Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 226

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 226 Prayer


Name: Nik Faran

Age: 19

Affiliation: Incubus Society (Member)

Bloodline: Carnal Demon

STR: 14--> 15

AGL: 14--> 15

VIT: 17

ENG: 26

CHM: 10

LUK: 2


With his Energy stat already capped by the world and the fact that Nik rotated the various elementary Hamon almost every single day alongside pressurising his body with two strands of gravity, no matter how small of a feedback he received, a growth in his physical stats was still expected.

Munching on the lunch prepared by Ray while enjoying the sunset with Shizuka as Saeko and Elizabeth commenced the preparations to move out of the capital towards the Swordsmith Village The Home to Swordsmith and Shigure Nik could only feel a faint sense of expectancy in his heart.

Expectancy regarding the future battles, the future partners and the future growth. As much as Nik proclaimed to be a peace and s.e.x loving guy, the improvement of his physique still happened to be slightly more infectious than expected, sometimes making his thoughts go astray towards the line of thinking filled with bloodshed. A line of thinking that his body, no his entire self seemed to be excited about.

"That is to be expected."

Nik had never been the type of person to keep his own inner thoughts to himself, at least, he wouldn't hide it from his own partners and faced with Nik's situation, Shizuka nodded in understanding before canting her head right as her eyes revealed a ponderous expression, "From how you described the process of evolution, it isn't the physical process that we humans imagined. If your spirit itself steers the direction of the evolution of your physique and bloodline, then, it only means that your bloodline has a dominant hold over your true nature...", hesitating a little, Shizuka also revealed her true thought, "A nature... that maybe, you have been suppressing for long."

"Evolution requires a large amount of equal tiered blood or a small amount of high-tier one to initiate the process which is divided into two parts the evolution of spirit and the evolution of bloodline." Nik extended his palm, revealing a vial of blood with a hazy pink tone under the orangish hue of the setting sun. It was Ray's bloodline, an extremely little amount to let Nik attain the basic understanding of the Succubus Lineage and open a new possibility for his evolution. With another hand, Nik picked up the makeshift dough roll filled with chopped meat and vegetables before taking a big bite out of the dish and then looking at Shizuka's profile, "But, whatever do you mean with me hiding my true self?"

"Don't you recall?" Shizuka scratched the back of her head with a crimson embarrassment, "When Saeko and I truly exhausted you that one time..." Shizuka shuddered as she visibly recalled the empty gaze filled with malevolent intentions that didn't match Nik's usual easy-going nature and the mating session that followed. It was akin to a monstrous beast and even though the cruel f.u.c.k was extremely pleasurable at the beginning, it soon grew out of hand with both Saeko's and Shizuka's body quivering in pain for days.

"Oh... that..." Nik mused silently, "I don't think that has anything to do with my seemingly suppressed side of enjoying bloodshed.

It felt... more of a defence mechanism. With my body already tired out due to extensive training and a lot of s.e.x... I think, my body did what it is best at to actively defend itself from any further drainage.

Didn't you tell me that I never came after I lost my consciousness? That fact does contribute a lot to this particular theory."

"That may be it." Shizuka nodded thoughtfully. But soon, she brought a huge pout to her face while letting her head rest on his shoulder, "But you know~" With a coy tone, Shizuka let her index circle on the middle of Nik's chest while cooing gently, "It wouldn't hurt if you go rough every now and then..."

"Of course, then maybe, we should come up with a safe word? How does Pineapple sound?"

Nik's hand wrapped around Shizuka, pulling her closer. The peaceful scene at the top of the roof remained a stark contrast to the anxious pace within the mansion as each and every servant working under Elizabeth's command started packing their belongings, only the important ones including a few pair of clothing and nothing material. This point was repeated again and again. With just the daily supplies for almost two months taking more than ninety percent of the baggage, the last thing Elizabeth wanted to deal was with loads of jewellery her workers had naturally acc.u.mulated through her name and influence.

