Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 233

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 233 A Demon Pleasured 2


Yuriko whimpered as her body quivered in constant need to be 'filled'. She understood very well that taking Nik's blood isn't the best decision, but she couldn't help it. Nik's blood was just that delicious!

Her tongue licked the wound with fiendish glee as Nik played with her cunt, making her squirt in debauched delight as the image of her passion that burned within her consciousness started to change and twist. The peaceful picnic instantly exploded in violet flames as Yuriko found herself stranded alone in what seems like hell.

Illicit m.o.a.ns filled the empty space, pulling a lascivious and honest reaction out of her body as the images of what seemed to be Saeko, Shizuka and Elizabeth dancing around Nik's n.a.k.e.d form, praising him while rubbing every single inch of his body spread across the empty space as Yuriko's heart once again surged with emotions to find her husband and daughter.

"Let's get to the main event..."

Nik finally gripped Yuriko's hair, tight and firm while whispering into her ear as her h.i.p.s bucked against Nik's crotch with a hot m.o.a.n, meanwhile, in Yuriko's mindscape, the moment the need for her husband arose, countless chains burning violet erupted from the ground, constricting Yuriko's limbs as she groaned with illicit pleasure breaking into her nerves.


She was finally filled.

Her demonic cunt stretched to the extreme while Nik's veiny c.o.c.k felt her insides melting around his c.o.c.k, slowly and steadily taking the shape of his shaft while her fingers finally dug into his flesh, making Nik groan softly while also inducing him to pull Yuriko back from her hair and sealing her growling mouth.

With Yuriko's thigh already around Nik's waist, it wasn't hard for her to lock his back with her calves as Nik pushed deeper, making Yuriko shout in pleasure, meanwhile, the villagers finally came to be and the shouts of pleasure ringing in the village earned the ire of everybody. But, one particular person was dumbstruck.

She knew the voice. Although s.l.u.tty and more e.r.o.t.i.c, she totally remembered the voice.

Her mother!

It's Mom!

Saya felt her heart leaping out of her mouth as she remained extremely sure of the fact that her mother had died. Even then, she couldn't help but flounder...

Maybe, the woman had the same voice as her mother?

... surely... she still cannot be alive, right?


"Do you hear it?"

With her body spread, a figure that belonged to Nik formed above Yuriko as the world was filled with violet. Yuriko's clothing disappeared miraculously as Nik rubbed her defenceless body with a passionate and heated gaze. His mouth wrapped around her n.i.p.p.l.e, sucking it with a delightful expression while his fingers once again grinding against her fleshy mound while rubbing her swelling clit.

"Hnnngh! Ohhhh!"

"Yeah... you hear it. You hear your body's desire, don't you? Your demon arts wasn't that fleshy wings that you showed back then...

It is related to mind. You can separate your thoughts from your body, letting it move based on instincts while you calculate things peacefully and send the instructions to the body..."

Yuriko's eyes finally gained a tint of fear as Nik smiled and lowered his head while his thumbs spread her labia to reveal the glistening pink flesh.

"In fact, the act of drinking my blood was quite good... but...

It isn't just blood that you should be afraid of."

Nik smiled and his form twisted into a nightmarish creature with an elongated tongue that instantly stroked the entrance of Yuriko's spread cunt, making her yelp in flaming desires while her mindscape grew more and more unstable.

"Hnngh! For the love of Mmmgh! Staahpppp!"

"Your world trembles." Nik whispered as his tongue reached the deepest corners of Yuriko's cunt while twirling around and tasting her juices as his voice continued rumbling in the strange world of violet.

"Come on, Yuriko. It really hurts me when someone agrees to f.u.c.k but doesn't commit to the act."

"No! Please!!!!"

Yuriko groaned and begged. Nik's touch was contagious and she didn't her mind, her thoughts to get affected by him. She wanted her mind to belong to her husband, the one she married.

"Can't have that, darling."

Nik smiled as his Pheromones finally destroyed the mindscape.

"N Hnnnngghhhhhh!"

