Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 244

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 244 Captured Butterfly

As improvised as Nik's actions were, they couldn't be stopped once they entered into motion. His 'actions' meaning his tongue and the 'motion' of course, meant the motion of his tongue stretching into Shinobu's mouth and giving her a treat far more delicious than Mitsuri's dessert. By now, Nik had already brought Mitsuri and Shinobu into his own personal abode. In fact, this was the first time that Nik had arrived into this place of his own and what better way to start living here other than a threesome?

Nik's arms found themselves wrapped around Sinobu's slim waist while the dim lighting of the hut seemed to be unwilling to hide Mitsuri's curvaceous figure as the pinkette fidgeted while bearing witness to the most e.r.o.t.i.c kiss in her entire life. Of course, this might also be due to the fact that this was the first time that Mitsuri had witnessed the act itself. Meanwhile, Nik himself gave his best to please Shinobu's lips with a gentler approach. His tongue coiled around Shinobu's cute tongue and tugged on it gently while his palms finally cupped her sweet and plump butt cheeks. With the way they were standing, Mitsuri's eyes finally wandered along Shinobu's ripe ass being gripped and pressured by Nik's palms. On the other hand, Shinobu had her eyes closed the entire time. By now, the way Nik had tweaked the midset of the pillar of insect had made Shinobu realise that there was something wrong with her. Being reluctant to leave Nik's embrace was one thing but being unable to leave at all was another.

Just like Nik had already theorised the fact that mind control left a few hints unlike hypnotism, Shinobu had also reached a similar conclusion. Unlike the naive and genetically stronger Mitsuri, Shinobu had to commit herself to hard work and deceit to achieve her status and power. This also led to the strengthening of Shinobu's mentality.

"N-Nik! Stop!" gasping audibly with a huge flush on her cheeks, Shinobu struggled under Nik's hold as the incubus grinned and whispered hotly, "Nope!"

His palms squeezed her butt tighter as Shinobu let out a soft yelp under Nik's masterful butt massage. Even if Shiinobu seemed to have figured something out, Nik didn't give her the chance to refuse the undeniable and sealed her lips as she soon melted in his arms as she felt her butt cheeks being spread apart through her demon slayer uniform.

Even if Mitsuri had always been the curious kind with her thoughts always drifting towards the unholy sacred ritual between a man and a woman, or- a man and a man- if she happened to have a particularly adventurous train of thought at the period of time as pointed out by her title of 'Pillar of Love' and the fact that she remained more than comfortable to wear a design of uniform that showed off her cleavage, never would Mitsurihave expected to witness a live show that would soon include herself, too. And as Shinobu had already predicted, Mitsuri seemed strangely accepting of the entire situation. With her hands covering her face while the gaps in between her fingers allowing easy access to the debauched scene, Mitsuri slowly grew ensnared by the scene of usually calm and composed Shinobu squirming under Nik's hands while Shinobu's suppressed m.o.a.ns only made it harder for Mitsuri to ignore.

After all, it looked so damn good!

Finally, Shinobu's eyes snapped open in fright and astonishment as she matched Nik's playful gaze while feeling his palms shuffling through her clothes and tugging on to her panties as the fabric dug into her special place. The action itself sent sparks throughout Shinobu's body while her knees gradually weakened until she could only lean over at Nik's chest while glaring at him with righteous indignation.

"That rushed to get into the bed?"

Nik whispered while lowering Shinobu's pants and pulling her down over to the mattress before draping her figure with his own and closed in on the distance between their faces while their heavy breathing grazed at each other lips. Even though Shinobu resisted the undeniable pleasure Nik's touches held, desire still flared within her violet pupils as her arms twitched into motion, only to get restricted by Nik's palms as he pushed his thighs against Shinobu's raised knees. If previously Shinobu didn't wish to succ.u.mb to Nik's touches, now she felt angry after being restricted by Nik just at the moment when she felt hot enough to enjoy the remaining session.

Finally, Nik lowered his head and let his lips touch Shinobu's slender and pale neck while his arms finally let go of Shinobu's arms and traced the edges of Shinobu's top before pushing his palms against Shinobu's healthy bosom. Through her top, Nik squeezed the pair of perky b.r.e.a.s.ts while letting a stinging hickey right on the base of her neck while Shinobu's arms finally flew into motion and coiled around Nik's head, pulling him closer, finally, unwilling to let go of his body.


"So the end result is that the main mission stays the same as the demons zombies will appear around the state?"

Brian questioned while the corpse of the green-haired fiend remained at his feet as Ray, still snuggling against the stoic Muzan nodded with a carefree expression.

"You heard her right, Guild Master~?"

Brian looked away from the purifying scene of Ray raising his lips for Muzan to take them before sighing.

"Can't you learn something from Nik? Keep your horny in your pants, man."

Ray grinned and shook his head.

"Believe me, things are only going to change for him, too" He sighed before looking at Muzan with a look of longing as he waved his hand, making Muzan disappear into a haze of pink.

"Off you go to my tiny kingdom, Muzan" Ray muttered before looking at Brian, "Alright Nik called me for a personal favor. What about you?"

Brian looked at the corpse near his feet and then sighed deeply, "I'll tag along I guess"

It was plainly obvious that Brian had nothing to do. Shaking his head, Ray gazed at Brian before smiling mischievously, "You really need to hook up, boss. How about I introduce you to-"

"If anyone is going to be wingmanning me, it'll be Nik, and that, too, with girls. So" Brian looked at the smiling Ray with an uncomfortable look and sighed, "Whatever, I doubt that Nik won't pull a prank just like you."

"How insightful of you to already understand that about me although, I can't say the same about Nik."

"Oh, you have no idea"


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