Of course, Saeko remained dutiful at Elizabeth's side, assisting every time possible in carrying out the commands while also mobilising carriages and even appointing a group of workers to start constructing new carriages and caravans to put the stallions under Elizabeth's name into a more efficient utilisation.

Of course, the duo did continue cursing Shizuka and Nik the entire time when they witnessed the serene image the duo projected under the orange-gold hue of the setting sun.

Such movements could be witnessed at every Pillars' estate for they were only given a total of five days to pack their belongings. Some of them lived alone with a little lucrative estate to boast, those pillars just enjoyed the calm before the storm while others stopped their monetary transactions, utilising their funds to acquire as much stock as they can.

If, Kagaya Ubuyashiki guessed correctly, the only thing that would limit the Demon Slayer's counterattack would be the lack of nutrition necessary to recover Hamon and while the attack period would always remain set at night, to control internal strife and the accidental damage to the food stock, the demon slayers would also be asked to patrol the area during the daytime.

With the economy of the entire Capital's market facing a sudden rise in the demand of stock, both From the revered Demon Slayers and the feared Daimyos and Samurais It didn't take long for the smarter ones to form many theories. In barely a day's time, the entire Capital was sent into a panic and the fact that the upper level of the society remained tight-lipped did not ease the situation.

"Two locations would be heavily armedFujikasane Mountain and the Swordsmith Village."

During dinner, Elizabeth explained the entire structure of the counterattack fluently, "With the thunder cultivator and the water cultivator taking up the Fujikasane Mountain and me alongside other cultivators and pillars safeguarding the Swordsmith...

We may have the chance to survive. Of course, we can directly kill Muzan and end this whole charade but he is nowhere to be found."

"... I don't want to spoil the mood but... can you pass me that sauce?"

Nik pointed at the green sauce in front of Elizabeth, attracting the strange gaze from Saeko and Shizuka alongside.

"What? I like my food spicier..."

Nik shrugged as Elizabeth passed him the sauce.

"Now, any good insight regarding the fight?"

"Brian sent me a message that he is tracking each and every host that has turned into a demon. So, from that front, we are about 80% safe... but keeping caution is still advisable. Meanwhile, I can probably use my gravity as a large attack... but I reckon that I can only keep that up for two, or most three times."

Elizabeth nodded but Nik wasn't finished, "Of course, I'll be hypnotising each and every demon I see and make them fight against each other. Muzan's blood has a stronghold over each and every demon, but that control isn't invincible.

If, the system is correct, then the moment Muzan takes control of everyone in his newly formed demon army, then capturing a part of his troop is not hard."

"What about Ray?"

Shizuka inquired as Nik hesitated for a moment, "S- no, he... won't take part in the battle and deal with Muzan directly."

The news came as a shock to the group and instantly, the trio's gaze concentrated on Nik, wishing to have their unspoke question answered.

"He says... that Muzan will be his last partner."


The meaning of 'partner' had been all to clear to the girls and the fact that the cute chef was going for the most dreaded being known to the slayer corps with the objective to mate came as nothing short to astonishment.

"But Ray... he will be alright, right?"

Saeko continued and even if she was troubled at the thought of such a young boy attacking Muzan, she let nothing but concern lace her tone. After all, Ray had already been quite a nice guy to them, helping them pick dresses and even sharing the hotspot for the public ventures during the date.

"Out of the three, I am the weakest. Brian bosts a strength the even the 1st Ranked Fiends won't like to face and Ray's bloodline is far better than mine, elevating his skills of illusion and seduction.

If you want to pray for anyone, then do so for Muzan."

"I pray that he burns in hell... but now, I think, hell would be easier for him.

For such a guy that boasts country fearing strength, I pray that his butt gapes larger than the size of his head while Ray skewers him with poles."

Shizuka spat with a cold face while the remaining trio shivered.

But yeah, the prayed for the same thing.


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