Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 234

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 234 Pst? Myth Or Reality?

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"Alright... is this some post-s.e.x traumatic experience?"

Wondering out loud, Nik gazed at the violet world filled with crimson pink flames. Even the sky matched the colour of the flamed and his eyes could observe nothing but emptiness.

"To awake us... you must remember..."

A soft whisper attracted Nik's attention and instantly, he twisted his neck to find nothing but a shimmering crimson figure with unclear structure standing beside him.

"To meet us... you must break the lock."

Twisting his head to the other side, Nik came face to face with an equally unclear violet figure.

"To remember and unlock?"

Nik inquired. The question lingering within his mind about this strange space didn't entice him as much as the clues these figures left him.

""Now go...""

Both of the figures whispered and instantly, Nik's eyes snapped open while his rough breathing echoed within the hut aside from Yuriko's soft snore while snuggling over his chest.

"Alright... post-s.e.x trauma might not just be a myth..." Nik gulped as he controlled all the sweat and cleared his and Yuriko's before stroking the back of his latest partner. From the darkness and silence, it still seemed to be night.

Shigure, Saeko, Shizuka, Elizabeth and now Yuriko. He finally partnered up with five beautiful, talented and capable individuals and deep down, he cherished the fact that he didn't go on a s.e.x.u.a.l rampage in the village where he trained. Not that he would have regretted it, but there is also the fact that Nik's objective remained to gain strong partners to push his own strength.

Meanwhile, with Yuriko being already weaker than himself, Nik barely felt any rise in his Hamon. But still, when he tried feeding the beautiful demoness, he found out that his manipulation regarding the negative hamon had managed to attain a qualitative breakthrough.


Yuriko whimpered as she felt energy returning to her own body as her eyelids fluttered into awakening, matching Nik's glimmering violet gaze and smiling refreshingly.

"I now understand most of the stuff~" Yuriko's arms tightened around Nik's back, "But ambushing me in my own mindscape... that's a little underhanded, my man."

She lowered her head to softly kiss Nik's n.i.p.p.l.e, causing Nik to smile unconsciously as he felt a little ticklish, "Hey, now, admit it already, only I can f.u.c.k you enough to destroy your mind... literally."

"Oh, I admit it alright. My man is a rogue. One of the sorrows you will have to placate."

Yuriko raised her head and looked at Nik with an expectant expression, broadening his smile as he leaned closer to Yuriko's face when

"I can't wait anymore! Nik will understand!"

Amidst Rei's cries of refusal, Saya barged into the room and her eyes instantly focused on a woman that looked exactly like her mother wrapped around Nik with a thin bedsheet covering their body as their lips were unnaturally close.

Of course, Rei, Kanao, Aoi, Shigure, a smirking Shinobu, Saeko, Shizuka and Elizabeth witnessed the same thing.

It seemed like the entire party was waiting outside quietly and even then, Nik had the audacity to feel regret over the fact that Mitsuri wasn't present.

He did not fear the immensity of heaven and the depths of a Human's indignation.


"I don't understand this... how are you alive? Where is dad? Why are you together with Nik?!"

Yuriko shouted as the influx of information was too hard to take. Of course, the party that only came here for entertainment, well, all of them were asked to leave, much to Shinobu's reluctance. Of course, now she used the opportunity to get a good look at Nik's body.

'Well... I could say that now I am her dad... but is ruin the situation, right?'

Nik commented in Yuriko's mind as she gave Nik a flat stare suggesting Not funny!

"Saya... I... what can I say? I had no control over the change of my body... and your father... he

He changed for the worse. I am sorry, honey."

Yuriko felt extremely guilty. Maybe, it would have been better if she did not meet Saya. But... well... technically, Saya came to meet her. Leaning forward, Yuriko pulled the distraught Saya into a deep and loving embrace as the poor girl kept crying, meanwhile, the act itself pulled the bedsheet, revealing Nik's entirety to Saya, whose bespectacled eyes widened in panic while Nik waved at Saya with a smile, not bothering to hide.

After all, Nik took pride in her physique, that is why he continued intense physical workout even when aiming for energy manipulation and illusion control.

Not to mention...

'T-that... mom... and that?!' How such a size remained flaccid was something Saya's panicked mind could not figure out. What she figured out by now is that her mother was in bed with her trainer, who massaged Rei into making the strict girl m.o.a.ning without restraints and now, his... his... thing was intimidating enough to make the poor girl swallow a lump in her throat.

"I am so sorry, sweetheart... I won't leave you again, I promise."

Yuriko kept whispering as she hugged Saya tightly while rubbing her back as Saya decided to ignore the smug hunk and focus on her own mother.

