Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 228

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 228 Fight Over Mitsuri

"Ugh... I miss bed already."

Nik groaned and slowly stood up after planting a soft kiss on Saeko's forehead. It wasn't long before Saeko also woke up. The relationship between Saeko, Shizuka and Nik was already public, so Nik didn't feel like sleeping in a different camp. After all, sleeping with Saeko was quite an experience to behold as she would usually end up cradling Nik into hee bosom while her long legs would straddle him. A little uncomfortable, Nik admitted, but a nice feeling nonetheless.

The arrangement for the night, however, was anything but satisfactory. The process of arranging camps and deconstructing them had to be a swift one to maintain the efficiency of the travel. For this, much of luxury needed for a blissful sleep was sacrificed. But it didn't stop here...

Today, he won't even be able to take a bath and while he wasn't a clean freak... really, he wasn't, the same thing couldn't be said for the girls. Of course, Nik could counter the situation with creating a stream of water using his element energy while shoving the credits to his elemental Hamon control, to show such feats in front of a crowd would be akin to giving others the same benefits...

"Or, I can just refuse them. I am a pillar, after all."

"You are categorised as something greater than a pillar, and by the way, what are you talking about?"

Saeko stretched her arms before wrapping Nik into a hug from behind and kissing the back of his head while Nik explained, "It may take us an entire week or a little more than that to reach the Swordsmith Village and while our speed is greater than the other group...

Don't you think we'll soon end up getting all sweaty and stink extremely badly?"

"Hmm? About that, we will stop by a river after three or four days. So a little bit of stink is nothing to worry about."

"Really?" Nik raised his eyebrows and tilted his head to gently peck on Saeko's nose before letting his hand trail over her thigh.

"Then you won't mind, right?"

Nik's smile gave away his intentions as Saeko broke the hug before standing up and smiled smugly.

"The three of us... have decided that even if you have ruined our names in the mansion, the same thing won't happen here."

"Hey, I never ruined your names. In fact, deep down, all the couples emerging within the mansion bless me with a longer life so that I can continue spreading m.o.a.ns of l.u.s.t and love."

"Oh, really?" Saeko raised an eyebrow while a seductive glint touched her gaze, "Too bad," she shook her head and returned to her normal self.

"Fine, fine. When have I ever forced you?"

Nik smiled and stood up as Saeko snorted in response.

"You do understand that I would have never stretched that way, right? You rogue!"

She lightly tapped her fist against Nik's chest, which, he very fluently caught and extended the motion into an embrace before pinching Saeko's butt.

"It wasn't only you, remember. And you won't be the last one."

"I pity my future sisters."

"Out of all the emotions, pity is your choice? Interesting."

Nik's hands moved towards the inner region of her thighs, trailing his index and thumb against her fleshy entrance.

"Hmm~ Of course, it's a pity. Envy won't change the rising number of girls from the multiverse. Fear will limit me. So I can only the girls like me who fall into your roguish clutches."

"Now, now... if you wanted to praise, you could have said something else instead expressing so indirectly."


"See? A direct praise is so better."

Saeko smiled at Nik's words and leaned forward to peck his lips before breaking the embrace voluntarily.

"Now, shouldn't you be punctual as an instructor?"

Smiling, Nik nodded and left the tent to find himself in front of a busy scene of breakfast getting served. The sun seemed to have risen up just recently, at least, this is what Nik's inexperienced expertise concluded before he gave a look to the lavish caravan at the side of his tent. Apparently, Elizabeth and Shizuka were still snoring away.

Sighing, he started his stretching exercise after making his way to the back of the tent and only after committing his regular exercise did he move towards the dining region covered by thin sheets and a large opening for multiple pots.

By now, everyone who saw Nik gave way to him while nodding with admiration clear in their eyes. The admiration that Nik thought to be have misplaced, nevertheless, he enjoyed it. Finally, his pace led him to the Pillar of Snake Obanai Iguro. With his pet snake still coiled around his neck, Obanai attracted nothing but fear and awe, a stark contrast to the respect Nik's friendly smile gained. Behind Obanai, in a chef's costume stood a lovely Mitsuri Kanroji, who cooked alongside instructing other staff from her own restaurant and a few workers from Elizabeth's and Shinobu's estate.

"Just keep stirring the soup. And you, where are the diced onions? Complete the task quickly."

Mitsuri pointed at one of the pots letting out scented steam and a staff member hurriedly kept on dicing the peeled onion before throwing it into the soup while there were others who did the same with tomatoes and capsic.u.m. At least, those were the only things Nik recognised.

"Why are you here?"

Gazing at the beautiful snake coiled around Obanai, Nik sighed softly and decided to give him enough face as a respectable pet lover and not trash his image for asking a question with quite an obvious answer.

Nik was here to get his breakfast, like everyone else! Wasn't this obvious enough?

Nodding at the snake, that Obanai misunderstood as a nod towards his own self, Nik continued calmly.

"I came here to meet Mitsuri? Isn't that obvious?"

Not minding the crowd any heed was one thing, but not being able to hear was another and the moment Nik's words left his mouth akin to a lethal arrow shooting towards its target, Mitsuri's speed grew slightly lower as a crimson tinge soon touched her cheeks while Obanai paled.

"Hey! Do you want to" Obanai's snarl was cut short as Nik sighed.

"I want to eat breakfast, O'mighty pillar. Just like others."

Screw giving him any face. Just from Obanai's reaction, it was clear that he had a thing for Mitsuri.

The galls!!!!

He must enter Ray's harem!

Nik decided and instantly sent the details to Ray, who remained inexpressive at the moment, just like Brian, for he, too, hadn't given any replies to Nik's messages.

"Now move aside."

Nik grumbled, just like his pitiable stomach while Obanai snorted.

"Make me!"

The entire situation came to a standstill as the only sound originated from Mitsuri chopping vegetables with a furious blush on her face. Aside from Nik and Obanai, there was no one in equal standing who wished to stop them. Even Mitsuri continued her task in the hopes that she won't be dragged in while Elizabeth was nowhere to be found. Even Shinobu remained within her tent.

"Fine then, stand there for the whole day and see if I care." Nik shrugged and simply walked past Obanai through his left and stood right in front of Mitsuri with only a single wooden desk separating them as Nik picked the empty plate and smiled.

"Wanna enchant me with your cooking again, Mitsuri?"


Alternative Title: Stinky S.e.x? Not Interested, Obanai BUUURRRNNN!, Make me move; I'll Walk From Your Side, Saeko's Pity


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