Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 221

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 221 Ray's Suicidal Thoughts

Just like Saeko speculated, she, alongside other pillars, was allowed to leave after an hour while Elizabeth stood back to finalize all the discussion and informed Kagaya of the decision of every prominent Daimyo and Shogun present in the state. With that, Kagaya and Elizabeth created a list of the lineages that they would be providing assistance to and spectacularly, the Emperor's entire lineage was instantly put into a blacklist for their past deeds. The Emperor, be it this generation's or the previous generation's, never seeded a healthy, happy family.

With chaos and politics twisting their mind, every single one within the castle remained nothing short of a bloodthirsty demon and if an opportunity arose to turn into a demon, Elizabeth reckoned that the Emperor's mother, the current Lady of the Empire, would be the first one to jump at the chance.

Meanwhile, Saeko moved past the ranks of the pillar with a quick pace while Shinobu's and Mitsuri's observant gaze did bring their attention to the barely concealed giddiness within Saeko's steps. Although, the remaining two female pillars did form a hypothesis of their own, the males remained incredulous.

Finally, Kyojuro took his leave and the group dispersed to make the required arrangements before the actual travel to the developing strongholds.

Back at Elizabeth's mansion, it wasn't Nik that actually helped the girls pick out the dress, it was the individual with the greatest fashion sense, Ray. Of course, there remained a hint of cautiousness since Ray happened to be the exact opposite of what Nik happened to represent, but the greatest factor to the slightly cold treatment wasn't because of him being a succubus, but his questions... about Nik.

"So, what's his size? Hmm?"

Ray rolled around the bed as Shizuka and Saeko took out a pair of colourful kimono and placed it in front of themselves, looking at Ray silently for his wisdom. Gazing at the colorful dress, Ray frowned for a moment and then shook his head.

"Although Nik isn't the type to express himself a lot... something tells me that he isn't into flashy stuff.

Maybe, something with a darker base and light streaks?"

Ray cupped his cheeks and then continued pestering the duo.

"Oh, come on, we all are girls here, right? We can share such things."

"You are a guy."

Saeko replied calmly and took out a heavy Kimono with a dark purple base and thin yellow flower pattern that would go alongside a bright yellow belt. The colour of the kimono seemed to resemble Saeko's hair colour.

"Eh, I thought the difference was between the plougher and the ploughed?

By the way, the purple one looks nice."

Ray smiled and jumped up from the bed and walked behind Shizuka, arching his toes to get a better look at her wardrobe and helping the doubtful Shizuka to find a Black Kimono with silver leaves pattern.

"This one would go well."

Ray pointed and turned his head to meet Saeko's gaze with a broad grin.

"I bet Nik is thicker than anything I ever took, so just give me a measurement, will you?"

Saeko matched Ray's grin with one of her own, "No way."

"Ohh! Come on! It's not like I'm going to take him!"

Shizuka chuckled from behind and took out the matching silver belt from her wardrobe and gazing at the door.

"Well... even though we would love to talk about such things...

Nik especially forbade us to give out such info."


Ray raised his eyebrows in surprise and muttered thoughtfully.

"So you two would even let him control you to such extent, huh?"

Ray smiled internally, wishing to trigger some sort of reaction from the duo but what he got was a pair of mischievous smile as Saeko snickered.

"Yeah, he is just that good. Now go, we need to change."

"Yeah, yeah, I am saying right now, I'll f.u.c.k a dragon and then we'll see who has the thicker one."

Ray pouted and waved his hands while Shizuka's words finally made him speechless for a moment.

"Be sure to write your will... after all, dying from taking a dragon would be quite embarrassing.

Don't worry, we won't laugh at your funeral."


Saeko and Nik, that was waiting outside with his consciousness connected to the duo, instantly sniggered evilly as Ray got out of the room with a sour expression.

"They are mean, I'll give you that."

Nik could only laugh in return.

"You're the one who started it. Either way... I think, I picked Kyojuro's scent just outside the mansion."

