Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 202

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 202 Kagaya Ubuyashiki

Just the presence of this man demanded the utmost respect and reverence of all the slayers, except Nik and Brian, of course. The moment the pillars' gaze landed on the youth that happened to be younger than most of the pillars, all of them immediately knelt knuckles first with their heads bowed. No impatience remained within their eyes and even the two troublemakers of the pillars Sanemi and Obanai knelt instantly.

"I have called you all to discuss about Nezuko Kamado."

No words of affirmation leaked through the lips of the pillars as Kagaya continued with a calm smile, his pupilless eyes wandering over to the horizon.

"Her situation had been already confirmed by the former pillar, now a Cultivator, Sakonji Urokodaki. After Tanjiro Kamado left for the examination alongside Nik, the Cultivator sent a letter to the organisation

I, Sakonji Urokodaki, have come across a demon that has not lost her humanity. She wouldn't hurt an innocent soul, that is my belief.

A belief, I am willing to die for. Should she ever hurt what we chose to protect, I, alongside the current Pillar of Water, will commit Seppuku as compensation"


Tanjiro immediately blurted with confusion flashing across his gaze before his head turned to Giyu, who neither confirmed or denied the implications while keeping his head low.

"Master... I cannot accept it! Seppuku, after the demon had already committed a murder, serves no purpose other than to give up on the remainder of life that will be filled with the shame of erratic judgement!"

Obanai muttered and his gaze turned towards Nik, "And you should show master the respect he deserves."

Nik plainly shrugged, not even willing to argue while a mild chuckle escaped Kagaya's lips. Unturning, he calmly regarded the woman sitting beside him, supporting him.

"Amane, please describe how Nik looks like."

The lady named Amane turned her gaze towards Nik, letting her eyes wander over his body from head to toe, scrutinizing every single feature of his before she leaned over to Kagaya and whispered a few words while the man nodded.

"Nik, previously, Amane described your act of wielding Hamon as a weapon, a feat that requires experiment and acc.u.mulation of decades.

A wondrous feat. What is even more wonderful is the fact that you have mastered the breath of war god from Lisa Lisa."

Taking a moment, Kagaya continued at a calm pace, "And... I must personally thank you for informing the organisation about Muzan Kibutsuji's plan."


The group blurted in tandem while Brian had already closed in on Nik and Tanjiro before grinning towards Tanjiro and whispering a few words to calm him down.

"Yes. That is why I asked all of you to gather here." If Kagaya felt glee that he would have the chance to best Muzan, he let nothing show on his face and continued, "I must ask all of the Pillars to stay here. Even Ceasar."

Ceasar visibly flinched at being pointed out, but remained impassive otherwise as Kagaya finally pointed out Tanjiro, "Tanjiro Kamado... you are to rest and heal your wounds. Nezuko will be protected until she does not lose herself to her instincts, this I promise you.

Now... which one of you would like to take in Tanjiro for the time being?"

Kagaya questioned the pillars as Shinobu smiled and spoke softly.

"Since I am already taking care of Kyojuro's junior, it is only right that I also take care of Giyu's junior and Nik's senior."

She passed a smile towards Giyu, who failed to even look at her direction before her somewhat irritating glare finally smoothened out when Nik's bright smile seemed to dazzle her morning.

"Tanjiro, if you don't mind... until I get back, I will be protecting Nezuko."

Nik looked towards Tanjiro technically, his senior as the crimson-haired youth immediately panicked, making Nik sigh as he muttered.

"You can barely move. And right now, Nezuko is probably at her worst condition. I promise I'll bring her back right after the meeting."

There was something in Nik's smile that made Tanjiro feel a bit uneasy, but his months of bonding with Nik allowed him to understand that even if Nik remained a little bit of 'playboyish' when it came to girls, breaking his promise was something he never committed.

"Please, protect Nezuko in my stead, Nik-san."

"You got it."

Nik grinned and pulled the wooden box that housed Nezuko closer to himself.

[We also need to chat for a moment after your training... I'll stay with Tanjiro for the meantime.]

Brian's message came along as the lower-ranked slayers immediately guided them out of the backyard. With only pillars in place, Sanemi finally growled softly and looked at the box with a borderline insane expression.

"I can't accept it... protecting the worms that care nothing for the lives of others! Unforgivable! Master, I can't accept it!"

Before Kagaya could speak, Nik chortled and gazed at Sanemi with an amused expression.

"Try it, wind boy. You know what, I won't even use my sword."

Nik smiled, fuelling the fire further, wishing for the whole meeting to burn so that he wouldn't have to attend it. Meanwhile, Sanemi instantly unsheathed his blade and passed a feral grin.

"You think she wouldn't harm a human, right? Let me prove you wrong!"

Slicing open a small wound above his forearm, Sanemi moved towards Nik with his eyes focused over to the box. But before he could reach it, a clear sound interrupted his pace while the blade against his neck made him falter.

"Take one step forward... and I'll vent away my years of frustration on you, crazy bastard."

Saeko whispered softly as Nik's smile broadened.

"Being an advocate of peace, I would like to remind you of one thing. If you induce Nezuko by your blood to harm others... you are as much of a demon as your corps swear to slay."

His words instantly made Sanemi fly in rage, but Kagaya's words of approval suppressed his tantrum.

"Nik is absolutely correct. We eat animals. To the domestic lifeforms, we are nothing but demons. But, the difference between us Humans and the demons is that we have a limit."

In Nik's eyes, Kagaya's philosophy was extremely biased, but he didn't wish further to antagonize the group of fanatics.


(Warning: Trap scene ahead)


Inside Elizabeth's mansion, the chefs were currently in a disarray for the usually punctual head chef was nowhere to be found. Of course, after the mistress woke up, the other chefs still carried out the routine cooking, but it wasn't just fun without the head chefs snarky comments.

Meanwhile, in one of the more unvisited corners of the mansion, two bodies, one slender, short and petite while the other one being the very definition of musculature engaged in a furious session with loud, rowdy m.o.a.ns and grunt leaking through their lips.

But unlike Nik, their passionate session failed to reach the ears of others.

"Ahh! Good! Just like that! Although, a breath user has one fine piece of meat... you'll do for now, my dear head chef!"

As the silver-haired figure with glowing pink pupils screamed in passion, the identified Head Chef remained unperturbed as his massive palms smacked the bubbling butt, making the figure m.o.a.n in delight.

Finally, as the full length of the head chef snuck deep into the figure, letting out a massive spurt of hot, passionate orgasm, the figure cooed gently before dropping on its knees while letting the astounding amount of spunk overflow.

"Hnnngh! Still not enough... mere humans... aren't enough..."


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