Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 235

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 235 Sit On The Floor

The Elder's hut was anything but humble. With lavish armours and weapons decorating the entire living room, the elder sat down while facing an impassive Shigure and a cordially smiling Nik.

"Shigure, leave us alone."

The elder spoke at once. This was a discussion between two people of great authorities and while Shigure had the qualifications for such a designation, her rank clearly wasn't that high. But faced with Shigure's equally indifferent expression, the elder knew he had to make some concessions.

"Alright then... Shigure, sit on the floor and not on Nik's laps."

The elder spoke calmly, giving Shigure enough time to show her indifference once again for what his words did gather was Shigure snuggling her cushy rear against Nik's laps while holding his hands naturally that remained on her wide h.i.p.s and pulled them over to her stomach.

"I won't repeat myself again." If Nik's action of disrupting the peace of the village happened to be the pardonable offence then Shigure's actions of openly disrespecting the short elder demanded severe actions. None of them brought anything positive to their relationship with an imminent war of survival.

A war that Nik now had nothing to do with.

Previously, he admitted that he had been too concerned over the lives of the people known to him. But the moment he understood Muzan's fate and the other hosts that gained Brian's ire, Nik was anything but concerned.

Had he been so concerned, wouldn't he commit to training during the travel instead of slowly wearing down the defences of Rei and Saya along with some pokes towards Kanao?

Clearly, his troubles were being taken care of by his two elder 'brothers'. As much as his line of thought was corrupt, Nik understood one thing about himself that if he has a source of protection with power far greater than himself, he wouldn't hesitate to cover behind it for his own safety. And, from the looks of the grumbling messages received from Brian, he also understood the same thing about Nik fully well.

With a mere snap of his fingers, Nik controlled the surroundings and sent the miserable elder into a trance while his hands once again coiled around Shigure's waist and his lips kissing the nape of her neck gently.

"So, why did you get Shigure to bring me here?"

Nik inquired. As much as he loved to.engage in conversations with people and play along just for the sake of enjoying normalcy, he just wasn't in the mood for theatrics.

With a monotonous tune, the elder replied, "I am envious of your actions and wished to vent my frustration on you."

"Is that it?"

Shigure frowned and smacked Nik's hands away when she felt his fingers reaching for her inner thighs. As adventurous as the meek kunoichi was, she wasn't open enough to be played with in front of others.

Meanwhile, not willing to push his already stretched luck and dampen the mood, Nik's smacked hands turned its attention to Shigure's thighs while asking once again.

"Is that it?"


The elder nodded.

"Alright, you made things difficult for Shigure and me and after finally getting satisfied, you let us leave.

In three minutes you will wake up."

Nik snapped his fingers once again while Shigure tilted her head back and looked at Nik with curiosity.

"Just something I picked behind you. Although, it doesn't work on strong-minded... well, I still don't know the proper limits of this technique, so I have been experimenting it on others for almost a week now."

"Alright... let's go back... your gift is ready."

Shigure stood up from her warm seat and adjusted the hem of her pink kunoichi outfit as Nik stood up while his gaze staying on her attractive butt for the entire time.

Hand in hand, the Kunoichi and the Incubus walked towards the hut that held Nik's surprise. In a few moments of pacing, the duo reached the hut and Nik pushed open the door to reveal a very beautiful Elizabeth sitting on one of the futons patiently while serving herself a cup of hot tea.

"You really did a number to this village... right after appearing here."

Even if Nik had multiple snarky comments in waiting, those weren't for his beloved and he lowered his head with an apologetic tone, "I am really sorry... but yeah, I enjoyed it."

Nik smiled while Shigure took her slippers off before walking past the living room and the moment she opened the next room, a heavy scent of oil spread into the living room.

"What is that?"

Nik inquired while sitting beside Elizabeth as Shigure's voice reached from to room.

"This is... my workspace..."

Shigure replied while Nik looked at Elizabeth with a smile.

"Say, you surely must be feeling a little bored right? Do you wanna?"

Nik raised his eyebrows suggestively.

Turning her head, Elizabeth placed the teacup down and asked in genuine curiosity, "You can't get enough of s.e.x, right?"

"That's right." Nik nodded and continued, "You don't like that in a man?"

"Believe me, love it." Elizabeth shook her head and then whispered, "But... Nik... as you say, I can have a new life after all this... a better one if I choose to.

Is it selfish of me to say that I want to start a family again? I love Joseph. I really do, but I also know him and he won't leave the world... like Tanjiro.

So... can I ever have it? A family?"

Elizabeth's fears and worries weren't misplaced. As a widow, Elizabeth craved the marriage life and its happiness. But a feeling dug into her that maybe, Nik would never fulfill that desire burning within her.

"I am going to be a dad, you know." Nik's words took Elizabeth by a surprise and even the clattering sound inside the room suggested that Nik's voice was loud enough to reach Shigure.

"Usually, I never enjoy sharing inter-planetary info... but, believe me, I have no intention of making you lonely. I'll find a way, that's a promise you can believe in."

Elizabeth looked at Nik with a smile. A beautiful one at that filled with emotions of a mother that made Elizabeth all the more enticing at the moment.


"Before you say anything... it will take time. To find a method to balance our lives... my relationsh.i.p.s with you... all of you.

And you better believe that I'll be a trained dad by then."

Nik grinned and took Elizabeth's hands into his hands as he matched her warm expression with gleeful eyes.

"I would love a trained dad for our kid."


A flat stare was all it took to bring the happy, future planning couple back into the reality as Shigure placed a heavy set of glimmering gauntlets on the table while Elizabeth's hands moved quickly to pick the cup to save its contents to fall from the vibration and giving Shigure a hard stare.

"These are... purple..."

Nik gulped and Shigure nodded.

"I remembered... how you looked at my sword...

I worked... very hard."


"No... thank you..." A crimson flush touched Shigure's cheeks as she continued, "We are... family..."

Nik smiled and nodded before letting his index trace the surface of the carefully forged gauntlet. It was dull silver in appearance and the product seemed to have been constructed to cover Nik's forearms with some sort of leathery substance used as the base to put the metal together.

Gingerly putting on the gauntlets and locking the latches around his arm and the buckling the opposing belt of the gauntlet by rotating it around his bicep through his back, Nik finally exhaled loudly and felt that his hands were somewhat comfortable.

[Name: War Gauntlets (Tier Purple, level-10)

Description: Gauntlets created by the weaponsmith Shigure. The spiral hinge over the wrist of the Gauntlets store a thin blade ready to surprise the enemies and requires the user to tap on the center of the palm and press the lock. The materials of the gauntlets allow the flow of a few certain types of energies.


Crush: 29

Pierce: 30


Nik did as explained in the description and tapped on the slight lock on the centre of his palms and instantly, two thin blades emerged out of the round inscription on the backhand of the gauntlet, surprising Elizabeth.

"A hidden weapon?"

The blades were thin and pointed. Meanwhile, Shigure touched the Gauntlets at various places before nodding in satisfaction.

"Fits... good."

"A purple item from the get-go... this is definitely better than the items from blue medallion..."

White, Green, Dark Green, Blue, Dark Blue and then Purple.

From the looks of it, the next item tier would be dark purple.

With that, Nik disarmed the [War Gauntlets] and looked at duo before smiling.

"Might as well try my luck in front of you guys... maybe, I can sponge off your luck."

Nik smiled and finally took out his medallions. He had already pushed this event for an extremely long time.

"So this is what the hosts get in return for killing, huh."

Elizabeth looked curious while Shigure showed no visible interest.

"Yeah, let's start from the worst."

Nik nodded and took out his collection of medallions.


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