Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 207

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 207 Game Plan

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"Well... nothing happened after my 18th birthday. Not until I heard the rumours of a hidden society that empowered 'overused' youths like me The Incubus Society. Of course, I ended up slipping down a cliff while finding the location of the society presented in the records of my world... and found myself in front of an empty space that insisted that I... well, survive the new world for 10 days, mate with the first woman my gaze settles on to remain alive and become a part of incubus society."

"Nik" Brian opened up with his eyes wide in astonishment when Ray sighed and cut in.

"Please, Guild Master. If you would be kind enough to let me handle this time, it will be better. I am a professional in such situations."

Brian and Nik looked towards before gazing back at each other. Finally, instead of the hesitant Brian, Nik nodded.

"Sure thing. I would like a professional's opinion, too."

Ray smiled and nodded, "Now, are you sure that you were 'insisted' to go to a new world and not 'ordered'?"

With Nik's affirming nod, Ray continued, "Hmm, if we go by your words literally... then it means that you weren't even given a true description of your situation?"

"Not until later, yes." Nik nodded and continued, "After a few things happened, my consciousness was finally summoned by my ancestor Nirdai El Chodhar. He is the one who told me how Incubi's light-hearted 'pranks' caused a huge war... and how the known Bloodline Evolutions leading up to a True Incubus have been sealed away forever."

Nik paused and looked at Ray with a calm gaze. While the petite youth may be an experienced professional in the field of mind study, Nik really wanted to know if Ray knew about the bloodlines being sealed.

"Evolution Sealing? That's possible?"

Brian muttered in awe while Ray looked visibly hesitant and eyes Nik curiously.

"If incubus' evolution is sealed, doesn't this mean that the same would be true for Succubus? But..."

Brian completed Ray's thoughts, "That's more than unlikely. While I do not know the true history, the multiverse has always been dominated by males that wish to tame a succubus but fear the incubi. So, most probably, the incubi lineage would be sealed, and even after exhausting a lot of resources.

Of course, this is merely a conjecture. But, the seal of one path does not mean that the goal is unreachable. It merely has more thorns to cut down."

Brian commented while Nik nodded. But even then, he still felt that if the three infernal lineages Incubus, Succubus and Temporal Fiend had been exterminated with extreme prejudice, why would the myriad powerhouses even leave a single possibility of letting someone reach to that very evolutionary tier once again?

Keeping his doubts a secret that needed to be investigated in the later period, Nik continued, "After that, my Bloodline was transformed into that of a Carnal Demon's and that's that. I met Brian and then we both met you. Of course, the infernal guardian never once took the chance to train me."

Nik concluded calmy and exhaled deeply as Brian nodded and frowned.

"It doesn't make sense. You were given a mission to be completed to prove yourself and even then, you only received a Rare-Tier Bloodline. And what's more, the Infernal Guardian, who is said to be the most impartial existence with the ranks of Infernal failed to train you in the Incubi's foundational skills... something doesn't add up."

"It's because we all are in the dark." Ray whispered, attracting Nik's and Brian's gaze as his hazy pink pupils matched Nik's violet ones and he continued, "We both Brian and I are treated like a true successor. We inherited proper heritage, Bloodline and even the most basic talents of our lineage, right?"

Ray looked at Brian as the Guild Master nodded to confirm her suspicion. It was just like she said, while the [Talent] is an extremely rare concept within the hosts, Brian and Ray received a basic [Talent] that allowed them to start off easy.

"In my case," Ray spoke up, "I even received a [Harem] so that my boys leave with me."

Nik frowned at the sudden revelation while his change of expression did not go unnoticed, and yet, Ray did not comment on the change and continued, "But in Nik's case... it feels more personal. You are not treated as an inheritor. You are issued missions to prove yourself... can you recall any incident that may have ensued such a change?"

Nik frowned and softly whispered, "I may have... argued with him and cursed him..."

Ray and Brian immediately stood up, appalled by the revelation.

"My man... how did you even allow me to be a guild master... with that attitude of yours?"

Ray shook his head and posed a question of his own.

"How are you even alive?"

Of course, Nik also wanted to know that, but he looked at Brian and shrugged.

"You are more experienced, trusting and honestly, I do find myself attracted to your open-mindedness.

As for my life... I don't know. I am alive, to me, that's all it matters."

Till now, Nik still did not reveal his own strange [Talent]. While his [Carnal Concept] allowed him to mate with any species with a snatch, Nik still did not understand how he was able to assimilate a part of his mate's talent. Of course, he would not pose such a question because even his own [Talent] did not reveal such an astonishing effect. This was something he learnt only later.

Finally, Ray sat down once again and looked at Nik.

"Well, although, your attitude towards your Ancestor may be a factor to such treatment... I personally feel that many things still aren't known. So, it is advisable that the next time you meet with your ancestor, do not step on his tail."

Nik nodded and finally, Brian also sighed and a broad smile touched his lips.

