Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 225

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 225 The Massage 2

It all happened extremely quickly. From Rei moving outside the dojo to bringing Nik into her room with Saya already bunking on the other bed, filling the room with her soft snores. Even now, Rei felt a little hesitant. How could she not? She just gave Nik the permission to touch her while she lies down without any defences up.

"I didn't know that Saya and you slept in the same room."

Nik observed Saya, instead of her almost exposed body, his gaze drifted over to her bruised palms.

"Didn't Shinobu stop her?"

Rei shook her head at Nik's inquiry and looked at Saya's hands.

"She did. But Saya didn't budge. And you should stop staring at her like this."

"I am mot staring."

Nik replied calmly as Rei snorted and walked closer to Saya to tuck her in once again before crossing her arms below her b.r.e.a.s.ts, the soft jiggles attracted Nik's attention while Rei whispered sternly.

"You won't look until I say so."

"You got it."

Nik walked out of Rei's path and faced the door while Rei gazed at Nik's back once again. Unwillingness filled her heart... but Nik's 'profound' and 'reasonable' arguments seemed to be still whispering into her consciousness, compelling her to slowly shuffle herself out of her clothes and lay down onto the bed while covering her body with the thin sheet over her mattress.

"Are you done?"

Nik raised his head, almost tilting backward while speaking with a cheerful tone as Rei, who was in the middle of turning and layover on her stomach hissed out.

"Not yet..." Her tone turning a bit squeamish, "Don't you need some kind... of oil?"

"Nope." Nik grinned while spinning backwards and looking at the entirely covered n.a.k.e.d Rei, who had already tied her hair up into a bun while looking back with apprehensions still rippling in her eyes.

"This massage is to ease your tension. And unlike some masseuse that use scented candles and fragrance oil to pull that relaxation out of your subconscious, I have my own methods."

As he spoke, Nik's Pheromone Domain instantly took over the entire room, a wonderful scent filled Rei's senses, and even the sleeping Saya wasn't spared as Nik walked up to Rei, sitting on the edge of the bed with a serene smile.

"Just let your body relax. I am going to lower the upper edge of the bedsheet till your h.i.p.s, alright?"

Nik's hands moved as he whispered softly, making Rei feel quite scared the moment the bedsheet slid down her back. To prevent any exposure, she instantly lowered her head while feeling Nik's thick thumbs slowly tracing her back as her body grew more and more exposed. Unlike a normal girl, Rei's back was muscular, the upper part extending to her shoulders were well defined while the smooth and slender region curving down to accentuate the ripe butt couldn't have been better. Of course, then there were the streaks of veins still visible and inflated on her back.

Finally, with a twin fold, Nik let the bedsheet rest on Rei's h.i.p.s, just below the twin dimples present over her lower back and moved his body and sat over her legs.


Rei yelped. With her legs locked, she would not be able to do anything. What if...

"Don't worry. I have to be in a proper position to apply the right amount of effort."

Of course, the fact that his crotch easily rubbed against the base of Rei's wide and plump butt did not contribute much to his case, but still, with a self-righteous tone, Nik continued and to prove his words, he leaned forward, completely interacting with her butt cheeks and experiencing their texture while letting his thumbs press on her back.

Even though Nik had quite a lot of experience as a masseuse, he did not know how to counter the effects of the breathing technique. But what he DO know is how to use his [Pheromone Illusion] to achieve a similar effect.

The moment he pressed his thumb, Rei felt a short, electric shot pass through her spine as her mind spun dazedly while her eyes grew wide. The sensation lasted barely for a moment, but the effects were real as Rei felt her body relaxing. Like, her fingers weren't clenching the pillow, her butt wasn't clenched together, allowing Nik to accommodate himself better and even the tension in her legs seemed to have loosened a bit.

"Now, do you believe me?"

Rei would have loved to agree with results. She would. But after the sensation passed, a surge of veridical warmth that seemed to be opening her pores as a slightly musky scent started to fill the room and interlace with the sweet scent that seemed to be Nik's doing.

She was starting to sweat. Her skin flushed into a pinkish hue as Nik slid his pressed thumb down towards her hip and stopped before gingerly rolling his fingers across her thin waist before sliding his hands up, pressing her back with an appropriate strength while letting the inner side of his palms press against her sides as his fingers dug beneath her stomach, which was already a little damp to touch.

Nik himself felt Rei's body slowly entering into a deep, relaxing state as his seat over Rei's thighs grew comfier and admittedly, his large, flaccid shaft was already digging into the deep cliff of her butt. Leaning forward, Nik let his hands move upwards. Rei's breath instantly shortened as she was ready to stop the session the moment Nik's fingers so much as toucher her already squished b.r.e.a.s.ts.

But he never did.

With his hands folded at the center of her back, Nik finally pushed his hands up till the nape of her neck before releasing all the strength in his arms and gently thumbing the flesh adjacent to the spine as his fingers gently wrapped over to the side of her neck, rubbing her shoulders as Rei's body grew heated by the second, more sweat leaking through her body, slowly, the sweat itself acted as the lube to make the massage more relieving and comfortable as the veiny regions of her back, which Nik had been avoiding, soon returned back to normal.


"Haaa~ Haa!"

Rei's breathing was already short and shallow, her entire body soaked and yet, Nik continued, not minding the fact that the ned sheet was already deep into Rei's butt crack as he reluctantly moved his lower region from her back and moved even below, making Rei question Nik in her mind while only sweet pants of relaxation left her lips, her orange hair already sticking to her forehead while her arms simply refused to move.

