Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 203

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 203 Preparations For Revenge

Finally, Kagaya divulged the information about Muzan's disappearance and how the momentary peace relatively was nothing but the calm before the storm the threatened to extinguish the lineage of human beings. Of course, at present, Elizabeth was already moving from place to place, be it the Noble's mansions or the previous parties in the alliance to fight the threat named Demons to establish the facts into the various societies and giving them enough time to prepare for what's to come.

But preparation never meant a complete success, it merely increased the chances to survive from the plausible zero percent to somewhat higher 1 or 3%. With that being said, Kagaya calmly laid down the protocol on how to handle any noble that may seek their assistance and finally, to sniff out any possible inner conflict, Kagaya presented a list of noble families that should never be contacted even when their pleas turn into mournful wails of despair.

Finally, after glossing out on some issues and reminding the group to never interfere into the politics of the feudal lord and the myriad ministers, the pillars were dismissed. Of course, the moment the meeting adjourned, Sanemi took off, not willing to stay for a single moment while Gyomei bowed to everyone present before taking out a cane and slowly tapping his way out, leaving the others in silence.

"Well, you should leave first. I need to check up on Tanjiro."

Nik took Saeko's hand and whispered before pulling her into a deep embrace when Saeko immediately shook her head in distress before accepting and shooting a somewhat annoyed gaze towards Shinobu, who on the other hand, narrowed her eyes in mock confusion and caned her head sideways.

"Well... this day was bound to happen... you'll be back by tonight?"

Saeko inquired as Nik grinned.

"You know it."

Nik smiled and planted a soft peck on her lips, making other single pillars avert their eyes, except Tengen, who was already married and quite aware of the satisfaction of the public display of affection, Mitsuri, whose face turned deep red and yet, her pale green eyes kept gazing at the contact.

Meanwhile, Giyu took the chance to silently leave and the youngest pillar in history, a boy with long black hair kept his impassive gaze on Nik until he broke the contact before calling out.

"Pillar of War... when are you going to teach me?"

"I am sorry... what?"

Nik looked at the Pillar of Mist, the silent boy, Muichiro Tokita with a confused gaze as the turquoise-eyed boy spoke indiscreetly, grabbing the attention of everyone present.

"Sharing the methods to benefit the Corps as a whole... something like that... I don't remember..." Muichiro's eyes, in between his statement, happened to be attracted to the fleeting clouds as he looked at the horizon with an expressionless face and muttered.

"I want to learn... to make a sword of mist..."

The candor of his words stunned Nik speechless for a full minute before he matched Saeko's gaze and the mocking smirk on her face elicited that his ears had not failed him. Muichiro's words, on the other hand, piqued Kyojuro's, Obanai's, Tengen's, Mitsuri's and Shinobu's attention.

"I see... young man, the secret to my strength..." Nik muttered, his words bringing Muichiro's attention from the fleeting clouds to Nik, "... is something I am not willing to tell."

He grinned unceremoniously, making Saeko burst into a peal of laughter while Muichiro blinked his eyes for a few moments, his pale eyes observing Nik, scrutinizing him from head to toe before he nodded.

"I get it..." Muichiro looked at the clouds once again and leaned against the nearest tree, "The secret... there isn't any... you are talented... just like me."

"Yeah, that, too."

Nik smiled and then looked at Shinobu.

"Well then, would you be kind enough to lead me to your mansion?"

"Oh? A wolf asking the way to my mansion?"

Nik matched Shinobu's gaze and smiled warmly.

"I won't rob you blind, I promise."

'S-smooth!' Mitsuri looked shocked at the conversation while Saeko grimaced. But still, she wasn't going to be the one to stop Nik. All she had to do was flank him with Shigure, Sis and Master and bam, he might forget all about Shinobu... although, even she knew that the scenario looked extremely unlikely.

"How convenient of you." Shinobu chuckled before looking at Saeko and smirking.

"Off you go..." Her words instantly induced the multiple veins on Saeko's temple to pop.

'Change of plans... I am getting revenge on my bed or yours... but revenge shall be mine!'

With a soft snort, Saeko turned her heels and instantly jumped over the wall of the backyard. Obanai finally looked towards Mitsuri and muttered mildly.

"I am leaving, too."

With his pet snake, Obanai calmly walked out followed by the silent disappearance of Muichiro that left Tengen, Ceasar, Shinobu, Nik, Kyojuro and Nezuko in the backyard.

"I never congratulated you on learning Master's heritage." Ceasar finally spoke and extended his hands which Nik shook promptly.

"I need to get back to Jojo... who knows what he might end up doing behind me." With distress clear in his voice, Ceasar nodded towards Kyojuro, Shinobu and Tengen before taking his leave.

"Hmm! Live Flamboyantly, you all!"

Tengen left a remark before vanishing into thin air, but still, Nik's eyes followed him until he left the walls. Kyojuro then looked towards Shinobu and smiled.

"I still have to thank you for taking care of little Rei"

"She isn't little at all..." Shinobu snapped, making Kyojuro flinch for a moment before he continued, "Either way, I owe you one. Please, train her... other than the Cultivators, you are the only pillar with the highest experience to teach. And Nik-" Kyojuro's turned towards Nik, his grin broadening, "Let's meet once again. Despite your flaws, as a man, you are worth befriending."

Nik nodded and finally hung the box that Nezuko stayed in on his back while looking towards Mitsuri, who stood at her place, observing everything silently.

"It was a pleasure meeting you, Mitsuri. I hope you don't mind me calling you by your first name?"

At the silent shake of her head, Nik nodded and continued, "Well then, Mitsuri, I hope you prepare well. If you ever need my help, I'll always be inside Lisa Lisa's mansion."

"Only she gets the invitation?"

Shinobu smiled as Nik shook his head with a clear look in his eyes.

"Patience is the virtue that all Cultivators pursue for the fruit of patience is always sweetest. Of course, I need to save the best for the last."

Pulling a gleeful nod from Shinobu, Nik took a step back, opening the way to the exit of the backyard.

"After you."

"How kind of you."

Shinobu smiled and took the step forward while Nik gave Mitsuri one last nod before following Shinobu promptly.

'I... am left alone...'

Mitsuri sighed and rubbed her shoulders.

'I need a hot bath.'


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