Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 220

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 220 Star From A Young Age

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Now, secondly, since Nik already has Saeko in his harem without any changes in the hidden quest, that means that in this particular world, Saeko or Rei were never meant to shack up with the mc of the highschool of highs dead world.

In the current world, there are only five protagonist/antagonist Jojo, Caesar, Tanjiro, Nezuko and Muzan.


Yuriko felt her arched back finally lowering into a peaceful slumber as her heated body let out a toe-curling orgasm for the umpteenth time with her hot breathing impacting Nik's cheeks. In between her fourth and fifth squirt, Yuriko had already gained a bit of sanity but she couldn't deny Nik's hands. Her body simply refused to accent to not accept the pleasure. Her butt cheeks quivered as Nik rammed his thick fingers into her snatch, continuously shaking his hand and letting streams of pleasing Hamon fill her body to appease her hunger, both S.e.xual and Physical as her mouth finally found the peaceful abode within Nik's mouth, her dark eyes narrowed in pure bliss while her skin flushed with excitement.

"There you go, nice and easy."

His soft whisper seemed to have a calming effect as her body finally felt a little calm. The mind-numbing trembles finally eased and her body collapsed into Nik's hold with her legs drenched in love juices and her saliva still dripping down her chin over at Nik's sleeves.

"Haa~ Haa~"

Admittedly, Yuriko had mixed feelings. Her body felt gratitude but her mind still felt the guilt of infidelity. No matter what her rational thought proclaimed, the person touching her body and pulling such a heated reaction from her body happened to be the part of the team that took down her... well, reincarnated husband that did not have any humanity left. But even then, instead of words of gratitude or the curses of anger, Yuriko's mouth only panted with her tongue lolling out and her body slightly bent over to Nik's chest.

Her heart fluttered into another wave of excitement which was instantly torn cruelly as Nik smiled with a hidden glint in his eyes, lowered his head to take a rough ride of her mouth once again and finally whispering into her ear with a tilt of his head and nibbling on Yuriko's earlobe, "I met with your daughter today, Yuriko."

These words were enough to once again ignite the suppressed mother within Yuriko and her eyes snapped open to match Nik's glimmering purple pupils, wanting to find the credibility of his words and from the confident, easy-going smile, Yuriko knew that Nik did indeed met up with Saya.

Her Saya.

"H-how is she?"

Not a single thought was given that her body was still exposed to Nik as Yuriko clutched on Nik's sleeves pushing herself against Nik's torso with a concerned expression.

"She is well. Better than most of the kids that have faced losses in their lives...

And probably, she misses you a damn lot."

Narrowing his eyes, Nik blew hot breath into Yuriko's ear, pulling a soft coo as he continued, "And believe me, she is trying to get stronger... for her parent's sake."

Yuriko's body quivered as Nik let his hands explore her slender back unceremoniously before pulling away and matched her saddened expression with a huge smile.

"Alright, you are not feeling hungry anymore, right?"

Yuriko shook her head unconsciously as Nik leaned in for yet another kiss and instantly, Yuriko pulled away and frowned back.

"I... I am sorry... but we shouldn't"

"Hmm? You mean this?"

Nik tilted his head sideways and let out a wolfish grin, his hands instantly brushing past Yuriko's exposed, soaked p.u.s.s.y and instantly, Yuriko's body shuddered and she bit her lips with a flushed face and indignant expression. Once again, Nik leaned forward but this time around, didn't let his lips meet Yuriko's, instead, he took his time to stretch her fleshy entrance below and enjoyed her conflicted expression as Yuriko's lips slowly parted with a hungry glaze emerging in her eyes once again.

Smiling, Nik pulled himself back and brought his soaked fingers closer to his lips, licking the tip of his fingers and chuckling.

"Sorry, as you said, we shouldn't do this, right?"

He turned away and walked out of the room, not giving Yuriko any time for a comeback and slid the door shut to his back and finally concentrated on his damp fingers.

"*huff* Almost got a boner..."

With giddy steps, Nik went into the kitchen to inform the remaining employees to cook him a meal and specifically instructed to wash their hands. Even Nik knew the condition of the mansion when he engaged in sessions and while the manwhore would have not problems if the ladies did not wash their hands, it would mean trouble for Nik if the same didn't apply to the male chefs.

With that, Nik finally found the diner and took his seat with his stomach rumbling in expectations. The increase of his physical stats meant that he had been walking up an evolutionary ladder. The stronger he is, the greater will be his need of nutrient-filled meals until he finds an appropriate alternative.