With his already warm palms on the sole of her feet, Rei once again felt the electrifying pleasure Nik's hands made her go through. It was so good that Rei did feel this session akin to a torture. After all, currently, she felt like she was nothing but a ball of limp flesh at Nik's discretion to be touched.

Her calves followed by the back of her thighs soon experienced Nik's tender attention as her body twitched to no end. Even though Rei wanted to end the session since the expected result has already been achieved, her body knew nothing but lascivious greed. Wanting more of Nik's touch. Wanting nothing but his fingers and thumb slide across her back until he removes the dastardly the cloth of her butt before he treats her butt in the same tender affection while taking care of the needs of the well-trimmed snatch.

She was already soaked, and not just with sweat. After all, it was already obvious and Rei wasn't a stranger to the l.u.s.tful needs that would demand her attention every couple of days. Is was as natural as it could get.

And now, these natural reactions and thoughts seem to be corrupting her thoughts and Nik's whisper did not help as the Incubus leaned forward with a knowing smile and finally drove his Pheromones filled with Hamon to slowly cover the entirety of Rei's body. The moment his hand flicked across the inner, soaked thighs, Rei's body quivered as she let out a m.o.a.n, at least, she wished to, but all that left her mouth was even more heated breathing as her entire body quivered while the scent around her grew heavier.

Her crimson eyes grew hazier while the gaps between Rei's lips remained bridged with threads of saliva as she continued breathing into her pillow hotly.

Finally, admiring his own work, Nik stood up and gently covered Rei's soaked body before bending his body and gently kissing on top of Rei's head before whispering with a smile.

"Take your time."

With a spin, Nik turned his body and made his way towards the door only to stop for a brief moment and looking sideways to match Saya's almost lidded eyes. Waving with a smile, Nik spoke softly, "You can take a day off with your training. Rest well. I don't want to hear that you exhausted yourself.

If you take a rest, I may as well give you a gift."

Saya's eyes finally snapped open but Nik gave no time to steady herself for the realisation to sink in that Nik had already caught the act of her peeking on Rei and Nik red-handed. Ashamed, Saya tried to sit up. To explain why she couldn't declare her awakening, alas, the sound of the door clicking shut met her efforts as the pain wracking her shoulder and back made it a strenuous task to sit up.

And with Nik gone, Saya, who had barely lifted her body, slumped back with a deep exhalation, staring at the ceiling silently while Rei's urgent pants filled the room.

'... What the hell?...'


"You sure took your time. Is wasting time that important?"

A mere step away from the door took place when Shinobu's calm voice echoed within the silent corridor. Through practice, Nik already knew that Shinobu stood a single inch away from his back. With a spin, Nik faced Shinobu's signature smile with a casual look. A shrug made its way into the conversation.

"It's not wasting time when you achieve something beneficial in training."

"Do explain."

Shinobu matched Nik's pace and walked alongside him as Nik replied, "Rei's entire body is already at the verge of breaking. I take that she has been pushing herself from an early age."

"With Muichiro Tokita as the youngest pillar ever and you, too, being around Rei's age and also having the amount of strength you brandish...

Pushing herself beyond the limits is well understandable."

"Of course, that's why I do not blame her and will even encourage her." Nik smiled, "With me here relieving all the physical tension, Rei can continue the pace of her training."

"So? What is this secret technique of yours? With such a wonderful scent coming out if your body, I reckon that it is anything but uncomfortable."

With a broad smile, Nik raised his hands, "Meet me in a room alone and I'll show you. After all, what's that way, it will be more fun."

"Fun for you, right?"

Shinobu raised an eyebrow while her words laced with amus.e.m.e.nt gave way to a thin thread of caution, something that Nik did not mind.

"On the contrary. I will be the one committing the effort."

The next few hours were spent in the training dojo with Shinobu continuously entering the spar after Kanao and Aoi were too tired to continue. With each spar with Shinobu, Nik kept on gaining a better insight of his own swordplay. It was a similar feeling with spars with Shigure and Saeko. Each of them had something extraordinary to themselves that enhanced their swordsmanship and each time, Nik would benefit from the spars.

But, even after hours passed, Ray was nowhere to be found, similar to Tanjiro, Zenitsu and Inosuke.

It was easy to understand what would have happened to the trio once someone understands Ray's lineage and nature.

And with hours already passing, Nik's empty stomach was anything but comfortable. After one last spar, Nik bade his farewell to Shinobu, assuring her doubtful stance that he will return on time the next day and after sending the message to Ray about his departure, Nik left while giving an excuse that Ray had already left for Lisa Lisa's mansion.

But, as Nik barely walked for a few moments into the forest, Tanjiro's loud call stopped Nik in on his tracks. The flushed youth instantly stopped in front of Nik, handed him the wooden box that Nik was all too familiar with and shot away without any explanation. His pace filled with hurry and his expression could barely contain the look that every l.u.s.t-crazed man could understand. Of course, the erection that the Crimson-haired youth sported contributed to Nik's case even further.

At that moment, a chat popped in front of Nik's vision and his lips arched into a smile.

[If I get the brother, it is appropriate that you claim the sister. Sounds like a wonderful arrangement, no?]

[Add your special cooked lunch and then we have a deal.]

Nik did not wait to read the message of affirmation and slung the box across his back before shooting towards Elizabeth's place. This time, even he had a similar look to Tanjiro's.


A/n: I haven't tried writing a massage scene so I don't know if this one qualifies as a good one and yes, it was due to the unfamiliar scene that took me such a long time to even put a chapter together. I'll start reading EPIC to get a good understanding of massages.