Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 246

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 246 N.a.k.e.d Past

"Sis! Why don't you ever kill those demons?!" With large round eyes sporting glimmering violet pupils, a younger version of Shinobu shouted at the woman with long black hair with a butterfly clip on the side of her head while a butterfly printed haori dr.a.p.ed over her demon slayer uniform. But even though the shouting woman looked anything but the Shinobu Nik knew, he still bore witness to the entire quarrel where the elder sister passed a serene smile that seemed all too familiar to Nik. It was a peaceful smile that could ease anyone's emotions with a mere glance and while the smile looked disturbingly close to Shinobu's, Nik knew that unlike the genuine version he has witnessed at the moment, Shinobu merely wore that kind of smile akin to a mask to hide her true self that seemed to have been exposed until Nik had been pulled into such a strange situation.

After all, he was n.a.k.e.d and even then, the two beauties didn't seem to have taken notice of all his nubile glory. A situation that Nik had some trouble dealing with. Even though he had already understood that this place may be a memory palace holding the insight to who Shinobu truly is, his narcissistic personality still wished for the duo to take notice of him. And while he truly wanted to go and have his way with the younger version of Shinobu who was anything but deceitful, he found himself suppressed in that very spot.

And while his [Carnal Concept] could even allow him to have his way with intangible spirits, Nik doubted that the same could be applied on concepts like memory. But unwilling to give up, Nik ended up trying his trustee [Pheromone Illusion] and found it unable to be activated. Finally, giving up, he focused on the ongoing confrontation.

"Fighting them won't yield anything but more sadness and hatred. I won't do it."

The unnamed elder sister replied with a soft and serene smile and by the looks of Shinobu's expression, she was anything but satisfied with that particular expression as her eyes flared wide and her jaws clenched in, but finally, taking a deep breath, Shinobu turned on her heels and left the room. Before Nik could try and move again, the scene shifted once again and Nik found his n.a.k.e.d body in a burning village.

Honestly, this kind of shifts was somewhat uncomfortable for Nik. After all, he could easily observe the villagers dying of fire and multiple demons while the beaten and bloodied Shinobu continued fending off a particular demon only to be pushed back again and again. The deficiency of her physique became evident once again while Nik moved his toes uncomfortably.

Being n.a.k.e.d in a paid orgy was quite different from being n.a.k.e.d in a carnage of blood and grief.

Still, Nik witnessed the entire act as Shinobu had her arms broken under that sadistic smile of the demon ah, this smile was also something Nik witnessed upon Shinobu's lips time and again. But all came to an end when a single figure fluttered across the raging inferno while the blade brandished by her looked anything but extraordinary. And yet, with an illusion of blooming flowers filling the entire scene, the legion of demons found their heads separated from their necks in a single, elegant attack.

"Shinobu, sorry to make you wait so long."

Her elder sister smiled gently while she helped Shinobu up and from his intent observation, Nik found out that this particular moment had triggered something deep within her

"I realised that unlike a filled vat an empty vat is only capable of making a loud noise."

An ethereal voice seemed to have read through Nik's thoughts as his gaze concentrated on a figure far across the raging inferno and as the siblings passed through that passage, the vision grew clearer and Nik finally saw an equally n.a.k.e.d Shinobu matching his gaze.

"This place is quite a complex one took some time to find you." She continued with a smile while a notification popped in front of Nik that made him frown deeply.

[Shinobu Kocho wishes to party up. Accept or Reject?]

"Nik Faran" Shinobu whispered as the crackling bonfire failed to suppress her whispers. In a slow pace, she walked up to Nik and held his hand into her's, "Since we are already here, it is only efficient that you understand everything about me."

She smiled and this time around, Nik failed to find the mix of sadistic desires and peaceful aura in her smile. This smile was a tragic one. And in this situation, Nik found it appropriate enough.

"How did you know about System?"

