Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 242

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 242 It's Love

Didn't Shinobu already know how vulgar and candid Nik already was in his actions, and yet, time and again, she found herself attracted to him, literally? Once again, Nik's words brought a surging maelstrom of emotions to outbreak within her consciousness but a deep fluffy feeling made her feel THE butterflies in her stomach.

'It's called love!'

Shinobu could faintly recall her elder sister's words as she groaned internally. She loved her sister and of course, Shinobu was saddened by her loss, but whenever she heard the same words that her sister spoke getting repeated within her consciousness, she still damned that smiling minx to depths of heavenly fluffiness!

"So?" With another step forward, Nik closed in on Shinobu once again, forcing her to take another step back as she stammered.

"S-so? You need to go back! I I mean, we, ah no, I meant, Mitsuri invited you for a special dinner..."

Shinobu once again stopped as Nik smiled and continued, "Why would she invite me? Hmm?"

Nik leaned forward as his face grew closer to Shinobu, who tilted her face while giving clear access to her ear to the dastardly Incubus. Honestly, Shinobu could have never imagined that Nik would actually blow a hot breath into her ear, making her shiver in delight while she continued cursing her rising imagination. Surely, Nik wouldn't coil his arms around her waist and pluck her lips once again, right? Although, his lips seems awfully close... and he smells sooo goooddd...

Shinobu raised her face unconsciously as her gaze matched Nik's similarly shimmering violet gaze, unknown to her that an expectant expression soon formed on her face while her cheeks flushed in a healthy glow. Finally, Nik lowered his head and kissed the pair of seductive lips as Shinobu presented no resistance.

"Now, didn't Mitsuri asked for me... I should get going."

Nik smiled and skipped down the stair while Shinobu suddenly called out, "H-hey..."

Turning on his heels, Nik's eyes widened momentarily when he found Shinobu actually lowering her head while playing with a strand of her hair.

"... it was also my decision... you know..."

"Then what are you waiting for?"

Nik smiled and extended his hand, "Take my hand, woman... for your voluntary participation, I'm gonna rock your world, tonight."

Nik's candor immediately stunned Shinobu, who, once again moved unconsciously while the ethereal voice of her O' so annoying and kind sister kept emerging within her consciousness in bursts of squeals It's called love...


Obanai clearly didn't have any good fortune. From his birth, he had been surrounded by nothing but misery. But now, adding to that misery arrived a deep sense of trouble and fear in the form of perfectly synched 'dirty' smiles from a particular trio.

It isn't a crime to stroll to ease the tension in one's body and yet, fate clearly did not agree with Obanai for the moment he encountered Tanjiro and Zenitsu with an unmasked Inosuke grumbling as Tanjiro gave Inosuke a lift on his back, their expression froze for a moment.

Clearly, Obanai couldn't care less about them but the next moment, when the trio smiled with actual blushes forming on their cheeks, Obanai's spine shivered and his body screamed in a hysterical fashion.


Stay away from them!

No matter what happens, don't get close to the three!

Feed 'em to demons!

"Ah, Obanai-san! Can I talk to you for a moment"

'Heck, no!'

Obanai instantly 'whooshed' away.

Yeah, he wouldn't get close to them anytime soon.


'Hum, hum, hum, alright, sprinkle the salt over the meat aannnddd...' Mitsuri continued to counsel herself through her cooking as her hands moved rather slowly when compared to her usual self. Each move brought a certain elegance to the dining area and many villagers were already attracted to the scene.

Next, with a cautious heart, Mitsuri pressed the block of meat until she could see mouth-watering oil leaking through the fats before she quickly wrapped the meat in bamboo leaves and placed it atop the boiling soup for a few minutes.

As she left the meat, Mitsuri continued to chop vegetables and then after dicing away the radishes in the last, she once again brought her attention to the meat and took it away from the steamy area and waited for a few moments before opening it.

She didn't want to steam it completely and finally, she placed a frying pan over the fire and started cooking the meat alongside the vegetables. The soup was already ready to be served, rice was being prepared while Mitsuri had saved the best for the last. Not only for the sake of taste, but to also demonstrate her skills as she gazed at Nik and Shinobu for a moment before moving her arms to present the cooking in a masterful manner.

(A/N: I am researching cooking scenes and what's more, I'm veg, so please go easy on me.)

Finally, after the sizzling sound of the frying steak eased, Nik looked at Mitsuri removing her apron. Unlike in the afternoon, Mitsuri was already dressed in her uniform, and that meant one thing...

Her overly exposed cleavage.

Nik still wondered why Mitsuri would ever wear such a uniform. The middle buttons of the uniform were not even present, exposing her cleavage through the middle, painting a rather e.r.o.t.i.c picture when combined with her beautiful smile and shy gaze.

Of course, the colour of her hair, just like Saya's, was a sight to relish.

But the same thing wasn't true for Shinobu. Unlike Nik, who could appreciate a cleavage, Shinobu hated the things she couldn't have, that also meant A Cleavage.

Although blessed with round and perky bosom, when compared to monsters like Shizuka and Mitsuri, she might as well call herself a flat board.

"Thank you, so much, Nik!"

Mitsuri cheered in all her bubbly glory and sat with an innocent grin etched on her lips.

"Shinobu might have never liked me if you hadn't convinced her. How did you do it anyway?"

Mitsuri gazed at Nik with a child's innocence as Nik looked at the flushed and embarrassed Shinobu with a smile.

"Oh, nothing, I just patted her head, hugged her and"

"Do me a favour!"

Shinobu hastily interrupted while Mitsuri's attention now fell on the Insect Pillar.

"Let's eat, already!"

Shinobu said while taking a deep breath. Meanwhile, Nik leaned closer to Mitsuri, who once again, looked at Nik with an innocent expression.

"Of course, I kissed her, too."

Nik just had to take away Mitsuri's innocence in entirety. So he might as well start with that innocent mind of hers.

After all, any self-respecting Incubus would love to commit himself in debauchery through slow and patient corruption.

And as Mitsuri's and Shinobu's cheeks flushes, Nik didn't mind the awkward atmosphere and dug into the absolutely delicious food.

In Nik's line of work, he is already destined to go through many awkward encounters. Might as well get used to them as early as possible.