Finally, after a total of fifteen minutes, the remaining half of the staff managed to pull a scrumptious feast with many female waitresses sending him amorous glances as Nik replied them with a small smile and the male counterparts sending similar glances to their female colleagues.

With the table set, Nik dived into the food and instantly, the sound of the rapid clattering of the plates echoed within the diner are Nik seemed to be swallowing the food prepared by the chefs. Meanwhile, with not being in service to his partners, Nik once again mobilised the two strands of Gravitational waves and also spread the entirety of his Pheromones across the mansion, leaving the small dome of Pheromones that seemed to be similar to Nik's.

Probably Ray's Pheromones and Nik held no interest in contacting with the Succubus or his Pheromones as he probably engaged in a mating session with... other guys.

While eating, Nik did recall Ray's words that claimed that the Succubus was still a v.i.r.g.i.n... but Nik held no interest in confirming the fact that it was the clone that engaged in the session and not Ray himself...


Nik did feel a little bit interested. After all, even back at his own employer's mansion, he had heard the rumours of many young boys going out with together, not to mention the fact that there were separate departments that would cater to the exotic needs of the customers, such as fat customers wanting to taste the flesh of soft boys.

It was entirely fortunate that Nik was more muscular from an early age and turned out to be the star in the s.e.x lives of many desperate wives.

And deep down, Nik felt an urge to keep his innocence intact and remain oblivious of the sacred act between a man and another... man.

With his thoughts straightened out, Nik left did not allow his Pheromones to come into the contact with the Succubus' more enhanced ones and started observing the casual mating scene across the entire mansion between the other workers of the mansion with a casual expression. It only took a moment to find that there remained nothing of interest within the mansion aside from the sleeping, ehm, 'napping' Shizuka and the dressing Yuriko.

Finally, Nik concluded the meal with a healthy burp and chugging down an entire vat of sweet water before standing up and letting the workers clean up the room. With nothing to do in the mansion, Nik also decided to visit the capital before the date and find out the appropriate hotspots in the capital. In a matter of minutes, Nik reached the capital and the guards of the capital instantly stepped away as they gazed at the distinct black uniform and a well-crafted sword.

The Guard Samurais nodded at Nik as he passed casually and made his way towards the busy streets. For a moment, Nik eyed the mansion of the Yami Clan and then licked his lips in anticipation. It wasn't the bloodshed that pulled a look of greed from Nik.

It was the world records.

The greater the world records, the greater the SO.

While System Origin remained a plain currency, to a beginner like Nik, it held an incomparable value. Of course, the value of the currency paled in front of the task of partnering up.

[Affiliation Quest: Partner-up with 10 women.

Rewards: 10000 SO]

The Affiliation quests were the reason that every single host l.u.s.ted after joining any affiliation. The quests for affiliation, be it the objective or the reward, helped the host in many ways and not to mention the fact that these Quests did not have any penalty at all. Nik reckoned that Brian and Ray had similar quests that served to consolidate their strength even further. Especially in Brian's case since the Incubus and the Succubus Society were defined by their l.u.s.t and not their battle power.

After exploring much of the capital with an idle expression, Nik finally contacted Saeko, just for the sake of confirmation if she had gotten free or not.

'Hey, you there?'

Nik's [Partner Communication] kicked in and Saeko's reply came in instantly.

'No, it will still take some time. Master is with the leader and they both are describing the policies that need to be conformed during the moving and they are also discussing the battle plan.

Maybe, it will take another hour to conclude the meeting.'

'Oh... well, do you know why I wasn't invited?'

'Need you ask? Only pillars are brought in for the meeting while the leader expressed that the remaining cultivators will move on their own and deal with the threats that even we cannot handle...

After your last performance, Leader has already categorised you into the same category as Shizuka...

Not a Cultivator, but not a pillar, too.'

'Oh, is that so? Oh, well, just wanted to say that we will be eating outside tonight.'

Nik passed a smile at the kind old lady with a rather revealing dress and a heavy stench of perfume and then waved before walking away as Saeko's astonished yelp shook his consciousness.

'Really? Alright, alright, calm down. I have a dress... I can even wear my special'

'Saeko, you really wanna share the surprise to me?'

Nik snickered as Saeko's voice went silent and finally, she whispered back a reply before cutting the connection.

'I'll return quickly.'

Nik nodded internally and chatted around with some vendors, tasting a few signature dishes and scouting out some restaurants aside from Mitsuri's before leaving for the mansion once again.


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