Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 206

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 206 The Last Succubus

The scrumptious meal ended uneventfully with Brian trying to liven up the meal with his stories. Since he already knew that Nik's partners were already a part of the system, trying to hide casual stories and experience might end up making him look bad in the eyes of the last incubus. After all, it wasn't a secret that Brian was the more experienced host out of the two infernal successors.

Finally, with the end of the meal and a minuscule increase in the streams of natural Hamon energy coursing throughout their body, Nik sent a message to Shizuka and Saeko that he will be joining them later and remained seated while Brian sat in his place and smiled broadly.

"The food was great. Thank you for the meal."

Of course, Nik would have appreciated the praise if it wasn't for the fact that the hidden figure in the room let its presence be known without any malicious intentions the moment his partners left the room.

As if the compliment was well received, a soft giggle escaped in the sparsely occupied room.

"Well, cooking is more of a hobby. Of course, I am passionate about plucking fruits."

The words weren't too sweet, in fact, the voice had a rough charm and with that, the hidden figure finally revealed itself in a spiral of pink mist that made Nik and Brian struggle for their breath.

Short silver hair followed by glowing pink eyes with heart-shaped pupils and a body so petite that once again ignited Nik's desire to have another scrumptious meal but he knew better than his urges and kept a calm expression, pulling all his l.u.s.t into his subconsciousness that would be utilised in his session later in the night. Meanwhile, Nik was definitely astounded by the revealing dress.

Smooth, milky body revealed through extremely tiny black top and pants. With the hotpants digging into a small, plump and juicy butt while the top framed the flat torso loosely and a pair of pink, bat-like wings sprouting from the side of the h.i.p.s.

Of course, all of Nik's appreciation was almost toppled by the small, extremely tiny bulge in the place where a smooth crotch should have kissed his vision.

And yet, the beauty of this boy still gave him an honest boner.


Nik roared internally!

"F.u.c.k!!!" Brian shrieked with raging emotions as indignant tears leaked through his lips.

"Beh! You both are perverts!"

The silver-haired youth smirked, his eyes narrowed down and instantly, the pink mist converged over his body and instantly, the most revealing of outfits turned into an extremely plump, cute and huggable onesie with a pair of round, fabric ears sprouting at the top.

A pink koala onesie!

Once again, Nik roared in indignation and Brian cried tears of undigested l.u.s.t and overloaded cuteness.

Seeing the strange situation, the youth well, the boy? narrowed his eyes while curling his lips in contempt.

"You guys... are getting a hard-on for a onesie?..."


"Nik... why? Why isn't he the incubus..."

Brian let out a rueful sigh while Nik eyed him casually and shook his head.

"If we go by that scenario... I would have been the last succubus... and we both don't want that."

"No, we don't." Brian shook his head.

"Oi, are you both done?"

The boy eyed both of them and spoke up, "At least... keep your... well, desires, to yourself. Even I do that."

Nik and Brian matched the gaze of the succubus' pink pupils and once again exhaled deeply while shaking their heads.

"It's no use... it must be even harder for you, right?" Brian looked at Nik, who sighed once again. Nik's sigh simply couldn't be contained. As an Incubus, Nik upheld the heritage of having a d.i.c.k... but this succubus

"I am a girl, you know."

The succubus spoke and instantly, Nik's words left his mouth.

"Guild Head, you should be ashamed of trying to discriminate such a lovely being due to what your eyes saw instead of actually asking about it.

It pains me greatly... O' so greatly!"

Brian's eyes snapped wide in the sudden betrayal and he remained rooted in his place without being able to respond while the succubus took the chance and giggled.

"I am Ray. The last Succubus and no... I am not a girl. I was just joking."

Nik looked towards Ray and matched his gaze to confirm what his ears heard and with her nod, Nik gave one final sigh and accepted the situation.

"Nice to meet you, Ray. I am Nik, you should already know that... after all, you just sent me towards Saeko and Shizuka yesterday.

Thank you for that, by the way."

Ray's smile broadened as he shook his head.

"Oh, come on. I know how those two would have felt when anticipating such a surprise for you. In fact, I learnt a lot from you. You have my gratitude, too."

"Isn't this lovely. Two guys discussing their s.e.x life." Brian remarked and snorted, "I am Brian. A Temporal Fiend. Nice to finally meet the last member of the Succubus Society in the flesh."

"I know a lot about you, Brian." With an easygoing smile, Ray parted his oh so succulent lips, "The most wanted Rank-1 host that has already reached the Extreme-Tier of his lineage. And the most popular guild leader... in just a span of three days, system time zone, of course."

Brian grimaced while Nik frowned. Such information wasn't available just like that. After all, even if Nik hadn't roamed the entirety of the system space, it wasn't hard to understand that the matters of the former pillars of the infernal Fiend, Incubi and Succubi will remain under the wraps.

And yet, here sat Brian, with his true encounters getting recited by a gleeful succubus.

Before long, Ray turned his attention towards Nik and gave a fiendish smile.

"I know a lot about you, too, Nik. A passionate youth who isn't a dominating freak that addled the myriad bloodlines with fear of dominating their women just like your ancestors.

Your kindness is unfound in the former members of your society. Of course, it could be credited to the fact that you, just like me, do not face any competition in the society.

