Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 216

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 216 Invitation

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The Yami Clan boasts a lineage of Shoguns with extraordinary prowess and intellect. Every single generation produced extreme talents and even the women of the clan though only usable as products for political marriages did not let the family name down and established businesses that boosted the income of their in-laws. Even with all the wealth and Fame, Kozuko Yami cursed all his ancestors and gods for the appearance of the deity sitting on his own domestic throne with a lazy expression that matched 'his' lazy body posture.

In all rights, the man should be a woman. Beautiful face and a lithe body. Short silver hair and hazy pink pupils that seemed to suck anyone's soul into their misty surface.

Yet... had Kozuko not witnessed the youth 'eating' the demons that tried to slay him, he admitted that he would have also tried his luck with the youth. Subconsciously, the well-trimmed, obese man looked at the shriveled corpses of the demons that, at this moment, would have found honour in dying while turning into ashes instead of such a corrupted method, and shivered in fright.

The room was quiet, extremely so. Even if the hall remained lavishly decorated, much of its splendor remained lost with no lighting to illuminate the ancestral throne room that graced the mansion of the Shogun since its construction. With his body laid laterally over the throne, his legs dangling and his fingers tracing the empty air, the Succu Clone belonging to Ray stayed put, even if he wanted to suck dry the Shogun. But, receiving the strict command of not to hurt the Shogun from the 'main' put him into his place.

No matter how awesome he was in mating, compared to the feeling of 'main's' mouth, the Succu Clone still felt a bit low-skilled. Finally, his body disappeared into a pink haze, startling the mighty Shogun akin to a terrified bunny with an embarrassing yelp escaping his lips.

Finally, when the Shogun's heartbeat calmed a little, his vision finally fell onto the three figures. A handsome youth with godly features, a ravishing little girl no, Kozuko remembered those features! And finally, a behemoth of a man with stunning blue hair and a gentle gaze.

But, the Shogun's attention was once again attracted to the little 'girl' and once again cooped into a ball with his massive belly spilling out of his self-embrace.

"Well, my succu clone informed me that the first wave of the demons was only meant to gather intel on our strength and numbers...

With that plan failed, the next wave may be even greater in both Number and Strength.

And finally, this little duck in front of us is the Shogun... in short, an influential persona of this world. So, Nik, have at him."

Ray smiled and folded his arms as Brian looked at the meek Shogun with a look of careful observation and finally nodded.

"Just make it quick."

Nik finally sighed and simply walked closer to the man, his [Pheromone Illusion] exploding into a mighty wave of current that seized the mind of the already mentally fragile Shogun, making Ray and Brian curious. Being a veteran in world travelling when compared to Nik, they had their own methods to observe and defend against attacks targeting against one's mind. So, Nik's action wasn't invisible to the Succubus and the Fiend.

"Hey, pal, what's your name?"

Nik smiled and patted the shoulders of the obese man. Nik wasn't even sure if the writhing flesh he touched was the Shogun's shoulders. But, since it was closer to the Shogun's neck, Nik couldn't have gone far off from the shoulder. As if a wave of soothing energy had calmed down the Shogun's trauma, Kozuko stopped trembling and felt his mind slowly entering into a peaceful trance.

Finally, he looked up and matched Nik's gaze with a calm expression and spoke lightly.

"My name is Kozuko Yami. How can I be of your service?"

"Hmm, well, in twenty days, arrange a huge party. A party where you will invite every Daimyos, Samurais and Shoguns that have ever committed anything that can be categorised as morally, ethically and lawfully 'bad'.

You understand what I am getting at?

I only want the individuals whose actions do not conform to the former standards I listed. Not a single one of their family member is invited if they fail to have grown immoral.

Only them.

And of course, you have to be there, too."

Nik smiled and waited for Kozuko's approval, that didn't take long for the poor chap nodded.

"It shall be done."


Nik stood up and looked at Ray and Brian with a wide smile.

"This way, we all can have a share of the world records, don't you think?"

The reckless glimmer of in Nik's eyes made the Fiend and the Succubus realise that with all of Nik's quality that made him awfully 'fluffy' in their eyes, a single fact should never be forgotten.

Nik was the successor of one of the three pillars of the infernal.

No matter what, whether conscious or subconscious, Nik still held the traits of the beings classified as 'Demons' in the eyes of the multiverse.

Once a killer, always a killer.

The expression in Nik's eyes, this particular one was something Brian and especially Ray, could never forget.

Not in the few coming years, at the very least.


[I am not talking to him.]

Brian refused flatly while Ray shot him a look of desperate plea, his large round eyes boring into the fiend with much pressure as he persuaded once again, [But Nik could really use someone's guidance. You looked into his eyes, too, right? He obviously needs some sort of help...]

[His eyes were as glorious as any self-sufficient man with an insatiable need to grow stronger could ever have. Why would I ever want Nik to grow complacent of his own strength.]

[But boss, he is just nineteen... you cannot be that cruel-hearted, right?]

[I am a fiend that has allegedly murdered more than a thousand in a total of eight world adventure. Some of my hunts still give me the nightmares...

So, yeah, I am that cruel.]

Ray snorted and quickened his pace to reach Nik, who had been walking ahead and finally matched Nik's pace and curiously looked over at his face. His gaze did not escape Nik's senses.

Of course, it was due to the fact that Ray did not try to gaze at Nik stealthily. Finally, when even Nik couldn't handle Ray's gaze, he tilted his head to match Ray's eyes and sighed.

