Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 198

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 198 To The Meeting

[We encountered a lower moon demon. With the pillars observing us, I decided to hide my strength, but still, Tanjiro almost died and right now, Nezuko's true status is already known to the Corps.

As we speak, she is held within the headquarters of the Corps and... well, I can take her out in a jiffy.

What's your take... Pillar of War?]

'What's my take?' Nik looked a little thoughtful while still sprawled on the kitchen floor with multiple corners tainted in love juices that would only serve to arouse the l.u.s.t of even the pure-hearted while two softly, purring beauties laid over his chest with their raven/golden hair covering half of his body.

Of course, the satisfied expression on their faces made the endeavour fulfilling even if Nii had been f.u.c.k.i.n.g with an empty stomach. In such cases, some things are needed to be sacrificed temporarily.

[Status of a demon cannot be hidden for long...]

Nik replied and similarly, sent the same message into the conscious of the duo, waking them up, albeit, with a reluctant heart. After all, it was either his message or the continuously cawing crow outside the kitchen.

[I guess... I'll go and flex my superiority.]

Nik finally sent and received an instant reply.

['Flex your superiority'?]

Came back Brian's reply for the sake of confirmation as Nik nodded internally.

[Yes, boss. I mean... I'll be reasonable, of course. That's who I am. A reasonable guy... But if given a chance, I really want to flex my powers.

You wouldn't believe that I have been training nonstop!]

[... Training, you say... I am willing to bet that you are on a bed with decadent fluids staining the sheets and an extremely disgusting smell in the room.]

[First of all... you are wrong, I am not on a bed. Second of all, I am not a human, remember? My fluids are sweeter than honey and my scent is more sensual than aphrodisiac candles! At least, that's what my girls praised me with...]

[I needn't know this...] Brian replied with distress clear within his words.

Finally, with a soft groan, Saeko was the first one to sit up as she rubbed her eyes while unintentionally gazing at the scenery of the room they had created.


One word sufficed the situation.

Meanwhile, Shizuka simply crawled up further over Nik's chest, and even though her eyes remained closed her sensual breath and the soft cooing whispers into his consciousness set his heart ablaze once again.

'Carry me to bed... you lovable monster.'

Her arms slithered around his necks as a slight slit finally revealed over her eyes so that she could target Nik's chin and plant a soft peck over it.

'Love you, too.'

Nik smiled and leaned slightly, pecking Shizuka's nose before picking her up into a princess carry as her right bosom immediate pressed against his chest while her n.i.p.p.l.e's texture once again made Nik want to suckle her enormous bust and plough her until she came multiple orgasms and left a puddle of her own p.u.s.s.y juice over his crotch.

"That's not fair~"

As Nik stood up, two light hands immediately slithered past his waist from behind and immediately covered his large, fat, limp c.o.c.k while a sloppy mouth left a hot whisper into his ear.

'And there we go...' Nik thought as his c.o.c.k instantly rose into action while without asking for any instructions, the pair of extremely roguish hands started stroking the enormous shaft and played with his full balls, eliciting a groan from Nik's mouth as he tilted his head sideways and immediate seized Saeko's lips and let his tongue do its job before

'Well, a quicky doesn't hurt anyone, right?'


It didn't take long to shower and get ready. Of course, it was a bit of hassle to waterbend the water out of Saeko's and Shizuka's extremely long hair, but in the end, Nik tucked Shizuka into the bed at her request and changed into his demon slayer uniform. Black pants and a black shirt with the Sakonji's sky-blue kimono hanging over his shoulder and a plain, ordinary nichirin blade belted to his waist.

Taking a moment to comb his hair, Nik was finally ready to leave and waited for Saeko to change into her uniform. Of course, there was a part of him that wished to jump her during as she changed and plow her once again, just like a few minutes ago, but such needless thoughts were easily suppressed.

By now, Nik was extremely sure that many emotional thoughts would stem from within himself due to the change in his Bloodline. This change wasn't prevailing due to Nik not having crossed a certain threshold in his coitus sessions but the change was definitely there.

The occasional thoughts to dominate any passing servant or keep on f.u.c.k.i.n.g Shizuka or Saeko until they are i.m.p.r.e.g.n.a.t.ed full from his seed with the crotch and anus filled with his own drooling c.u.m...

Nik cared extremely little for such thoughts. To be controlled by his own urges would be the last thing he wanted to happen to himself. There may have been a few moments where Nik let his emotions decide his course of action like changing his homeworld to i.m.p.r.e.g.n.a.t.e and increase his own responsibilities wasn't something he would end up committing just due to feeble, after-s.e.x emotions.

As Saeko changed, Nik made a beeline towards Yuriko's room and found the entire area covered in extremely e.r.o.t.i.c scent.