Hearing his words, Ray's eyes finally regained its glimmer and he smiled beautifully.

"It looks like my date is here, too. Want to join in for a double date?"

Ray gazed at Nik with barely concealed amus.e.m.e.nt as he shook his head and grinned.

"Maybe next time, I promised Saeko and Shizuka that it will be just the three of us."

"Hmm, alright. Since I helped your girls pick a dress, will you do a favor for me?"

Nik frowned for a moment before nodding, "As long as it does not include any s.e.x.u.a.l favours between me and you."

"Your deep repulsion to my hole is as heartbreaking as ever, but that isn't what I mean...

I want you to wingman me to those three guys."

"Tanjiro, Zenitsu and Inosuke?"


Ray smiled and waited for Nik's answer as he couldn't help but frown.

"What? It's not like I torture my harem until they specifically ask for it. In fact, you will find that the guys in my harem cannot be more satisfied."

"It's not that..." Nik hesitated for a moment, prayed for Tanjiro's wellbeing during the next second and then, sold his v.i.r.g.i.nity in the third one, "Sure... I guess."

"Alright, then, I'll tag along tomorrow."

Ray smiled and turned on his heels before skipping away with a giddy hum on his lips as Nik waited outside.

He himself had to take Ray's advice and right now, he happened to be wearing a traditional black kimono, even when there are suits in this world, Ray insisted that having a date in a traditional dress is way better than a universal suit.

With his slightly longer hair tied into a thin ponytail, his face shaven clean (much to Nik's reluctance) and finally, donning a black kimono with thin golden threading on the edges, Nik did look quite different and beautiful.

Within fifteen minutes, Nik came face-to-face with Shizuka and Saeko and finally, the Incubus had to admit that whatever advice the Succubus gave them, it paid off well. Saeko and Shizuka looked nothing short of heavenly and although Nik would call each of his partner extremely beautiful, the soft, expectant glimmer in their eyes and the astounding dress up just made Nik want to gently unwrap the girls out of the dress and then ravage them akin to a hungry beast.

"Close your mouth, mister. No weird stuff until your plans truly satisfy us."

Shizuka took a step forward and grazed Nik's cheek with her hand and softly kissed the other one before Saeko took a step forward and locked her arm with Nik's, taking his left while Shizuka similarly took Nik's right.

"Well then, I think, I'll bring my A game tonight."

Nik smiled and finally walked the long corridor before exiting the mansion and even though the outside world remained dark, the trio seemed to have attracted the moon's special attention as the trio seemed to be glittering softly before they took off into the forest that led towards the Capital.

From a higher point, Yuriko witnessed the entire walk and while she sighed in relief that the shameless devil had left the mansion, it was hard for her to stomp the rising jealousy within her heart. Sighing, she once again returned to her room.

As expected, she wasn't 'feeling' like escaping once again.

Kyojuro The Flame Pillar on the other hand, took Ray's hand kissed it softly. Unlike his usual onesie get-up, Ray got himself into a lavish, silver kimono with a red belt, matching his short silver hair and soft features. Unlike the trio that left early, Ray and Kyojuro took their time, enjoying the forest in each other's company until the finally left for the capital themselves.


While the three unique species spent their night in utter relaxation, the same couldn't be said for the hosts that willingly took the fiend lineage. Right now, they were facing a death threat through the very same Association that the affiliated to.

[Affiliation Quest:

Locate the last the Temporal Fiend and exterminate the being with extreme prejudice.

Rewards Bloodline Integration Increment by 30% (allowing the host to lose its limitations of being unable to face the daylight.)

Penalty Death


It only took a single quest to disrupt the entire alliance of hosts as they understood the value of the integration of the Bloodline. The greater the integration, the lesser the negative effect of the natural substance of the world to the hosts.

And only one of them could land the last hit on the so-called Temporal Fiend.

As the alliance crumbled, the threat of Muzan's awakening slowly grew, his control over the hosts mind slowly increasing with each passing second.


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