"What is it?"

"Nothing. Can't a cute guy like me gaze at a handsome youth like you?"

Ray questioned with a playful tone but Nik's frown and the expression of annoyance made it clear that Ray's antics were barely welcomed, making him sigh in distress.

"Alright, alright... I'll get a boner if you stare at me so hotly!"

Ray spread his hands and Nik instantly stopped before turning his heels and looking at Brian.

"I retract my words. I don't wanna share the world record with him."

While Nik respected Ray's decision, he didn't enjoy such a form of teasing, and that too, from a male. His words made Ray sigh even more deeply as he finally spoke with a somber expression.

"Alright, I'll get to the point, Nik. I just want to know if you are alright..."

The midnight left the streets of the capital empty with nobody except the three infernal guild members standing in each other's company. While Ray's words weren't soft enough to be considered a whisper, he wasn't particularly loud, too, "To kill so many upper-level members mean that the political situation of this place would collapse.

Do you really want that?"

"Well..." Nik look a bit lost before gazing at Ray with a puzzled expression.

"Why would it matter to me? The collapse in the political situation always leads to change, whether bad or great. And if you are trying to imply the loss of human lives due to the sudden destruction of multiple political pillars then rest easy."

"What about your girls?"

Ray inquired with a frown, making Nik smile.

"What about them? I'll be staying with them."

The more Nik looked at Ray the more confused he got.

"Ray... have you ever killed someone...

Like, really killing them by stabbing, gutting, smashing"


Suddenly, Ray twisted his body and wretched out, making Nik and Brian look at each other with barely concealed amus.e.m.e.nt.

"So... for you, it is sucking your opponent dry?"

Nik inquired while Ray nodded hurriedly as he continued puking.

Being a fellow follower of l.u.s.t, Nik couldn't help but understand Ray's aversion to bloody encounters, making him pat Ray's back. To Nik's surprise, the fabric of the onesie was exceptionally soft.


"Who knew Ray... is a v.i.r.g.i.n..."

Brian chuckled at his own humour and took out a bottle of beer, something that attracted Nik's attention instantly, making Brian take out another bottle of beer from his inventory.

"Well, v.i.r.g.i.nity is meant to be broken," Nik caught the bottle of beer and waited for a moment before uncapping it, "But... what should we do about this?"

Nik and Brian were back at Shinobu's backyard once again. The distinct scorched land alongside a patch of cleared ground was extremely eye-catching, making Nik sigh in distress once again.

"It's just a backyard... get over it."

Brian felt a little speechless at Nik. Well, if Brian were to be pursuing Shinobu then he would have also felt distressed. But he wasn't pursuing any lady, making him feel akin to an epitome of calmness.

Bringing the bottle of beer to his lips, Nik couldn't help but frown and take in quick gulps. Although the taste wasn't too great, it wasn't mild either.

"What is going on here?"

A chilling voice broke the peaceful atmosphere around the two drinking buddies as a lithe figure emerged with her hair cascading over to her shoulders and a frown of annoyance on her face.

Instantly, the bottle of beer disappeared from Brian's hand and he closed his eyes peacefully, sending a message to Nik simultaneously.

[Just tell her that I am unconscious.]

Nik's eyes widened momentarily at the sudden betrayal, but his expression eased up instantly as Shinobu observed the surroundings with calm observation as if she hadn't slapped Nik out of embarrassment and instantly run away to hide.

"W-what happened here?"

There was no usual smile that would always touch Shinobu's lips as she enquired with a bit of hesitation in her voice. She still wasn't composed enough to face Nik but what else could she do when Nik happened to be at the place of ruin?

In fact, the previous battle had been quick and silent and Shinobu would never have come here if she didn't wish to cool off her head.

To her question, Nik looked at the scorched mark and gazed back at the 'unconscious' Brian, giving way to a malicious smile over his face.

"In reality, young master wished to learn the breath of fire, too. Even when I tried to persuade him, he remained stubborn...

Finally, during the practice... he... he..."

Nik sighed and pointed at the scorched marks and looked a bit grim, "He farted fire and then fell unconscious."

Brian's lips twitched and a flurry of messages left his quiver only for Nik to ignore them all as he stood up and smiled at Shinobu. His eyes holding nothing but admiration for her current image.

"And... you look great with your hair open..."

Shinobu frowned and gazed at Brian, who failed to move a single inch before looking back at Nik.

"He needs medical assistance."

A flat response was all that welcomed Nik's praise as she moved towards Brian only to get her wrist caught by Nik and being pulled into an unceremonious embrace.


Shinobu's eyes widened, but unlike previously, even if her throat muttered words of resistance, the subtle leaning of her body over to Nik's torso made Nik's smile even brighter as he whispered.

"Don't worry, I checked the young master's condition. He just needs to rest for a little while... how about we drink once again?"

With one of his hand around her wrist, Nik's free hand stroked her wavy and soft hair, making the Insect Pillar's face a little crimson as she finally snorted and struggled out of the hold, which proved quite easy for Nik instantly let go of her hand.

"I appreciate such a generous offer but unfortunately, I must refuse."

Shinobu instantly spun on her heels and made a hasty retreat into the mansion while Nik looked at the unconscious Brian and chuckled loudly.

"So? Would you try to shift all the blame over to me again?"

Nik grinned and took out the bottle of beer while Brian's expression took a grim turn and sighed deeply.

"Nik... why you so malicious?"


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