Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 240

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 240 Nik's Kind Heart

With pace befitting a pillar, Nik soon reached Elizabeth's placed and found himself in a dark room where Shizuka snored away happily, barely registering the soft whispers of the mother-daughter pair that fashioned their pink/magenta hair into a bun. Nik's arrival, though, brought Shizuka from her destined slumber while Saya instantly sat in front of Yuriko with a gruff expression and flared nostrils, ready to confront the motherfu*ker!


Yet, Shizuka beat Saya to a punch and squealed in delight before wrapping her voluptuous body around Nik akin to a koala, making Nik place his plate down and hugging in return and showing his affection openly and taking her plump lips instantly, making Saya blush in embarrassment but the action itself furthered her rage towards Nik. Didn't he already has her mom for him?! Why would he even dare to go for other girls?!!

"Nik! How dare you?!"

And rage did Saya with glaring indignation expressed on her face while she adjusted her spectacle through the edge of her index finger. Shizuka turned her head curiously at the outburst while Nik smiled and looked at Yuriko.

"Did you sleep well?"

Bringing Shizuka into his arms and swooping her off the ground, he brought the buxom expert to the mattress before gently laying her down and sat on the edge of the mattress himself when Saya replied for Yuriko, once again, with a shout.

"How could she sleep well knowing that you are probably"


Yuriko smiled and placed her hands on her shoulders while leaning on her from behind as she looked at Nik, her expression brightening further.

"Thank you, Nik, for giving me a new opportunity in life."


Saya turned back only to see Yuriko shaking her head and kissing Saya on her forehead gently.

"There are a few things I can't tell you, my little angel. But I can assure you that Nik has my best interest in his heart."

"Mom, you don't know that."

Saya continued her useless persuasion as Yuriko had already received the essence of memories that made Yuriko clear about her situation and also allowed her to understand Nik's true self hidden within his philanderer's outfit.

"Fortunately, Saya, I do."

Yuriko gently wrapped her arms around Saya as Nik and Shizuka looked at each other before concluding the same thing.

Mothers and daughters shouldn't be forced to part away from each other!

Of course, Nik had no need to hide his intentions from Yuriko and while she consoled Saya through her gentle whispers that broke Saya into soft sobs, her own skin flushed deep once again with myriad illicit ideas slowly worming their way into her head. As Yuriko stroked Saya's face from her behind, Shizuka once again sn.a.k.e.d around Nik and whispered with a smug glee.

"Nik, my body has reached the limits of this world."

She cooed down his ears as her hands slithered around his chest. This news was a cause of celebration and what better way to celebrate than a day-long, nay, a week-long orgy? Everyone should have a piece of sweet pie named Nik Faran and lose themselves in the carnal pleasure that devoured each of them inside out.

"Congratulations." Nik whispered and tilted his head back, allowing Shizuka to open her lips wide, giving Nik a look into her e.r.o.t.i.c mouth with her tongue extended out before gently wrapping her tongue around Nik's tongue through his parted lips.

"See?! They are doing it again."

Saya pressed her palms against her eyes, alas, with her specs in the way, she was 'forced' to witness the entire spectacle while feeling her own mother's breath shifting from that of calm to hot and ragged right on the nape of her neck.


Saya stammered as she felt the hug getting tighter while her back experienced the newfound perkiness of Yuriko's bosom first hand as Saya melted under Yuriko's hot embrace slowly and steadily.

"It's the middle of the day."

Nik smiled and pushed Shizuka down before pecking her lips softly yet again as Shizuka candidly shared her idea with Nik about having a big orgy to celebrate her achievement. With raised eyebrows, Nik looked to his side and matched Yuriko's magenta gaze while she nibbled on Saya's earlobes.

'Oh, boy... their relationship won't be the same after this...'

Nik commented internally before placating Shizuka. An orgy is only appropriate when he had already gathered all of his partners. Finally, after filling the entire room with his Pheromones to calm the hell out of the girls slowly growing more and more heated, Nik gingerly stepped out to avoid the awkward and eye-opening conversation that Yuriko and Saya would have to endure. Of course, Shizuka was more than happy to witness such a scene and after waiting for a few moments outside the hut, he finally found two particular sweat-soaked girls dragging their bodies towards him.

It looks like his own source of entertainment, ehm, his students had arrived.


"There are more, right?"


A scaled arm pierced the woman's chest, leaving a gaping hole in its wake as Brian stood behind his familiar and spoke leisurely.

"I... *hack* don't know anything..."

The bloodied woman responded weakly as Brian's smile broadened eerily while his familiar deployed a quick, backhanded slap, twisting the woman's head in a ghastly manner. The woman's scream only affirmed to the whole situation.

"Where is your leader? I won't ask again."

The lady raised her gaze behind Brian, witnessing the result of the slaughter that destroyed every single one of her partners, leaving only the leader that had long fled the scene with her tail in between her legs.

"P-please... let me go... I really don't know..."

The woman whispered weakly and finally, the Fiend crushed her head while her blood and chunks of brain splattered in an absolutely gory delight.

"She is of no use master... and I cannot sense anyone else."

The monstrosity swung his thick tail while turning on his heels and matched Brian's pondering gaze. He once again observed the castle. The Emperor had long since fled the scene and whatever the palace had to offer was merely a few corpses of servants. Finally, Brian gazed at his bruised arm. A bullet wound, to be exact. A maniacal grin touched his face as he snapped his fingers, sending a terrible ripple of energy.

After a few moments, Brian nodded in affirmation.

"The gun was a trap. The user... the host is not here..."

It was at this moment, a dialogue box opened in front of Brian.

"Hey, boss! I just found a little variant fiend sneaking around my location."

Who else could this be aside from Ray?

Seeing the opportune message floating in front of him, Brian cackled akin to a mad demon and furiously typed in.

[Don't touch her, she is all mine.]


"Do you read that? Guild Master said not to touch you..."

Ray mumbled while snuggling against a white-haired man's laps while a succu clone held a grieving woman down on the ground.

"This is madness! Temporal Fiend and the last Succubus!

You two shouldn't be together!"

The lady snarled before looking at the tattooed white-haired man with a dignified beauty.

"And you, Muzan! Acting so high and mighty only to fall for a slu"

Instantly, the lady couldn't continue anymore as she coughed loudly with traces of blood showing on her lips.

"A bug shouldn't talk rudely in front of my beloved." The man name Muzan finally parted his lips while Ray cooed in delight.

"Yeah! You tell her, Muzan!"

Ray giggled before taking a serious approach and gazing at the fiend in front of her.

"So, how do we stop the poison?"

The lady finally smiled in reckless glee before noting, "You can't stop it! When your man toy slept away, I used his blood and mixed it with a slow-acting agent. Every single body buried in the state is already a ticking bomb!"

Scrunching his brows in annoyance, Ray gazed at the woman before smiling.

"Oh well, not that it concerns me."

Gazing at the demon for a moment, Ray continued, "And you'll be dying soon enough."


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