Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 237

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 237 Curse House

[You received 4800 SO]

Nik's expression instantly darkened as his dark blue Medallion only graced him with system origin. Sighing loudly, a red medal with a skull imprinted on its surface emerged in his hands.

[Red Medal

Description: Kill a host, gain a medal. You get three tries to pick something out of the inventory of the dead host. Use them well.]

"I'll go second." Elizabeth instantly spoke up while Shigure continued, "I call... first..."

"Wait, that's simply not right." Nik shook his hands and activated the red medal that instantly disappeared into a hazy red mist with a small portal forming in itself.

"You didn't... call it..."

Shigure eyed Nik casually and put her hand into the portal before whispering.

"Don't worry... as a weaponsmith... I can find better... items..."

Shigure spoke while Elizabeth affirmed.

"She isn't wrong. As a weaponsmith, she has experience in creating sharp weapons of various shapes and sizes."

"Fine, fine... I'll just remember to call my turn next time." Nik huffed and leaned back on the table while Shigure kept reaching out for various things. Some felt like food and some were extremely strange to be even described in words.

'This... is it!'

Shigure's expression turned intense and instantly, she pulled out a beautifully carved... lamp from the portal. For a moment, Elizabeth's and Nik's expression froze before bursting into a fit of laughter.

And as fate would have it, the lamp was no extraordinary item. Maybe a luxury item, but nothing useful to Nik at the moment, but he still pulled the lamp into his inventory and also pulled Shigure on his laps to consoled the indignant shinobi.

"I wasn't in my... best form..."

"Yes, yes, of course." Nik's smile remained that of a heavy mocking while he continued to hug her waist as Elizabeth looked at the red mist and pushed her hand into it. Since Shigure's earlier attempt already revealed it that luck played a major role, Elizabeth didn't take long before finding something sharp and pulling it out of the red mist.

And lo behold, it was an extremely long and pointy hat!

This time, nobody smiled. In fact, the trio narrowed their eyes and came to a similar conclusion.

"That guy filled his inventory with random crap as the means to safeguard his items in the event of his death..."

Nik sighed deeply and extended his arm into the mist while Elizabeth nodded, "Now that I think of it, don't you have the snacks from your homeworld? When are you going to share them?"

"Ohhh! Nice reminder!" Nik smiled in excitement and took out a packet of potato ch.i.p.s sporting a lucrative design with a base green colour.

"This is one of the more basic flavours... just a word of caution, I don't have any tomato flavour on me... if you want to taste it, I'll bring it to you guys next time."

Elizabeth took the packet from Nik's hand while his other hand kept searching in the inventory space created by the red medal, trying to find anything useful.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth popped open the packet, instantly allowing the scent to burst out of the packet as even Shigure's cute little nose twitched and she focused her attention on the packet instead.

"Me, too."

Getting out of Nik's comfortable laps reluctantly, Shigure sat in front of Elizabeth and waited for her master and caretaker to take the first bite out of the item. With anticipation building in her heart due to discovering an entirely new product, Elizabeth gulped as her free hand entered the packet and gingerly picked up a crispy treat before bringing it closer to her mouth and taking a little bite of the potato chip.

Electrifying taste filled her mouth and her eyes narrowed in comfort while Shigure's hand moved in impatience and took out a rather large slice of the ch.i.p.s before taking a huge bite.

"Oh, forgot to mention that this is the Peri-Peri flavour. Quite a teasing flavour in my opinion."

Nik smiled as his words rang true. The new snack was spicy! Extremely so and even then, the girls continued taking out one chip at a time before eating it whole as the tongue-numbing sensation filled their bodies with desire for even more.

"Alright, I'll go with this."

Deciding on a particular item, Nik pulled it out in one motion and finally, a dollhouse of mysterious origin fell appeared on his hands.

"Oh... my devils..."

Nik whispered in astonishment. This wasn't a dollhouse.

[Curse House (Dark Purple)

Description: Each doll in the Curse House denotes a life. The user of the curse house can bind one of the dolls present in the curse house through their DNA and inflict them with numerous debuffs. The effect and the number of debuffs are based on the attributes of the targets. Debuffs include Bleeding, Blindness, Internal Damages, Impotency, Death, etc.


