Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 236

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 236 Drawing Medallion

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[Energy Crystal Clay (W)x1, Earth Slasher (W(8))x1, Heal Dumpling (G)x1, Snake Tooth Dagger (G)x1, Acidic Molotov (W)x4, Large Spicy Steak (G)x2, White Medallion x6, Green Medallion x2, Blue Medallion x1, Dark Blue Medallion x1, Red Medal x1, Miscellaneous Items]

Honestly, Nik was somewhat irritated by his earlier purchases. By now, he already understood that in the coming world, he would find better healing items than his own and even the dagger he purchased for the sake of being prepared happened to be useless. If it was the Nik before meeting Brian, these items would have come in handy, for sure.

But now, Nik understood that what ye severely lacked in was skills. Offensive, defensive, healing, investigative and life-saving skills and such things could only be acc.u.mulated in time and a little bit of luck.

And, the benefit of his [Harem] came in the form of the completion rate of his side mission

[Side Mission Stability

As a newly appointed Pillar, you shall travel the lands and save as many humans as possible from the demonic clutches.

Objective: Save 27/?? humans.

Note: There is no upper limit to the mission.

Rewards: Performance-Based.]

Even the 27 humans that are saved is probably due to Elizabeth's and Saeko's actions during the entire duration since the mission has activated itself. Finally, Shigure and Elizabeth waited patiently as Nik swiped on the holographic screen in front of him as a shimmering white medallion appeared in front of him.

With a thought, the medallion rotated gently before disappearing and leaving a message.

[300 System Origin gained.]

"That's the currency, right?"

Elizabeth inquired with a curious expression as Nik nodded and brought another White Medallion that in return allowed Nik to earn 198 SO.

Frowning, Nik activated yet another White Medallion and finally, a small vial of blood appeared on his hands.

[Blood Origin Blood Imp (W)

The lowest of the variation under the class of blood infernals, the blood imp has severe limitations with an integration value of (-4%).

Without an atmosphere filled with sulphur, the Blood Imps can survive not a single moment.]

Nik's expression grew darker while Shigure, who read the notification alongside Nik gazed at him.

"This... is useless... too..."

"I know... why don't you two try opening it? With the changes in the side mission, it is easy to understand that you guys can try your luck, too."

Not waiting for their response, Nik produced three more White Medallions and gave two of the three to Shigure and Elizabeth.

"Sure, this looks a little exciting. So we just think of getting the item and the medallion will get activated?"

Nik nodded at Elizabeth's inquiry and proceeded to activate the medallion in his hands. This time, a beautiful pearl appeared over his hand.

[Pearl of Origin (W)

Description: A low-level pearl of origin is filled with energy that can be categorised as currency in some worlds.]

"Oh, this is interesting." Nik raised his eyebrows in surprise as the energy flowing within the pearl was much similar to the Hamon. A calm energy that boosted the physical aspects of the user.

As Nik inspected the fingernail-sized pearl with a curious expression, white light shone around him as two notifications popped in front of him, relaying that he had gained 211 and 173 SO.

"It's... quite infuriating."

Shigure muttered as Nik smiled while Elizabeth shook her head.

"What is this?"

Elizabeth looked at the pearl and checked the notification of the item before musing aloud.

"A different type of energy?"

"Yeah. Well, the Hamon we all practice is just a single kind of energy and quite a low levelled one at that. Before this world, I explored the world that only operated on pure elemental energy."

Nik raised his finger and a small peal of flame flickered into existence right at his fingertips.

"Quite a useful type of energy, if I must say." Elizabeth tilted her head and looked at Shigure with a curious expression.

"What's on your mind, Shigure?"

Looking towards Shigure, her voice echoed within Nik's mind and he sensibly connected Elizabeth with himself to keep her in the conversation.

'How do you... manipulate this elemental... energy?'

Shigure's question instantly brought a frown to Nik's face as he admitted that while he had to learn the art of elemental bending, it was purely for the sake of satiating his curiosity and adventurous heart. Even the art of Hamon. At first, he needed to train Hamon since he didn't have the option of acquiring it from the girls.

By now, his [Talent] had revealed the fact that anyone he mates with for the first time would result in a permanent increase in his [ENG] stat alongside him miraculously gaining the talents or affinities of his girls without having the need of any foundational knowledge to manipulate the said type of energy.

And, his [Talent]'s official description remained that it allowed him to physically mate with any species in the multiverse. That is it. By now, even Nik himself did not know how many affinities he had gained aside from the glaringly obvious ones Gravity, Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Lightning, Light.

"I don't know... I just need to think hard about controlling a particular sort of energy that is already registered with me... that is it."

Nik's candor reply earned an approving nod from Shigure while she whispered.

"Let's draw... all your medallion... and then... we will discuss this later."

Nik nodded and produced two green medallions, passing them onto Elizabeth and Shigure without much thought before bringing the blue Medallion in his hands.

Accompanied with a burst of green light, Nik activated his blue Medallion and seeing no notification for the immediate increase in SO, Nik looked at his hands and found a small scroll flashing blue colour time and again before revealing itself to be a cream-coloured scroll with green edges.

Meanwhile, a round red clay appeared on Elizabeth's hands and a tube filled with green liquid appeared in Shigure's hands.

[Skill: Cure

Description: A bad tummy? Cure is your option! Got poisoned in your adventures, cure can limit the effects! STDs? At a certain point, they are simply comparable to common virals. Cancer? Better make sure that the skill is at a high level before trying your luck. This skill can also be used on others.

Note: Curses are resistant to this skill.




[Numb Clay (Green)

Description: Applying the clay onto open wounds can numb the pain.]

[Fluorescent Poison (Green)

Description: A quick poison with an extraordinary stench. A great alchemical material.]

Looking at the first of the tabs, Nik smiled and pressed Yes.


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