Yuriko's pleading was cut short by her body's natural desire to groan in pleasure as her body at the moment was pushed down, her hair gripped tightly and her ripe butt raised high as Nik continued pumping his thick, literally mind-breaking c.o.c.k time and again, teasing her pleasure spots as Yuriko gripped on the bedsheet as if her life depended on it.

"Ah, hah, n- hah no!"

Please, Yuriko begged inside while raising her butt even higher for Nik to have better access to her cunt. God, she was enjoying it! She was enjoying the fact that she didn't want it... Nik's c.o.c.k stretching her insides, his hot c.o.c.k making her melt while his rough hand grasping her hair tightly, punishing for her previous slight.

A good woman is an obedient woman.

That's what her family trained her to be.

An obedient one. If her man wanted her to go left, the thought of going right should never even occur in her mind...

And right now, what seemed to be her man wanted her complete obedience until he satisfied himself and herself. And yet, she dared to commit such blunder. She tried to hide the core of her consciousness to not get attached to her man...

And now, she was being f.u.c.k.i.e.d, trained, used. Her meat hole gaping in squelching delight while her lips drooling in the enjoyment of such debauched acts.

"Ohhhh! P- please! Harder!!"

Yuriko shrieked as Nik's pace grew even rougher as he pulled her head and continued slamming his crotch against her butt cheeks, making the ripe ass quiver while her balls hit against the base of Yuriko's crotch.


"There you have it."

Nik grinned as he kept his other hand on Yuriko's waist to maintain balance while filling her inside in white as a soft groan released from his mouth while he stuck his crotch against Yuriko's, feeling thick c.u.m flowing into her w.o.m.b with each twitch of his c.o.c.k.


But... this was just the beginning.

Nik smiled as his twitching c.o.c.k pulled a soft m.o.a.n out of the panting Yuriko before pulling his h.i.p.s softly and then pushing once again, letting a trail of white liquid leak through the entrance of her cunt.

Once again, Nik started his trustee pumps into Yuriko's p.u.s.s.y while enjoying the feeling of her soft, warm flesh twitching and contracting around his c.o.c.k.


Yuriko parted her lips seductively while lowering her head.

Finally, Nik's smile turned a bit malevolent as his eyes narrowed. His heart burned in violet nefarious flames that seemed to be evoking the entirety of his negative emotions, that he kept suppressed all this time as Nik's eyes started glowing physically while his pupils changed their structure. The left one shone in crimson delight while the right one, although remained deep violet, gained vertical pupil.

'That's right... enjoy her submission.'

'That's right... feel her passion.'

Two whispers made Nik go blank.


"Oh... do you feel it, Master?"

A true monster, burly, dark-scaled, winged with curving horns looked back at Brian and inquired in whispers while his fist clenched and ended the life of the shrieking host.

"Of course, I do. I mean... this is Nik's second travel already. About time he brought out his familiar."

The fiendish monster nodded before flinching, "There are... multiple ones."

Brian's smile broadened in return, "All the more reason to grow stronger even quickly. Can't have a rookie surpass us, partner."

"I am but a servant." The monster turned his giant body and eyed the palace a few kilometres away from them with a malicious smile.

"You are a part of my flesh. You are also my spirit. The truest definition of a close confidant.

Don't sell yourself short, partner."

"I already know it, master. But I still don't agree with letting that Incubus taking all the world source."

"An Incubus that doesn't like negativity... at least, not without an appropriate benefit.

Let him have the taste of the true rewards this one time... in the higher ranks, things might just get tougher."

"As you wish, master."

With that, the duo turned towards the palace and continued slaying the hosts trying to go for the emperor.


"Did you feel that, darling?"

A pink-haired woman with extraordinary curves dressed in nothing but a long black dress smiled and looked at the onesie sporting Ray.

"Yeah. It was already rare for a Rare-Tier infernal host to not have awoken his familiar... well, in Nik's case familiars.

This only means that he didn't even know of the existences of his own loyal servants."

"Ohh~ I like how you call me servant, again and again, master... Just... why can't you let me break my seal?"

The lady groaned in dissatisfaction while her eyes observed the dark cave.

"A v.i.r.g.i.n servant for a v.i.r.g.i.n master. Seems appropriate."

Ray shrugged before her eyelids jumped in surprise.

"Here! I found a trail!"


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