Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 229

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 229 The Swordsmith Village

Aside from Nik's presence seeming to be always triggering Obanai, the entire journey remained relatively undramatic. Days passed as the group of slow-moving oxen made its way towards the Swordsmith Village slowly yet gradually. Just like Saeko had explained, the group came across a stream nearby to their road and stopped for the day to restock their water supply and of course, bath themselves.

Once again, the female demon slayers got a preference and were allowed to enjoy the bath first with Shinobu and Saeko taking upon themselves to guard the scene and actually pulling an execution card on anyone thinking of peeking. The threat of two pillars with almost maniacal grin deterred most if not all. Even Zenitsu had grown over his obsession from women... after all... he got a night with the succubus.

But Nik knew better.

And so did the girls that understood Nik.

That day, Nik could finally see all the females he knew of in this world enter the stream with their bodies unclothed and Nik admitted it... for a moment, he was tempted to simply let go of his inhibitions and jump into the group.

You know... have s.e.x before thinking of the consequences and once again, the deep desires within his heart swirled outwards, trying to make that desire into a reality of l.u.s.t and passion only for Nik to stomp on it and enjoy the scene without creating a scene.

Jumping into the water without any thoughts would only end up being counterproductive for him. While he enjoyed s.e.x, Nik also enjoyed the companionship just as much and never would he want someone incompetent in the matters of wisdom... or courage to enter into a partnership with him.

Finally, as Nik continued training Aoi, Rei and Saya, he would also end up entering the caravan used by Elizabeth and Shizuka for there was a third person that stayed within.

Yuriko Takagi.

As much as the demonic mother wished to meet up with her daughter, Nik would always end up convincing her to not step out in front of the group of irritated demon slayers. Even if Nik had the confidence to protect the demon from the harm's way if she needed that protection Nik would also love to travel without any issues.

So, during each feeding time, he would end up explaining the entire day with Saya to Yuriko. Of course, Nik wasn't embarrassed to admit that he actually loved to see the rare happy smile on Yuriko's face as she heard all about Saya's training regime.

Finally, after four more days of extremely tired and mentally taxing travel, the group reached the outskirts of the tallest mountain of the state that also housed the Swordsmith Village.


As conserved the situation of Swordsmith Village was explained to be time and again, the village painted itself to be quite a carefree establishment with every single villager moving around with a pink mask with tube-like lips and round eyes. Their physique and posture, however, was robust. Even the kids running around the street with a similar mask that could give nightmares to ordinary citizens ran faster than any average joe-child, not to mention, have small dagger buckled on their waists.

"So this is the Swordsmith Village, huh."

Elizabeth took the lead and showed an impassive expression when a hunched man with grey hair stepped forward from the group of what seemed to be the Swordsmiths. Behind her stood the ranks of pillars Nik, Saeko Busujima, Shinobu Kochou, Obanai Iguro, Mitsuri Kanroji and Shizuka.

This time, even Shizuka looked anything but informal while the long trail of carts and caravans slowly grew around the edge of the village.

"Kagaya kid... informed me of your arrival. It has truly been a long time since we last met, Elizabeth.

The last time you came... you successfully robbed the village of its only weaponsmith."

The old man spoke with thinly veiled indignation, causing an enchanting smile to ripple upon Elizabeth's plump red lips, "Aside from being a weaponsmith, Shigure is an excellent warrior at the ranks of a pillar and an exemplary Kunoichi.

There is no reason to slight her talents."

"A trash cannot be slighted... it's already trash."

Only a few statements were enough for others unfamiliar with the old man to understand that he did not look kindly at the warriors, even if they were demon slayers.

"Well, at your age, even the l.u.s.t for delicious food is trash. So what do you know? Now, you can continue recounting the past grievances and honour my name in front of my group or... let your disciples do the talking."

As much as the old man wished to refute, the large hand suddenly sinking over his already frail shoulder pulled him back into reality as he looked at his disciple before exhaling loudly and nodding while returning back into the crowd. The disciple, on the other hand, spoke in a diplomatic format fluently, something, a Swordsmith is not expected off.

"Miss Cultivator, please do not mind the elder's previous slight. Welcome to the village, everyone.

Before you enter, I must make the terms of our agreement clear. Will that be an issue?"

The silent shake of Elizabeth's head made the masked man continue, "According to our agreement, for the protection of the village, we shall reforge each and every demon slayer's sword. Meanwhile, the inner region of the village is barred for anyone except the pillars, the cultivator and Shizuka Marikawa."

Gazing at the group, the man concluded, "That is all. My brother will lead you to your stay and the slayers can set up the perimeter around the village as they see fit.

Once again, welcome to the Swordsmith Village."

With that, the group of masked Swordsmith dispersed as Nik felt his feet spring into motion while making Elizabeth hustle two demons into the village as he walked towards the inner ring of the village without any clear indication.

Yet, from a faint feeling in his heart, Nik already knew of his destination. A left turn and finally, Nik found an equally anxious woman wrapped in a tight, pink kunoichi outfit with a long blade slung behind her back while her jagged, lightning-shaped eyebrows contorted into a frown eased visibly as both of their eyes met.

A smile soon followed on both of their faces.

"Hey there, beautiful... I missed you."

"... Of course... you did..."

Shigure wished to speak a lot more. She wished to show the fruits of her labor. She wished to pull Nik into her room and hear all about the things she had missed. But first, she wished to pull Nik into a deep and hug and pull she did.

Their bodies instantly wrapped around each other and they duo snuggled around the base of each other's neck while deeply breathing in, taking their scent and allowing them to melt into each other's arms.

It was of course, for the best that being an Incubus, Nik was warranted to never have a bad smell even after traveling for so long.


"Hmm Hmm Hmm" Ray hummed a clear, cheerful tone as he made his way across the dark dungeon with skimping steps and a gleeful expression on his face.

After all, this travel was extremely profitable for him. Not only he finally managed to make contact with individuals just like him... the harvest of this world was peculiarly tantalising. The pillars had their own taste and momentum while the kids he pursued had their natural charm. Especially, Inosuke.

But, with this one, not only would he gain a strong member, but also further his own hidden quest [Protagonist Harem]

A hidden quest!!

Whenever Ray looked at the hidden quest, he would end up giggling foolishly. But, now he held clear understanding that a similar sort of hidden quest may be pursued by Nik and Brian, too.

But, why would that matter to him? Brian was strong and reliable and Nik... well he was pleasing to the eye, nonetheless.

Though, Nik's outright refusal to even consider a single night of passion deeply hurt him... after all, he had offered his own v.i.r.g.i.nity to Nik...

The Jerk!



Ray smiled once again as he picked up the familiar dominating scent and entered the chamber only to find a large hole with a grey-haired ogre sitting in between.

Ogre, monsters with green skins and particularly bad breath. Ray had his own encounters with the monsterkins and already knew of these monsters. But, in this world, there shouldn't be any monsters and with Brian already briefing Ray with the situation about the [Monster Paradise], it wasn't hard to connect the dots.

"Where is Muzan?"

Yet, the wars between the systems held no interest to the passion seeking Succubus. His words instantly brought the old man's attention, who stood up and smiled grimly.

"Stagve usnfla uwbdeo"

"Yeah, yeah, I don't understand." Ray smiled and waved his arms, instantly, a pink gaze surrounded the entire chamber as he smiled mischievously while his Succu Clones started to fill the entire chamber.

"So, I'll just look into your memory... these clones' treatment are, of course, the payment for your memories."