Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 230

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 230 Liberation?

Out of the four disciples Elizabeth took in Shizuka, Saeko, Caesar and Shigure the last disciple, the kunoichi, was never the one to speak her mind out more expressly. A stark contrast to her skills in combat. But, within half an hour of entering the village, the moment Elizabeth, Saeko and Shizuka heard series of barely perceptible m.o.a.ns, a familiar one at that, a smile escaped their lips.

The trio was envious. Of course, they would be one. Their man was sleeping with someone else. Using his tongue to masterfully tease the cunt that wasn't theirs. But, hadn't they already accepted him? Didn't it also mean accepting his vices?

Of course... many if not all Swordsmith and their families weren't fond of such a strange turn of events.

And none of them could identify the source. Neither the source of m.o.a.ns or the reason for the said m.o.a.ns.


Shigure's heated breathing, her pants, grazed Nik's lips, as his frame covered her's. Nik wasn't someone with a large wanker and thin build. He had muscles. A thick, firm build that made Shigure raise her arms and gingerly wrap around Nik's neck as the Incubus leaned down for another kiss, then another one, and then, another one. His lips pressed against Shigure's soft lips firmly, his tongue exploring the mouth that once again ignited Nik's somewhat lost passion.

One of his hands remained behind Shigure's back to keep her supported while his other one swiftly moved within Shigure's pink wrapping and undid the sarashi before letting loose the bust that proudly held against Shizuka's in many bedroom wars.

Her erect pink n.i.p.p.l.es twitched with a tantalising manner while Shigure m.o.a.ned into Nik's mouth e.r.o.t.i.cally, her fingers softly playing with Nik's hair as he rubbed his knee against Shigure's damp loin cloth.

'Nik... don't hold back...'

Whoever said that words end up ruining the moment was probably right. Shigure grasped Nik's hesitance by its throat, but it still wasn't enough to make Nik falter. Long had he already known that from Ray's appearance, a natural resistance within him grew when it came to the matters of Harem... the matters of his girls and feelings.

Should he let himself get sucked into a whirlpool of feelings when he may end up forcibly controlling them in the future? Better yet, will he really need to do that? Manipulating the mind of Harem?

Hesitation rippled on Nik's hesitation only for a moment, but he suppressed it deep within his mind while Shigure, as if clear to his thoughts tilted her head lightly, denying him the kiss he leaned his head down for.

"I don't... want to do like this... not when you are unsure..."

"My darling kunoichi"

"Don't... lie... Nik."

Shigure's gaze bore into Nik, making him swallow his words as she struggled out of Nik's hand supporting his back and pressed her body against Nik's and gently pushed him down.

"I love you."

Shigure whispered, her fingers gently cradled Nik's cheeks as she raised her head to kiss Nik's forehead lovingly.

"I missed... you." She whispered while leaning down to gently peck Nik's lips before smiling beautifully, her droopy eyes seeming to have gained a luscious splendor that made Nik envy. A feeling that he found rather concerning, but his thoughts were once again cut short as Shigure, with her knees locking the sides of Nik's waist, brought up Nik's right hand and placed it over the middle of her exposed bosom.

"It... isn't hard... Nik."

"It isn't, huh..."

Savouring the taste of Shigure's lips, Nik whispered. Damn onions, he didn't need all this. He was fine the way he was... the way he was becoming. Although Shigure let go of Nik's hand, it still didn't move and rested on Shigure's cleavage as she smiled and leaned down, her thumb grazing past the corner of Nik's eyes while swiping away the single dastardly tear that dare leaked away.

"Whatever happens... I'll love you... so don't...


Don't limit yourself."

Nik's nostrils flared momentarily while his Pheromones practically dominated half of the village, pulling every single swordsmith, demon slayer, pillar, ordinary citizen, kids and old men and couples into a crazed illusion of passion.

Not for l.u.s.t.

But love.

Everyone within the range of Nik's pheromone found themselves in front of the things, events, places or person the said villager loved deeply.

"I love you, too."

Nik pulled Shigure down, his lips instantly latching onto her's and his hands finally mobilising into motion to tease the much punishable body that Shigure had developed. Of course, Nik gently raised his head to allow Shigure to let her arms cross behind his neck once again.

'This... feels nice.'

Shigure's whisper seemed to have brightened the entirety of Nik's consciousness as he replied with his actions. His left arm stretching downwards, trailing the smooth stomach before grabbing Shigure's butt tightly as the Kunoichi whimpered under his touch.

Rolling around, Nik once again dr.a.p.ed Shigure's body with his structure while the Kunoichi reflexively let her legs straddle Nik's waist as his erect c.o.c.k pressed deeply against the upper region of her crotch. The loin cloth wasn't needed anymore. As e.r.o.t.i.c it was to seductively remove the article of clothing, Nik snapped it away, revealing the soaked, slick slit that seemed to be wrapped against the underside of Nik's veiny shaft.

With their lips still stuck against each other, Nik let his free hand align the tip of his c.o.c.k against Shigure's twitching cunt before pushing in as a soft squelching sound echoed within Shigure's hut.


Shigure groaned and bucked her h.i.p.s up, smacking right into Nik's crotch and once again making proper use of the hole that her fingers couldn't fully explore in Nik's absence. But Nim still wasn't satisfied. As if still feeling something missing, Nik pulled Shigure into a hug and sat up while letting his c.o.c.k stir her insides while smacking against the cervix time and again. The position itself allowed Nik to reach the deepest corner of Shigure's cunt and soon, her eyes widened when she felt her w.o.m.b being touched by the tip of Nik's c.o.c.k.

The kiss broke naturally while Shigure let out a toe-curling m.o.a.n that may have rocked the appetite of l.u.s.t for the entire village as Nik and Shigure continued rocking their bodies against each other while the Kunoichi also used her expertise to squeeze her own walls around Nik's vigorous c.o.c.k to suck him into her. Unwilling to let go of even a single inch while greedily sucking in Nik's sweet saliva as his tongue coiled deeply into her own mouth.

The sound of the deed itself remained suppressed due to the humble position and the passionate embrace between the duo. With the feeling of her lower body filled and pushed against her abdomen, Shigure m.o.a.ned slurtily and bucked her h.i.p.s against Nik's waist, never letting Nik get out of her snatch as Nik's arms soon lowered onto her butt, stretching those cheeks while thumbing her anus, making Shigure's entire body quiver in delight while sparkles of sensational liquid soon glistened the point of contact between Nik's c.o.c.k and Shigure's cunt.

As Shigure's body trembled violently into an alluring climax, Nik let himself go, letting out a thick load right into her w.o.m.b and filling her snatch tight while also lubing the already wet inside for that was just one of the many simultaneous climaxes that the couple squirted as they both soon lost their mind to passion for each other's touch.

By now, the entire village met something or someone they loved deeply.

Unknowingly, Nik's and Shigure's body shone for a brief moment as the duo felt more comforted at each other's touch and their scent as the loving session continued for hours right after Nik's arrival into the village.

By now, Nik left a little if not completely liberated from his previous inhibitions. And Nik didn't plan to stop anytime soon.