Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 232

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 232 A Demon Pleasured 1

Be with me.

These three words calmed the swirling maelstrom of emotions raging within Yuriko as Nik hugged Yuriko tightly.

"N-no... please... stay away..."

Yuriko whimpered but her arms finally shifted under Nik's arms, slowly gripping on his back while pushing her head further into his chest, wanting to hide her face as Nik started a trail of kissed down the side of her neck. Yuriko knew that her defences the lip service won't last long. She was crumbling into his arms and touch.

Maybe, it was a good thing that Nik had no intention to tease the distressed lady. Pulling himself back, Nik caught Yuriko's lowered chin into the passionate hold of his thumb and index while inching his face closer to Yuriko's soft, parted lips as her wonderful scent slowly drifted across the room.

Like usual, Yuriko's scent was thick and inhuman in a pleasant manner. Her taste was tangy and Nik leaned in to taste ger sensational tongue with a bit of rough surface once again. By now, Yuriko's hands were already gripping on the back of Nik's haori while her legs remained scrunched up as Nik covered every single inch of her body.

"Can you smell it?"

Nik's whisper brought a furious blush of shame over at Yuriko's face. Not willing to allow her to refute the statement out of embarrassment, Nik once again kissed her while his left hand groped her plump right b.r.e.a.s.t, letting his finger sink into the soft delicacy as the middle of his palm squished the erect nubbin back into her puffy a.r.e.o.l.a.


Whimpering, Yuriko's legs slowly descended, resting on the ground with her knees rubbing against each other while the calves twisting outwards, giving her an extremely defensive posture and that coupled with her clutching arms and hazy eyes with her lips and tongue rubbing against Nik's mouth and pointing to her own need painted a decadent picture of conflicted emotions.

The image of her husband smiling proudly while picking up the little Saya on his shoulders to play with burned in her consciousness. She was once again left out. Just like always.

Even in her own perfect world, Yuriko allowed herself to be ignored by her 'responsible' husband who had to do everything for the Takagi Clan and their daughter Saya Takagi. But, Yuriko herself was expected to be a trained, demure wife. Keeping her thoughts to herself while allowing her husband to come in the bed only when he felt like it. Never once could she garner the courage to ask for something and now she hated it. With the blood of demon flowing within herself, even with gaining such power, she let her husband once again stare her down.

Her voice, her thoughts, her emotions, her needs and her desires.

They weren't needed. Not by her husband, not by her maternal family and definitely not by her in-laws. Of course, there was someone that needed something from her.

Saya, her dear daughter craved for a mother's love. Something only Yuriko could provide and she felt gratified. And now, there was Nik. His needs made him crave for her body and the thought made her hot once again. A warmth spread within her body, inducing her cunt to soak in a breakneck speed while she could only remember this snuggle warmth during her first time. When her family needed her acceptance to marry to a stranger and leave her childhood friend behind.

Devastated she might be at the emotion of mistrust and betrayal rippling through the eyes of her childhood friend, she still enjoyed the night with her husband while recalling a simple fact that she might be needed in her new home.


The sound of Nik snapping her panties violently brought her back, her mouth panted illicitly, her saliva dripped down her chin, her eyes glowed by furious l.u.s.t, a feeling she seemed to have long forgotten to make this entire experience a fresh start and finally, her soaked entrance that got spread by Nik's thick fingers made her shiver.

She wanted something.

In the swirl of denial, l.u.s.t, mirth and passion, she needed something severely. An aching need that made her cunt twitch in anticipation, her n.i.p.p.l.es harder and her throat groan as she faced Nik. She couldn't see him clearly anymore. Only his violet eyes managed to pass through all the hazy debauchery building within her and she knew what she wanted.

"... blood..."

She reached out with her lips, still being polite as to not simply bite him and passionately exchanged her fluids with Nik. If Yuriko was tangy-sweet than Nik was on an entirely different level. His blood tasted like a dish that held every single taste in such a manner that formed a full course meal without being disgusting. Of course, the effect on her body with his aphrodisiac blood was even more appreciated while Nik's fluids were sweet. Unnaturally so.

He could spit in a cup of hot tea and pass it off as sugar that every woman needed.

"Nik... I need your blood... please." Whimpered the beauty in need while Nik silently fingered her, enjoying Yuriko's warm cunt wrapping around his middle and index finger while her thumb rubbed against her clit naturally, pressing it, rubbing it softly as his other hand continued kneading her b.r.e.a.s.ts.


Yuriko groaned once again while Nik finally smiled and chortled.

"Say it again."


Yuriko snapped a reply without missing a beat.

"Alright then... maybe, I should compensate you in some manner, too..."

Nik gently cooed into Yuriko's ear while presenting his uncovered shoulder to the salivating demoness.

"Go ahead... Yuriko. Go ahead. Just a single bite. Think of it as a fresh, ripe apple and let your tongue, your teeth sink in while the juices spurt in your mouth in a released delight." Nik continued whispering as Yuriko's face gradually grew closer to Nik's tr.a.p.ezius, "Go ahead... you want it, don't you? It won't hurt me, neither you..."

Feeling Yuriko's nose close to his body, sniffing unconsciously, Nik smiled and grit his teeth, "There, open your mouth, anticipate the taste and do it... let your teeth just sink in..."

Nik's fingers into Yuriko's cunt moved furiously, rocking her body as shocks of pleasure rang within her. Her butt cheeks trembled as Nik's actions grew rougher. Feeling the walls tightening around his fingers and growing considerably warm, Nik felt Yuriko softly kiss his shoulder, a gesture that Nik appreciated before Yuriko parted her lips, revealing her e.r.o.t.i.cally engaging canine and letting it sink in Nik's body, instantly, Yuriko's world grew violet and pink as Nik's blood had an immediate effect and Yuriko's cunt squirted in a squealing delight while her body loosened considerably as a trail of healthy red blood dripped down Yuriko's chin.


Nik whispered as Yuriko squirted on his wrist while pinching her n.i.p.p.l.e and pulling it down, teasing her body as she continued trembling and still squirted with what Nik imagined to be a lusciously enjoyable expression.


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