Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 219

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 219 Relaxation

"You look quite relaxed."

Shizuka commented casually as she looked at Nik while still remaining in the bedsheet with a comfortable expression whereas, Saeko was nowhere to be found at.

"Yeah, just living my own advice."

Nik smiled and removed his shoes before stepping into the bedsheet and allowing Shizuko to crawl up to his body as she rested her head onto his chest.

"Ahh~ I really wanted to try an afternoon nap with you...

Too bad that you always remained busy with training."

"It was quite an unfortunate way of thinking of me."

Nik took Shizuka's chin in between his index and thumb before pecking on her lips then moving onto the tip of her nose and then finally, planting a deep and loving kiss on Shizuka's forehead. His action instantly pulled a gentle coo out of the busty medical officer as her unclothed body wrapped around Nik's body tighter.

Nik's hands, meanwhile, moved on their own and slowly stroked Shizuka's long hair. Of course, an afternoon nap was something that Nik simply wasn't capable of if he wasn't tired enough and even Shizuka knew the fact but the duo continued their soft and warm embrace.

Deeply exhaling, Nik gave Shizuka another kiss as he slowly scooched out as the blonde groaned with indignation, instantly latching with her legs locking Nik's thighs.

"Let's stay... pretty please~"

Rolling his eyes, Nik pinched Shizuka's nose with a smile and whispered, "Come on, wash up already. Let's go out and have dinner tonight."


Shizuka instantly rose up and looked towards Nik as he matched her gaze with a broad smile.


"Hmm? Aaahhh! Choosing a dress is a serious pain... but..."

Shizuka lowered her head with a pondering glint in her eyes before nodding with a gleeful expression.

"Sure, I'll call you to choose the dress! I'll go and wash up quickly."

Shizuka finally removed the bedsheet, revealing her body crafted into a buxom and slender paradise with large and unnatural perky bosom and a very elastic, pinchable ass.

"Ah, now that I think of it, I am stinking due to teaching back at Shinobu's place... maybe, I should take a bath after all."

With a wolfish grin, Nik instantly carried Shizuka, groping her figure unceremoniously while lowering his head and snatching her lips for a deep and passionate kiss, pulling an approving gaze from Shizuka. Their kiss continued as Nik gingerly made his way into the bathroom, careful enough to not hit Shizuka's head against the door or the wall and finally, generated water to fill the entire wooden tub through his elemental energy since using the tap was simply slow and efficient.

A moment was all it took to warm the bath and gently laying Shizuka's body into the water. Although, a shower accommodated a mating session better, the intimate contact due to the small space of the tub was still hard to beat.

"Oh~ Hasty much?"

Shizuka giggled as Nik practically jumped out of his clothes, an accomplishment many would fail to achieve since the uniform was hard to put on and remove.

Finally, Nik also stepped into the tub, pulling Shizuka as she knowingly twisted her body to rock her perky and cushy butt against Nik's already erect womaniser while tilting her head and embracing his neck from behind to continue their kissing session with m.o.a.ns slowly echoing within the bathroom.

"I really missed this~ Hmmhh!"

Shizuka let out a heavy, hot sigh into Nik's mouth before pushing her lips against his and letting her tongue and mouth get ravaged all over again.

"But... I just spent a single night outside."

Nik broke the kiss with a teasing smile, letting his thumb push against Shizuka's plump lips while his free hand slithered through the gap between her back and arm to cup her b.r.e.a.s.t from below and pinching her erect nubbing, making her throat chortle a needful coo, her butt rocking against his crotch even wilder.

"Come ooonn! Don't be such a meanie~!"

Shizuka let Nik's thumb into her mouth, sucking on it with her twirling tongue and narrowing her eyes in expectations as she felt the tip of Nik's c.o.c.k brush against her wet, soaked p.u.s.s.y. But being in the water, she continued slipping away, unable to simply align her snatch against Nik's woman breaker and plunge it deep within herself.

"Such a naughty nurse you are."

Nik whispered while planting hickies on the back of her neck and grabbing a fistful of her bountiful b.r.e.a.s.t as he pushed his h.i.p.s in a timely manner, instantly filling her needy hole with his generous girth and pulling a surprised yelp from Shizuka, finally freeing his own thumb and allowing his hand to grab and massage Shizuka's other b.r.e.a.s.t.

