Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 209

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 209 Hypocrite's Preference

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Nik slowly sat and let out a huge, silent yawn before wiping away the single tear the always crept up into his eyes and stretched his body. Leaning downwards, his lips planted a soft kiss on Saeko's and Shizuka's forehead before Nik expertly slipped through the gripping hug that flanked him from both the sides. Still buck n.a.k.e.d, Nik started the stretching exercise as usual, but this time around, he was under the added weight of a couple of kilograms due to the two strands of the gravitational wave that he mobilised actively after waking up.

After the first guild meeting yesterday, Ray had once again assumed his duty as a chef while Nik did keep a bit of an outlook for the Succubus through his gradually optimising Pheromone Domain. After taking a refreshing bath, Nik donned his demon-slaying uniform. The black pants and shirt but and instead of a haori like the other pillars, Nik covered his shoulders with the kimono that Sakonji gave him.


Saeko sat up with a loud yawn and stretched her hands upwards, making the thin sheet drop from her curvaceous upper body and then jiggling twin peaks with already erect nubbins.

"Yeah. I am leaving with Brian." Nik nodded and closed in the distance between the bed before jumping on and letting his lips and tongue taste Saeko's delicious mouth once again. This was a feeling that Nik could never get enough of.

"Won't you get late? Spending your time with me so thoughtlessly?" Saeko smirked and her legs immediately straddled against his waist while she pulled Nik through his collars and continued the passionate kiss.

"This can never be a waste of time." He grinned and gave her perky bosom a good squeeze, making Saeko whimper pleasantly as she continued intertwining her tongue against his'.

Finally, Nik left the room when Saeko entered the shower with thinly veiled reluctance and made his way across the lavish halls to reach Brian's room. With a polite knock, the door opened to reveal the Blue-haired Temporal Fiend that was properly dressed in a similar uniform but above it, Brian did not wear anything. It was a simple black uniform, a sword buckled to the belt and finally, a pair of tough, leather shoes, unlike Nik's sandals.

"Before we go for Shinobu's place... I want to request a spar."

Nik smiled as Brian raised his eyebrows with an amused expression.

"Already on a first-name basis with that lovely lady? Either way" Brian placed his palm on Nik's shoulder and revealed a toothy grin.

"You have not earned the strength to spar against me just yet... it's not arrogance, but my consideration towards your life.

Incubus' and Succubus' lineage delves in the l.u.s.t for the carnal debauchery, while a Friend's lineage delves in the l.u.s.t for blood, flesh and gore.

I am no exception. So don't go asking for death just yet."

Nik frowned at Brian's words but held his words. The desire to spar was a spur of the moment that made Nik willing to understand the true extent of Brian's strength. But Brian's words as honest as they may be left a sour taste in Nik's mouth. Of course, such emotion wasn't unobserved by Brian, but he held his quiet.

Brian didn't lie to Nik. Aside from the Cultivator that taught Brian, the Fiend did not fight a battle where his opponent friendly or malicious left with their lives intact. They were slaughtered in the most literal manner possible. With their chests shredded int meat paste until their innards joined in on the grinder that Brian's sword was and no matter how strong Nik grew, the gap between the guild master and the Vice-Guild Master remained abysmal.

Of course, through the guild chat, Brian announced his departure to the Succubus that is scheduled to silently leave by tonight and go out to scout other influential people, corrupt or honest, in the vicinity of the capital.

Meanwhile, Ray also prepared himself to get some worthy partners and fill the ranks of his own consorts. While the consort rank failed to provide any sort of benefit, the more the number of men, the more satisfied would be his Succu Clone that would in return, grant Ray even more pleasure.

With the Pillar of Flame already under his debauched clutches, Ray couldn't help but feel a sense of anticipation encroaching his heart on the various taste of all the strong pillars... and Muzan.

The Fiend and the Incubus left the mansion silently before the morning's first ray of light could break the peaceful dawn and slowly made their way towards the Flower Mansion at a calm pace as Nik decided to introduce various spots within the Capital to Brian. Today, even Nim had a few plans to explore the city as it would increase his training to shift his control over the Gravitational waves to a more subconscious level.

Although Nik still remained stuck in his previous approach to create a Breath of Gravity before transforming his training to control the gravity itself, Nik would still sometime keep on letting his Gravity infused Hamon run within his body naturally. Although Nik agreed with Shizuka's methods, he still couldn't shake off this peculiar feeling whenever he let the streams of Gravity infused Hamon carve out their way towards a new breathing technique.

It was some sort of intuition, Nik knew. Even though creating the breath of Gravity may not increase his battle potential, deep down, Nik was extremely sure that he will undergo a qualitative change in his approach to handle the Gravitational waves present in the natural world.

"Oh, this place is interesting."

Brian's eyes glittered as he looked at the closed gambling den before facing Nik.

"Why don't you raid this place and kill everyone? It will give you a lot of World Record."

Eagerness filled Brian's tone while Nik shrugged.

"I'll tap you out during the killing everybody part. I'll just mark my targets. A few officials, nobles, too."

Brian observed Nik's face for a moment before stating softly.

"If you kill one, you won't be any different than the person who kills many."

"Oh, I know that." Nik smiled and even then, shook his head, "Let's call it a hypocrite's preference. You know. Let me justify myself as a peace-loving incubus."

Nik turned his heels and started moving while remaining oblivious of Brian's chuckles as the burly fiend followed and the duo finally left the border of the capital and made their way through the forest to the Flower Mansion.


"If we are asked to slaughter everyone... then the opposing party must be asked to protect, or survive the time period."

The green-haired girl smiled, her pale skin matched the group gathered in front of her.

"We chose the demon's side. We got a variation Bloodline and have finally entered the ranks of the Fiend Society....

I plan to survive this event and become the face of the last infernal lineage. What about you?!"

She roared and the group in front of her instantly roared in tandem.

"I thought so! So let's slaughter and grow stronger! We will return to the system in triumph!"


Alternative Title: Slaughter? Who?