Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 222

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 222 A Special Place

It would seem like Nik really pulled no stops during the night. The moment the trio reached the gates of the capital, Nik's [Pheromone Illusion] kicked into motion, instantly creating a domain which would affect each and every admirer to just admire the trio and not approach them with illicit thoughts.

Taking time-off for relaxation was a rare occurrence in Saeko's and Shizuka's life and Nik wished the night to remain uninterrupted by any other horny dog aside from himself. The same condition was for some of the bolder chicks in the capital. In essence, not a single nobility of the capital approached the trio.

The night started off with a popular vendor famed for his spicy dishes. Of course, utmost professionalism was induced into the middle-aged, s.e.x.u.a.lly frustrated vendor to improve the taste of the dishes. Yeah... just to increase the professionalism.

Saeko and Shizuka, on the other hand, enjoyed the constant care and attention. A lot of time has been passed with Nik to understand that while a little bit controlling, Nik simply didn't care about the stares of others, if he truly cared so much about illicit stares, Nik would have already taken action in the mansion.

Tonight, he just wanted to make the duo feel special, that is all.

"Let's go, I... we, have a surprise for you."

Saeko leaned over to Nik and whispered with her hot breathing grazing Nik's chin while Shizuka frowned for a moment before matching Saeko's more than expressive gaze and finally understood her intentions.

"Really? Right now?"

Nik looked a bit... well, displeased, of course. He did take a lot of time to prepare for the entire night, but even if he enjoyed the look in Saeko's eyes, he couldn't help but feel... Oh, well, it wasn't like Nik was going to reject the obvious implications of that particular look.

Led by hand, Saeko and Shizuka took the lead this time around and with experienced eyes, slowly made their way around the streets before the trio found themselves in a secluded spot that led into the intricate garden constructed for the entertainment of the Daimyos and their relatives. The garden had no obvious perimeter and not before long, Nik, Saeko and Shizuka were surrounded by nothing but an exotic variety of trees and plants while the fresh scent of the soil soothed the trio.

"So? What do you have in mind?"

Nik brought both of them closer with his hands on their slender waists, wishing to grab their butts, too, alas, he only had a single pair of hands. As if understanding Nik's frustration, a beautiful smile emerged on the duo's face and they leaned up to kiss either side of his cheek before their hands slithered towards his crotch in sync.


The duo cooed hotly, almost making Nik shiver when his eyes gazed at their flushed expression and impeccable clothes. Saeko and Shizuka presented a great mix of class and l.u.s.t, instantly pulling an approving erection for Nik's c.o.c.k, creating a rather huge tent beneath his clothes.

"Well... you both present a persuasive case. But this is a game that I can dabble in, too."

With a wolfish smile, Nik's Hamon induced Pheromones instantly struck the duo hard and instantly, their hands grew aggressive, shuffling into Nik's clothes before coiling their palms across Nik's hot shaft. Saeko handling the upper region while Shizuka cupped Nik's full balls while blowing hotly into his ears.

Nik, on the other hand, finally slid his hands downwards, forcefully pushing the clothing against their crotch from behind until he got a good damp feeling while Nik slowly retreated towards the nearby tree, step-by-step, to have a nice cover to lean on.

With Saeko's and Shizuka's lips already planting a series of kiss over at Nik's neck and using their free hand to tug a little on his collars to explore further, Nik continued squeezing their ass while thumbing into their back door with his pheromones covering every single inch of their nubile body as sensual m.o.a.ns slowly trickled out of their upper lips just like their sensual love juices trickled down their lower lips.

"Hmmm... Ahhh!"

Finally, unable to bear, the duo ended up squirting with a loud yelp as their hazy gazes observed Nik's gigantic c.o.c.k still hard as a stone.

As if reading each other's mind, Saeko and Shizuka shuffled Nik's c.o.c.k out of the tedious clothing below his belt and gently kissed the base of his c.o.c.k with Shizuka keeping her face near the base, her pretty nose rubbing against his balls as she gently cupped them with both of her hands while Saeko let both of her cold hands gently grab Nik's shaft, eliciting a soft grunt before she pushed the c.o.c.k up while letting her tongue run up the underside of his shaft till she reached the tip before she gingerly placed the beginning of the package into her warm, c.u.m sucking mouth.

