.s.t. They both unanimously reached a decision and immediately got to work.

With Nik sliding away the tight fabric that clung into Shizuka's pink slit of passion that drooled massive waves of p.u.s.s.y juice, Nik let his fingers rub her fleshy cunt while kissing her erect clit, licking it and sucking it into his mouth as he felt Shizuka's hands at the back of his head, gripping a fistful of his own hair in passion while pressing his face against her cunt, making his nose rub against her crotch.

With his hand gripping against her juicy cunt, Nik started showing his licking skills as Shizuka's head bucked wildly, her m.o.a.ns unrestrained and the only reason she hadn't collapsed into her own love juices was due to Saeko and Nik supporting her lower region.

Saeko, on the other hand, took her fingers out and looked at the gaping, fleshy hole with a hint of pride in her eyes. Pulling the dark-pink flesh entrance with her thumbs, Saeko gripped Shizuka's ass tightly and roughly with most of the uncaught butt spilling out of the gaps within her fingers while she finally stuck her mouth into her clenching anus. For a moment, Shizuka felt her mind blank and to further her condition, Nik shifted his attention to her equally gaping p.u.s.s.y that couldn't remain satisfied with fingers.

She needed Nik's hot, veiny c.o.c.k plunged deep into her w.o.m.b, stretching her like nothing ever could and milk into her his wonderful seed that allegedly had its own nutritional factor. Of course, Nik's snaking tongue managed to fill her lascivious hunger for a few minutes and that added with Saeko's amateur tongue inside her other hole, Shizuka couldn't help but let out a contented sigh in tandem to a heart-scratching groan as she let her weight shift over to their shoulders.


"Aanghh! Hnnghhh!!"

The sound of the enchanting m.o.a.ns leaked through the doors of the kitchen, leaving every single chef downcast, envious and angry except for the latest addition to the staff. With a wolfish glee radiating from his face, he eyes each and every one of his co-worker and grinned while baring his sharp teeth.

"You all better pay up! I bet my ass and you remained constricted to money?

Learn something from your masters, will you?! We should start cooking in nudes from now on!"

He spread his arm and immediately, a palm greater than the size of his own head gripped his shoulder.

The head chef was outraged... and the winner of the bet would be the target to vent his feelings upon.

With a soft turn of his head, the silver-haired, feminine-boy chef matched the Head Chef's gaze as his previous black pupils turned enchanting pink for a moment.

With a seductive lick of his lips, the newbie waited for the Head Chef...

Meanwhile, Yuriko simply couldn't stop her own fingers stretching her dark entrance leading to her own moist snatch. One finger, two fingers... three fingers... she couldn't stop.

Her thighs bucked wildly while her free hand, covered in her own juices reached out for her lips, letting her own tongue taste her new self before groping her own b.r.e.a.s.ts while her suppressed m.o.a.ns matched the pace of Shizuka's outrageous m.o.a.ns.

Her Yukata had already disassembled while her ravishing body made it even harder for Yuriko to control herself. And of course, Nik's lingering scent made it harder for her to control her own urges.


"Caw! Caw! Emergency Meeting! Bring Tanjiro Kamado and his demon sister, Nezuko Kamado to the headquarters alive!

Caw! Caw!"

Inside a dark jungle, a deep scent of blood lingered on while Tanjiro's body could be seen sprawled on the ground, unconscious. Meanwhile, beside him, a pale-skinned youth with long spiky black hair tied into a ponytail watched over Tanjiro.

Far away, Brian sat near a golden-haired youth and channeled his own Hamon into the youth to stop the spread of poison as shown from the purplish corruption spreading across his body.

"Don't you die on me... pain in the ass of a brat..."

Brian hissed when a melodious chuckle broke his thoughts.

"That's an awful manner to show your care and concern..."

From the shadows, a young woman walked out with pupilless purple eyes and a soft smile on her face.

"Shinobu Kocho... here to save you all."

She smiled as Brian nodded. He already knew of many pillars and Shinobu was one of them.

At this time, a crow immediately erupted into a fit of furious caws!

"Caw! Caw! Tanjiro Kamado and his sister, Nezuko Kamado is to be brought to the headquarters alive!

Caw! Caw!"

'Nezuko?' Brian frowned and looked at the unconscious Zenitsu before opening the chat and sending the details of the situation.

Nezuko was exposed and Nik seemed to be interested in her... so, as the fiend wingman he was, it was within Brian's responsibility to inform Nik... the Pillar of War.

'Damn... even his Nickname is cool... Pillar of War...

Maybe I should become Pillar of Madness?

Nah... too childish.'

Brian shook his head.