"Although, I did not know that we will end up together this early in the ranks, it is a fortunate event." Brian grinned, "Now, let's discuss how we should tackle this world."

"Before that," Ray's words instantly dampened Brian's mood as he looked at Nik and spoke seriously, "I wish to ask of your blood for my codex and in return, I shall share my blood with you."

Nik looked at Ray for a moment and nodded, "Let's discuss this after we complete our game plan." Nik's words placed a broad grin on Brian's lips.

"Alright, I claim the strongest existence, Muzan, as my right of Honored Challenge."

"Eh?!" Ray instantly put up a grief-stricken expression and whined, "But I wanted to claim him as my last Harem member!"

Nik looked at the duo and clasped his hands, "I am free of such thoughts. I don't plough holes extending to a dong, neither do I love fighting. Of course, I would like to complete my partners and defeat a lot of strong demons to fill my World Record."

Ray looked at Nik and inquired.

"10 partners?" Nik nodded and enquired Ray, "What about you?"

Ray shook his head and replied, "I can have more than ten partners. Of course, they aren't partners, per se, but lower-ranked harem members. A piece of advice you need to increase your ranking in society to unlock other features."

Nik nodded and sighed deeply while the battle to claim Muzan's life and v.i.r.g.i.nity ensued once again.

Finally, after Brian used his I am the Guild Master card and Ray used his own Pretty Please card, Muzan's anal v.i.r.g.i.nity was destined to be destroyed while a depressed Brian shook his head in dismay.

"Alright. Next, we need to ensure that we all have our own fill of world records. I propose that we start with removing the nobles that are considered evil before looking for influential demons."

Ray nodded and looking at Nik's confused expression, spoke up, "To fill the world record, we only need to kill the influential and not the strongest. Although, many times, the stronger the individual, the more influential he is."

With this revelation, Nik recalled the corrupt existence within the capital and nodded.

"I claim the capital." Nik instantly spoke up, making Brian and Ray smile.

"Of course. We need to allow the youngest of us to have more record." Ray shrugged, instantly inducing Nik's myriad veins on his temple to pop out while Brian chuckled and Ray started another topic.

"Do we kill the other hosts?"

Brian instantly nodded, "If we can, yes. If we kick an iron board, we try and leave with our asses intact." Brian then looked at Ray and asked, "Are you a breath user?"

"Oh, no. I am not interested in the life-based power system. I am a range-type."

Brian and Nik nodded in understanding when Ray looked at Nik and licked his lips.

"Now, my dear Nik. Should we start our personal topic?"


"The chill feels so good." Ray muttered as he leaned back on his shoulder while finding a comfortable position to sit while looking up in the sky. Meanwhile, Nik sat without any change in expression and replied, "I still like the warmth of my girls."

Ray smiled and shook his head.

"The reason I want your blood for my codex is..."

"To understand the basic path of the Incubus Lineage that my Carnal Demon Bloodline leads to."

Nik completed his statement and looked at Ray, "But I still don't understand the Why?. Your Bloodline is at the Extreme-Tier while mine is still at the Rare-Tier. As of now, I am benefiting more than you."

"Investment. I'll be honest. While the infernal guardian did not teach you, this strange event can be also translated into a simple possibility Maybe, you never needed the training.

I am willing to bet that the true powerhouses know more about you than I can fathom and wish to invest in your abilities.

With my succubus Bloodline, your evolution atlas will have another branch added to find a better path, at least, it is better than the blood of the mutated blood fiends of this world."

Ray muttered and took a deep breath.

"It's not just your circ.u.mstances, too. You have a personality that allows others to be more trusting of you. Even Brian has that quality."

"What about you... In your onesie, you feel like an adorable plush toy yourself." Nik smiled and extended his wrist with his blood already dripping.

"My blood has an aphrodisiac effect."

Ray looked at the crimson blood and shook her head.

"The potency won't be able to affect me, instead, you will have to ingest my blood with caution."

Ray threw a vial filled with glimmering crimson blood towards Nik and leaned down and let his lips suck on Nik's wrist for a moment before he retreated and narrowed his eyes in delight.

"You know, Nik... I am a v.i.r.g.i.n"

"Ah, no." Nik immediately smiled and shook his head rapidly.

"Believe me, I don't swing that way."

Nik stood up and left hastily, but, Ray did not move and kept looking at Nik's receding back with a hungry look. Finally, letting out a hot sigh, he grinned.

"The last succubus and the last Incubus. What a couple! You don't swing that way? I'll make the swing bend according to my will."

He laid on the roof and kept gazing at the stars.

"Who knew all the fantasy stories about an incubus on earth would truly fail to depict how beautiful they actually are...

Dominance? There isn't a shred of oppressing within him."


Alternate Titles: Fate of Muzan's Hole, Exchange of Aphrodisiac, Cursing the Ancesor? Dem Balls