With Shizuka's butt finally settling against the base of his c.o.c.k, her snatch filled and spread across his shaft and her w.o.m.b packed tight with the remaining, cruel length of Nik, Shizuka let go of Nik's neck and touched her own stomach with a pleased sigh before her eyes went wide as Nik spread her b.r.e.a.s.ts wildly and started pumping into her, impacting against the deepest corner of her hole and stimulating her grooves simultaneously with a masterful control of water.

Instantly, loud m.o.a.ns that impacted the entire mansion echoed with the bathroom as its source, becoming a distressful event for some but a harmonious one for many as Ray instantly stopped all the cooking and rushed into his own room while Yuriko herself blushed deeply, confined in her room with her hands moving with a will of their own and soon, undressing herself.


With the water alongside other, heavenly liquid drained, Nik and Shizuka walked out of the bathroom with their n.a.k.e.d body dry and clean.

"So? Are you going to dress up now?"

Nik inquired, unable to keep his hands away from Shizuka for too long and once again, letting her hand squeeze a fistful of her butt while Shizuke shook her head and smiled widely.

"I think, I'll wait for Saeko. She still hasn't returned from the meeting."

"Even Saeko is at the headquarters? Why wasn't I invited?"

Nik pulled his pants up and finally dressed into his shirt while Shizuka took out a long yukata and covered her body before binding a purple belt over her smooth stomach.

"You also need to go and feed Yuriko."

Shizuka finally spoke up with a bit of hesitation as Nik smiled broadly.

"Oh? You both are already calling each other so familiarly? Maybe I should take a vacation for a week... hmm?"

Rolling her eyes, Shizuka turned on her heels before looking back and smiling.

"When Saeko returns, do wake me up, alright?"

"Wait, are you going to sleep again?"

Nik wondered with an amused expression as Shizuka shook her head seriously and replied with a sagely expression.

"No, sleeping every time turns tiring. I am going to take a nap... it is more relaxing."

This was the first time Nik instantly pulled himself out of an unbeatable argument.... nap and sleep...

Maybe, there is a difference after all? He would have to try it out himself one of these days.

With Shizuka moving back to her own room, Nik messaged Brian and Ray to ask of their locations. Of course, Brian replied instantly, his location being the gambling den in the heart of the city while Ray only sent a Heart Emote in his reply. A discovery indeed.

Nik instantly looked for the emotes and found a wide selection of them.

But the specific, pink hearted emote made Nik realise that he simply shouldn't pry into Ray's location for the moment.

With his steps bringing Nik in front of Yuriko's room, Nik once again confronted the sweet m.o.a.ns leaking from within, making his eyes narrowed before a small grin touched his lips. Sliding the door open, Yuriko remained within her own blissful world as Nik's arrival went completely unnoticed.

Looking at Yuriko's l.u.s.t-crazed face as she sucked on her fingers and eased her lower lips' tension with her free hand, Nik removed his haori and sat in front of her. Finally, Yuriko seemed to have noticed his arrival and instantly, her eyes turned wide but her fingers only struck faster.

"Want me to help you?"

Nik lowered her face, close enough to have both of their breathing impact each other's faces as Yuriko nodded with a desperate need which was instantly fulfilled as Nik lowered his lips to once again seal another pair of lips, his tongue twirling and playing with Yuriko's fleshy tongue. Although there remained a risk that Yuriko might just bite at his tongue, Nik felt that it was a necessary risk.

Meanwhile, Nik's hamon instantly turned into the negative counterpart and started filling Yuriko while one of his hand gently cradled her head while the other one replaced Yuriko's hand and took the responsibility of pleasing her wet p.u.s.s.y. His fingers reached deep into her tight snatch while his thumb continuously teased her swollen clit.

Nik's pheromones did not hasten the pace of Yuriko's orgasm and Nik took his own sweet time to fully explore every single inch of Yuriko's body unceremoniously. Sometimes, his lips won't take charge of Yuriko's mouth and her loud m.o.a.ns finally plunged the remaining part of the mansion into the abode of l.u.s.t and passion with many seeking the services of their own hands while a few, bolder ones finally deciding to find their own partners.


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