Anyone with (???) greater than 80 won't be affected.

Anyone with [LUK] greater than 10 won't get affected.

Anyone with [ENG] greater than 80 won't get affected.

Anyone with (???) greater than 1 won't get affected.


Pocketing the strange house into his inventory, a smile finally emerged on his face and he looked at the panting Elizabeth and Shigure with their tongue lolling out. Their eyes observing Nik with illicit motives, broadening his smile.

"I take it that you guys liked it?"

"We need something sweet."

Elizabeth wheezed in between her breathing before looking at his crotch.

"We... must have something... sweet."

Shigure affirmed Elizabeth's proclamation and with that, both of them grew closer to Nik while being on their fours, flanking him from each side.

"I'll take his mouth." Elizabeth gently cupped Nik's face and dived into his lips to satiate the desire of something sweet after eating such a desirable monstrosity of potato ch.i.p.s while Shigure leaned down and let her cheek sink onto Nik's warm crotch while sniffing for his mind-numbing scent.

"I am flattered that you like my taste." Nik smiled and let his tongue return the courtesy while his hands expertly unzipped his own pants, allowing Shigure to pant hotly right over his flaccid member that slowly swole further for proper action.

But before that, he needed to set things straight.

"You'll have to drink a glass of water before you do it, Shigure... after all... if you put it in your mouth right now.

It'll probably sting."

Nik's words pulled a disapproving frown from Shigure but in the end, she could only mobe quickly and do as requested before finding her seat over Nik's legs as she showcased her amazing flexibility by leaning down unnaturally and taking Nik's entire shaft in a single gulp into her slightly colder mouth.


With a relieved sigh escaping into Elizabeth's mouth, Nik's hands slid into the War Cultivator's clothes through her back, Nik and Elizabeth engaged in a passionate kiss, his lips stuck against Elizabeth's firmly with their tongue exchanging fluids as Elizabeth's b.r.e.a.s.ts mushed into Nik's broad and firm pecs while her arms coiled around his back through his underarms, scratching on his back.

Nik already knew that he would be having another 'Yahoo!' session the moment he met Elizabeth's eyes when he and Shigure entered the hut. Elizabeth already had the same thing building in her mind all the time. After all, her actions had already shown that she needed constant distractions so as to not remain worried about her own kid all the time.

Meanwhile, with Shigure's soft and warm palms on the base of Nik's thighs, the Kunoichi let her throat envelope Nik's bulging road with gusto as her lips stuck tightly against the base of his c.o.c.k while pulling her head back, creating a suction through sinking her cheeks in and forming an extremely lewd expression on her face.

Her eyes narrowed down in extreme satisfaction as she pulled out globules of prec.u.m from his thick cunt breaker and then she lowered his face once again, easing on the constriction before gently unwrapping her lips, leaving a red ring around the base of Nik's c.o.c.k before slowly raising her mouth with her lips parted and slowly revealing the extreme thick shaft covered in a layer of sticky and hot saliva.

Her cute little tongue stuck out as she started working on the veiny undershaft while her fingers wrapped around the upper area of the shaft, stroking the hot c.o.c.k in a steady motion as her mouth lowered further, licking down to Nik's full balls while continuing to stroke his bulbous tip.

As Shigure slowly explored Nik's c.o.c.k inch by inch through her tongue, fingers and mouth, the couple on the upper region moved further with Nik leaving a trail of soft and hot kisses along Elizabeth's slender neck before his hands moved towards her bosom and groped them with his hands still in her clothes, instantly pinching her nubile and perky n.i.p.p.l.es, eliciting a soft m.o.a.n from Elizabeth's uncovered lips while her body slowly grew relaxed.


Nik groaned softly while working on Elizabeth as he felt his c.o.c.k deep into Shigure's throat once again, squirting thick ropes of c.u.m straight into her tummy while she continued covering his entire c.o.c.k into her warm, c.u.m draining mouth tightly while her fingers dug into his thighs, filling the entire room with his scent.


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