Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 243

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 243 Impeding Unusual Orgy

As awkward as the surroundings grew, the situation soon eased down when the clattering sound of other demon slayers shuffling around the trio filled the entire dining area within the village. Of course, from the corner of his eyes, Nik could see his cute disciples gazing at him intently. Maybe they wished to join? Nik, at the moment, didn't wish to divert his attention from the delicious meal that could bring tears of joy from the degenerates and create a torrent of l.u.s.t for the cook herself from the extremely despicable degenerates.

Of course, Nik still had a long way to gain such a title. After all, at the moment, he only held admiration for the wondrous scene of Shinobu taking small bites while trying to hide her glee that she felt for Mitsuri's food and the pinkette herself forgetting about the strange awkwardness and enjoying the food with audible 'hum' of approval at each bite.

Her soft voice only made the entire dinner more pleasurable.

With Nik's thoughts and eyes lingering over Mitsuri's cleavage before shifting towards Shinobu's healthy and covered bosom, he soon gained the ire of many. One of them being a bespectacled pinkette that couldn't help but lament at her mother's choice. During the dinner, though, he enjoyed a lot, Nik did contact Elizabeth to ask about her and Saeko's and Shigure's whereabout.

He had an intuition that the trio is training, but when he read the message, he himself couldn't help but gulp at the amount of intense training the duo have been facing. When compared to the amount of the training the duo received, Nik's own training with them looked akin to a child learning to walk for the first time. But this incident did not manage to incite Nik's extinguished desire to grow stronger, no. He knew for a fact that this training won't last for more than 4 days and by then, he wished to finally fill his ranks of partners to welcome the trio with a fulfilling orgy.

Of course, his train of thought ended when he chewed on the last bite of his steak. With a content sigh, Nik finally gazed at Mitsuri, who seemed to be looking for an honest feedback as her green eyes waited for Nik's comment while matching his gaze with an expectant look.

Even Shinobu eyed Nik carefully.

Today's dish had already concluded that Mitsuri hid nothing in her arsenal. Even the meal prepared by her during Shinobu's and Nik's kast visit in her restaurant didn't pack such a punch. Of course, in Nik's mind, the dish itself didn't 'feel' like home, a feeling that Nik always relished while eating Mitsuko's or Kyouko's meals. But...

"Thank you," Nik gazed at Mitsuri, his face turning gentler and warmer while he continued, "This was absolutely amazing." Nik's shoulders relaxed, a move that Shinobu and Mitsuri observed easily as Nik exhaled loudly.

"I... loved it."

Nik raised his right shoulder slightly smirking, a smirk that Shinobu was all too familiar with but still got ensnared nonetheless, just like Mitsuri.

"So much so that I want to take you with me right away."

A vexed expression touched Shinobu once she registered Nik's words. To Shinobu, there are two types of people in this world. One, who try to hide their true self from the world.

Two, who wish to paint the entirety of the world with their true self.

And there had never been a single shred of doubt within Shinobu that Nik's soul and drive won't rest until he paints the entirety of the world with debauchery. There was something about that particular smile that contributed to Shinobu's current train of thought.


As ensnared as Mitsuri was by the pair of eyes that appraised her own expression while the smile that hid not a single of the passionate intent his words conveyed, Nik's words still rang akin to claps of thunder within Mitsuri's ears. A red blush encroached the entirety of her face starting from her neck while steam rose from the top of her head.


As Mitsuri started mumbling with swirls of confusion evident in her pupils, Nik looked at Shinobu. Instantly, the dread of being played into Nik's palms washed over Shinobu and she planned to leave the place for a quieter one to straighten her thoughts.

"Hey, no need to leave... you can come, too~"

Nik smiled and gazed at Shinobu with her own playful coyness rippling in his own eyes.

Looking around, Nik found other's focus on him and the two girls, allowing him to understand that it was finally time to move this party somewhere else.

Since he already had a little time in this world and he had already decided to complete his ranking of partners, not to mention the fact that he has also prepared himself for the evident tweaks in the minds of his girls, just slight ones, to make every adventure a successful one.

Nik reckoned that there would be no point in stalling any longer. And no matter how he tries to justify himself internally, how could he ever forget his own origin? A world where strength ruled all, whores sold left and right while concubines traded to appease the authority. He had already tried long enough to make himself present a little differently.

'Oh, well.'

Nik's smile broadened as he found his own thoughts straightened out.

'Never have I expressed myself to be THE good guy.'

Nik's eyes glimmered while his Pheromones finally spread in the region. Not for the sake of training, not for the sake of observing.

In Shinobu's words It was for the sake of painting the surroundings with debauchery.

Of course, with a masterful display of mind control, Nik made sure that a few lovely disciples of his own remain untouched by the slowly s.e.x.u.a.lly burning demon slayer members. In fact, to avoid any basic awkwardness, Nik ended up tweaking their heteros.e.x.u.a.l selves into homos.e.x.u.a.l ones.

He just wanted to avoid any unforeseen circ.u.mstances. After all, he may get away after a misconduct, but that didn't mean true for the demon slayers and if they committed an illicit crime against someone they shouldn't, living with their bodies broken would already be considered as an act of kindness.

Of course, three youths were also unaffected by Nik's mind control for they already had a blessing of a stronger entity.

With the stage set and unwilling for his own disciples and his potential partners to witness the wonders of homos.e.x.u.a.lity something he avoided against, not discriminated Nik's arms wrapped around the reluctantly passionate Shinobu, who already knew the taste of Nik's wondrous touch and the infectious nature of his lips and a 'still confused' Mitsuri, who wasn't the least bit prepared for the stuff she already seemed to be agreeing for not in the mind or body something which Nik shall do for Mitsuri in her stead.


I apologize for such a short chapter, but I found myself into some troublesome stuff and believe me... it was difficult. No jokes intended...

You may even say that I have finally started to feel the actual weight of the word Responisbility.