With two beauties experienced in the way to please with their mouths taking charge together, slathering Nik's c.o.c.k with their saliva and woman-handling him with masterful strokes, Nik's c.o.c.k finally swelled more than usual, announcing the arrival of the white sea and instantly, Nik pressed Saeko's head against his c.o.c.k, shoving his d.i.c.k deep into her throat and then releasing thick ropes of c.u.m straight within Saeko, seeding her abdomen while Shizuka pulled an entire ball into her mouth, gagging with a l.u.s.tful glee until Saeko was freed from her cruel reward and her lips were once again sealed by Shizuka, the blonde ravaged her mouth until the last remnant of Nik's unnaturally sweet c.u.m was robbed before Saeko was given the opportunity to pant heavily.

"Alright, my turn!"

Shizuka stood up and instantly, her hand ran up Nik's chest while she used her free hand to untie one edge of the dress, allowing Shizuka to raise her legs and lock Nik against the tree while her exposed, unclothed p.u.s.s.y rubbed against the sloppy shaft as each throb pulled a needful groan from the l.u.s.tful blonde.

"Fine by me."

Nik leaned his head down, pulling one of the voluptuous treats from the dress while his other hand roughly grasped against her butt, pulling her closer before Shizuka managed to slowly rock Nik's c.o.c.k into her cunt, making the beauty m.o.a.n loudly with nothing covering her mouth.

With Shizuka's rocking b.r.e.a.s.t already under the control of Nik's mouth, Nik let his hand trace Shizuka's smooth legs before pulling them up even further and shoving his c.o.c.k deep into Shizuka's desirable and hungry w.o.m.b. Each pump led to soul-shivering currents of pleasure into Shizuka's body while her loud m.o.a.ns finally pulled Saeko from her dazed state. Watching Shizuka's unruly bang and her huge butt right in front of her face, Saeko gulped a little before pulling up the black cloth and revealing the ripe ass that continued to ripple with each stroke.

That gaping hole looked especially desirable to Saeko as the Raven-haired beauty hungrily spread Shizuka's butt before plunging her tongue deep into Shizuka's pink anus, instantly making the blonde's eyes go wide as an unceremonious squirt leaked over at Nik's crotch, dampening his clothing but Nik's h.i.p.s gave no rest as he continued ploughing into her again and again without moving in extremely exaggerated proportion.

Once again, Nik felt Shizuka's hold around his shaft tighten as he softly bit on her n.i.p.p.l.e, instantly, bringing yet another toe-curling fountain of pleasured liquid as Saeko could also taste the sensual squirts with the entire underside of her thighs glistening with the liquid.

Finally, having enough of Shizuka's butt, Saeko let her index and middle finger prepare Shizuka's butt as she initiated a kiss with Shizuka, letting the blonde taste her own trickling liquid while spreading her anus simultaneously.


Feeling the Nik's c.o.c.k throbbing, Shizuka prepared herself as Nik let go of Shizuka's legs and grabbed her butt cheeks with both of his hands, pushing his c.o.c.k balls deep and instantly impacting the wall of her w.o.m.b as the hot spurt of c.u.m took no time to fill Shizuka's p.u.s.s.y to the brim.

With her entire body quivering, Shizuka might have fallen at the moment if not for Saeko balancing her upper body and Nik taking care of her lower body. Finally, Shizuka sighed hotly into Saeko's mouth and struggled to move, instantly, spilling loads of thick, hot c.u.m over at the grassy ground as Saeko gingerly took Shizuka's place and felt her own crotch expanding wildly, her head instantly bucked backwards while her groans filled the forest, alas, Shizuka did not have the strength to pay attention to Saeko at all.

Sloch Sloch!

Pah! Pah! Pah!

The sloppy sound of flesh hitting against each other soon rang within the garden accompanied by Saeko's tantalizing m.o.a.ns. Even though it was early into the night, there were no regrets even if the date was cut in earlier than expected.

After all, Nik got to enjoy Saeko and Shizuka once again, an opportunity that he won't deny no matter what as the situation soon devolved into a heated exchange of fluids between the trio with Nik ploughing into the duo's butt and cunt again and again until they lost their strength and got covered in thick ropes of c.u.m.

Of course, with their session finally ending way past the midnight, Nik had to take up the laborious task of bringing the girls back to the mansion, where a hungry Elizabeth waited for his arrival, finally taking up the remaining night filled with passion.


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