With Shinobu actually being able to trigger a request to enter the harem through the system, it is only natural that she knew about the ambiguous space. With a curious gaze that failed to hide a bit of amus.e.m.e.nt, the usual sadistic grin resurfaced once again on her plump lips.

"Two figures gave me a ride around your mind your actual memories." Her words failed to bring any sort of reaction out of Nik as she continued, "This is a special circ.u.mstance that's what those two said

If you wish to leave, the two of them asked me to relay you the fact that you can leave my mindscape by merely intending to leave."

"I want to know more about you." Replying candidly, Nik gazed at Shinobu, "But, do you really wish for me to continue this after learning a few truths about myself that have also eluded my own memories?"

His memories are manipulated, Nik had long reached that conclusion. But the fact that Shinobu actually got clear access to a few truths did disturb him for no small amount.

"You have never been hotter."

She brought his hand up with her two palms holding his hand as she let her forehead lean over his arm and whispered, "We have already crossed the line, might as well push through the boundaries of normalcy. And I think that I can use the fact that I got clear access to your true self instead of others to my advantage."

She smiled as the scene shifted once again. With Nik finally holding Shinobu tenderly without asking anything about his own memories and accepting her into the harem, he bore witness to Shinobu's gradual change. From the determined and steadfast warrior with an honest manner of battling, Shinobu soon started to cover her weaknesses and found ways to overcome a few glaring disadvantages of her technique all the while remaining an open-hearted woman until someone extremely important to her died.

"Her name was Kanae Kocho"

Shinobu whispered as her past self held the fatally wounded Kanae, her elder sister, tightly while crying out for help desperately. Alas, with nothing but corpses to take pity on their soon to be fallen comrade, Shinobu could only cry in grief as she continued to take Kanae's attention from her wounds.

"Don't you feel that it's pretentious of me to sympathise for demons just because my sister asked me to on her dying breath?"

"If you wish to hear my thoughts of pretentiousness, then you found the wrong man. There is nothing in this world that isn't pretentious.

Each action is motivated by desires, whether exposed or hidden."

Nik looked at the scene of Shinobu crying and felt it similar to his own situation. But now, he dare not believe that it was the truth.

"Can't you console a grieving woman?"

Shinobu raised her gaze in indignation while she pushed her butt against Nik's thighs to 'punish' his impassive remarks.

"To console you without any heart behind those words is not only rude, but downright pathetic of me." Nik's words caused a gleam to spread across Shinobu's eyes as the scene changed once again, revealing a smiling Shinobu, properly clothed, looking at the duo. With a few quick steps though, this version of Shinobu walked past the completely nude couple as the duo turned and found the clothed Shinobu kneeling in front of a beautiful flower.

"Your sister I really wish she were alive." Nik whispered as Shinobu continued looking at the flower.

"Sis would have definitely been interested in you"

Shinobu sighed as Nik smiled softly and held Shinobu a little tighter, "I was wrong I couldn't help but console you in the end."

"Admitting your pretentious nature already?" Shinobu raised her eyebrows in amus.e.m.e.nt.

"I desired to console you. Nothing pretentious about how I am feeling now."

Nik grinned and the world around the duo shattered as they found themselves back in the heated hut with their bodies already connected as a wave of extremely sensual feeling played a huge part in the instant m.o.a.n escaping Shinobu's lips while her palms clutched against Nik's palms tightly as he gently pushed deeper into her rapidly loosening cunt.

"Just out of curiosity." Nik whispered into Shinobu's ears, "Will you tell me what you saw in my memories?"

With the tip of his c.o.c.k already reaching her cervix, Shinobu's entire body shuddered as sensual juice trickled down both of her lips while she still managed to remark in her usual pace,

"Hhaaahhh~ M-hnngh! Make ohhh~ me!"

Shinobu smiled through her wanted breathing as the feeling of herself being filled, completed, played a massive role in her rapidly building heat as Nik nodded in agreement.

"That I will."


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