A Demon's scent! Sensual, full of life and filling Nik's body with a desperate need to fulfil the desires of the host who could release such a scent.

This, wasn't an after-s.e.x emotion. Nik really wanted to do Yuriko. A beautiful woman, a demon at that who is extremely receptive to blood... Ah, he really needed it, but still, he simply knocked her room and waited for a reply until a flushed, sweat-covered Yuriko stumbled out of the door. The collar of her yutaka almost sliding down her left shoulder as she leaned against the wooden ledge of the door with expressive heat in her eyes.

Without saying anything, she took a deep whiff and instantly, Yuriko's body crouched, her knees parted and in front of Nik's wondrous sight, Yuriko bucked her h.i.p.s forward while she climaxed for the umpteenth time tonight.

"I..." Nik opened, and yet, found himself in a rare situation of speechlessness. What should he do? He had no time to take Yuriko right now... yeah, he, of course, considered the option, but shot it down.

So, being a reasonable a.d.u.l.t, he mobilised his pheromones around Yuriko while picking the demoness into his arms as she let out a needy whimper. By now, she had already lost her ability to speak. M.o.a.ns were her only mode of communication!

And right now, Nik knew that he needed to be quick. Leaving a horny demon is way dangerous than leaving a hungry demon. At least, that's what Nik thought and he had no desire to test his theory out by unleashing an extremely sensually needy demon in the mansion with the laziest and strongest protection of the mansion asleep. The worst case would be bloodshed while the least would be everyone in the mansion c.u.m-drained.

The moment he entered Yuriko's room, Nik's senses were struck against an extremely heavy, almost suffocating scent that filled the room airtight and instantly, Nik felt his body reacting to the scent, of course, Yuriko's hot breath and hazy eyes did little to suppress his rising l.u.s.t and debauched nature. Shaking his head, Nik immediately placed Yuriko down on the mattress with an evident stain on the bed, a drenched one and directed his pheromones over Yuriko's body, making her spasm, but before her loud m.o.a.n could erupt, Nik sealed her mouth and instantly, Nik discovered that Yuriko's saliva was somewhat unnaturally thick.

Of course, Nik also made an impromptu decision and infused a huge amount of negative Hamon into his Pheromones and stimulated all the possible s.e.x points Yuriko could have while his hands slithered over to crotch and instantly rubbed her wet s.e.x, putting his fingers into her drenched p.u.s.s.y and feeling her entire being convulse in passion.

At the moment, Nik continued clearing his own mind and kept his consciousness devoid of any l.u.s.tful thought. He only had one objective to satisfy the l.u.s.tful demon and fill her with energy simultaneously.

If Nik himself lost himself in passion... well, let's say, Nik would end up in a long day of debauchery.

The moment Nik's thick fingers spread her p.u.s.s.y and started pumping them into her drenched snatch, Yuriko's h.i.p.s bucked once again and her lower body arched in the air, her posture filled with a desperate need to be filled and seeded, Nik knew it, and yet, reluctantly continued pleasing herself with short stuff until a large puddle of p.u.s.s.y juice formed beneath her large, perky butt cheeks while her thighs squished against themselves, rubbing Nik's wrist while tightening her walls against his rugged fingers.

A groan leaked into Nik's mouth as Yuriko instinctively pulled Nik closer, letting her tongue taste his own sweet saliva that kept on heating her body.

But still, Nik finally fulfilled his role and looked at the sweat-drenched Yuriko with her magenta-colored hair stuck against her forehead as she breathed softly. Of course, Nik quickly covered her passionate body, but not before letting his eyes drift across her full, plump body.

'A time and place for everything...'

Nik whispered the most hateful thought within his heart and immediately shot out of the video. Yuriko's defenceless body and pure expression only served to make her look more ravishing!

The moment he stepped out, he came face-to-face with a clothed Saeko in black shirts and pants with a silver kimono hanging around her shoulders... her face looking extremely sour and amused at the same time.

"I didn't think I will even see you until the end of the day..."

Sarcasm clear as a day failed to fl.u.s.ter Nik, who shrugged a reply.

"Well, I just helped her out... there was no pleasure involved... at least, for me."

His face showed an equally sour expression, finally making Saeko chuckle.

Tiptoeing towards Nik, she let her arm cross his while leaning over to him and smiling softly.

"Well... let's got to the meeting with the first pillar couple ever!"

"Hah? What about Shigure?"

"She isn't an official pillar!"

Saeko smiled mischievously. At this moment, her hair was braided into twintails, giving her a rather fresh look as she pressed her bosom against his arm while Nik enjoyed the sensation.

Just like him, Saeko was determined to flex her own 'strengths' during this meeting!