But that is not all. While s.e.x and dominance should be your forte according to your lineage which is at the Rare-Tier presently, you, Nik, suppressed the inherent dominance present within your body."

Brian's gaze trailed across Nik's grim face. Someone rightfully said A man is not as happy of his own accomplishments as much as he is happy at his friend's misfortune.

"And you understood all this during a single stay in the same mansion?" Nik inquired with narrowed eyes.

"In my world," Ray smiled softly and looked at the duo, "I am a known psychologist."

The two frowned while Ray continued.

"Being a psychologist means to study the behavioral pattern of living beings and understanding their thought patterns, of course, I chose to summarise the meaning of my profession for you two."

"You mean..." Nik looked at Brian before looking back at Ray.

"Are you a boy or a youth... or a man?"

"Well." Ray shrugged and snapped her fingers and pink mist bloomed beside her, revealing the salacious youth with tiny clothes and plump butt.

"If you meant I am a v.i.r.g.i.n... then... well, I do rub it out, but my butthole isn't picked. It is my succu-clone that gathers partners for me." With another snap, the revealing youth faded into the mist while Nik shook his head.

"I am asking for your age."


Ray gave out a number and Nik instantly frowned.

"Brian, how old are you?"

"23." Brian looked at Nik and spoke a little hesitantly.

"Nik... what about you?"

"... 19."


Ray immediately stifled a laugh while Brian smiled broadly.

"Aren't you a kind... boy."

Nik just rolled his eyes and looked at Ray.

"So? Why were you here?"

"To join your newfound guild, of course." At first, I did not know if your guild had any member, that is the last rumoured Incubus since you had already disabled the option to reveal your guildmates, but when I followed you here, I immediately found about Nik and boy, does he get laid!"

Ray shook his head and continued, "Either way, I want in."

Brian looked at Ray and finally pointed out.

"This isn't a club of the last surviving members... we are here for survival."

"So, am I." Ray spoke with a rare expression of sobriety and looked at Nik.

"And I also have a proposal for you. But it will have to wait until I am the official member of... pfft, Extinction."

Brian's expression grew a bit bleak, yet, as the Guild Master of such an amazingly named guild, Brian kept his composure and stated softly.

"Ray... and Nik. Now that the three of us are finally face-to-face something I didn't expect till we reached Rank 4 or higher I must ask something.

How much do you know... I mean, how well were you allowed to inherit your heritages.

Before I begin, Ray," Brian looked at the somber Succubus and nodded, "While trust needs years, maybe decades to establish. I understand that I must let you in to establish a contact. It is my desperate wish that you, and Nik, do not misuse my trust. I pledge the same regarding your trust in me if you have any, that is.

From now on, Ray, you are the second, and probably, the last member and the Vice-Guild Master of the Guild Extinction, alongside Nik. Do you agree?"

A screen appeared in front of Ray and since Nik was a Vice-Guild Master himself, he could gaze at the contents of the screen, too.

Accepting the invite, the atmosphere loosened a bit and Brian nodded, "Very well. Let me start the description of my own inheritance.

I was brought into the [Transmigration Paradise] unceremoniously the day after my 18th birthday and instantly, the ancestor of my lineage Kaal Rakshasa. That man gave shared the essence of knowledge I needed to know, imparted me the knowledge to build my foundation and fused my blood with his own remaining essence to bring me at the Extreme-Tier of Bloodline evolution.

After that, I started collecting items and fought off many blood fiends after my life. The reason for collecting the items was simple enough.

My ancestor asked for it. As the feared Temporal Fiend, Kaal knows the threat we are to become. And... he fully intended to nurture such threats, us. So, he also requested that should I encounter a succubus or an incubus, I form a natural bond with them."

Brian took a deep breath and concluded.

"So, in essence, you two do not need to divulge your innate skills or your past. But I still insist that we compare our foundations and assist each other. Agreed?"

Nik looked a bit thoughtful, comparing his own experience with what Brian stated. Although, Nik took Brian's words with a grain of salt, Nik understood the clear difference that while Brian was given a clear understanding to the situation, his ancestor... he just stated Nik's situation in a few words and even his lineage was only brought till Rare-Tier.

Meanwhile, Ray narrowed his eyes and frowned before looking at Nik's expression and then matching Brian's expression.

"Let me ask... did you meet the infernal guardian?" Brian nodded at Ray's words while Nik's expression turned grim, making Ray frown in return who inquired Brian once again.

"I will take the next turn." Ray looked at Nik for a moment before continuing. "Much like the guild master's experience, I was brought in front of my ancestor Lady Mirage. Presented with a few foundational skills to increase my experience, inheritance of an Extreme-Tier Bloodline and finally, my short training with the infernal guardian." With that, Ray turned his face towards Nik and spoke with a straight face.

"But something tells me... Nik neither met the internal guardian, neither did he get any foundational skills... getting an Extreme-Tier Bloodline seems even far-fetched for his situation."

At Ray's words, a distressed sigh escaped his lips and he formed his question.

"You two... maybe did not experience death and got sent to another world to prove your qualifications to join the society... did you?"

Nik asked with his tone laced by thinly-veiled hope yet their strange expression seemed to deny Nik of his empty delusions.


Alternate Titles: Brian's Interest in Trap, Nik's Unfair Conditions, Lady Mirage? A possible Waifu?