Seeing that his own presence might just hinder the reunion Yuriko wanted, Nik stood up, attracting Saya's attention once again as he swiftly put on some light clothes and walked out of the hut only to see Shigure waiting for him quietly.

"You should have called me out."

Nik smiled and took Shigure's hands as she looked at him with a serious gaze.

"The elder... asked me to... take you to him..."

Shigure whispered while Nik's eyebrows contorted into a frown. With settling into the new place, Nik had a lot of stuff to do from activating his acquired medallions to ponder on the strange thing he witnessed The Violet world and The Burning Sky.

As they walked, Nik looked at Shigure and inquired softly, "Shigure, what is your take on post-s.e.x trauma syndrome? A myth or reality?"

Shigure looked back at him with a serious gaze, "Be sure to sleep properly after this... you are speaking nonsense again."

"Oh, then I'll need a hugable Kunoichi sleeping by my side. After all, I've missed sleeping with you."

Nik pulled Shigure by the waist, making the Kunoichi smile softly as she leaned her head onto Nik's chest while leading him to the Elder's hut.


"Did you just feel it?"

A blonde youth soaked in sweat whispered with his expression twisted in fear. Similar to his quivering body, the angel with large, pure white wings couldn't muster any positivity even when floating over on the clouds while basking in the sunlight.

"Those three are together... how could this be...


As much as his golden headband and beautiful jewels made him look regal and dignified, the sword carrying man couldn't help but continue to whisper with nothing but nightmares of past sweeping his thoughts away.

"I need to kill! I"

As a certain energy exploded out from the youth, his expression once again twisted in horror and indignation.

"What the hell do you mean? Minor Protection? Rookie Act, Clause 15?! Don't get in my way, consciousness!"

He roared but even he knew that his status cannot allow him to enter any of the paradises.

Being someone who graduated from [Holy Paradise] himself, the man knew full well that the multiple paradises collectively held power to oliberate any entity should they interfere with their inner processes.

"I... need to make a few contacts... quickly. Why would that stubborn fool even allow them to have inheritors in the first place!"

"Is this Stubborn Fool another one of the many titles that you enjoy giving me?"

A much-dignified voice boomed and the clear sky instantly soaked blood red with droplets of blood falling over at the clouds, corrupting everything in their wake except for the quivering blonde surrounded by his golden sphere.

"Ehm, no need to overreact, Khooni Kamala."

The blonde youth finally regained his bearings as the voice boomed once again.

"I prefer... the Fiend Overlord."

"Sadly, your preference is of little matter. Not until you recover from your injuries. By the way, if we go by the preferences, I prefer titling you Infernal Betrayer."

The voice grew silent as the color of blood in the sky grew deeper.

"Our alliance ends now."

The voice recovered while the youth narrowed his eyes.

"Though I expected this outcome, it must because of Nirdai's blood, right? I don't know what you and your brother and sister are planning... but I'll raze you all to the ground. Do you hear me?

I'll kill every single entity that has its roots with the [Infernal Paradise]! With our alliance destroyed, your descendants will be the first to face my rage."

The shade grew in the sky grew softer as a mild chuckle escaped in the surrounding.

"My sister-in-law said that she entered his fold because you didn't ever change the position...

Was that true?

Even I understand that a marriage destroys the spark within the couple...

Hear my advice... keep the spark alive with your current darling, or else, another Incubus might decide to play a prank!"

"How dare you?!"

The youth snarled and instantly, in a burst of golden, the angelic youth oliberated everything save for a beautiful maiden.

Meanwhile, in entirely another space, a middle-aged man with blood-red hair coughed blood before grinning as two ethereal figures stood in front of him.

"You didn't have to do it... Khooni." Nirdai whispered with concern visible while the other figure with plump ethereal curves grinned and gave the man a thumbs up.

"Nice work, elder brother."

"Yeah, with my interruption, that narcissistic freak will pay attention to me instead of your... inheritor...

But damn, was that worth it!"

Revealing his bloodied teeth, the middle-aged man's grin grew wider.

"... well, it depends. You enjoyed taunting him after thousands of years... but also lost your much-recovered strength once again..."

"Don't be such a buzzkill, Nirdai." Lady Mirage pouted before closing her eyes for a moment before smiling.

"Hehe, the lock still isn't broken! But... aren't you a bit too cruel? Wouldn't he have an easier time with his familiars."

"My existence is that of cruelty... what else did you expect."

Nirdai smiled as his violet eyes shimmered beautifully.


A/N: Khooni in hindi means killer, kamala means lotus.

Nirdai means cruel. As you can see, I am not good with names, so I did what I had to do...

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