Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 247

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 247 Obanai's Graceful Entry To Harem

To Nik, this particular session was more intimate. Tender, even. His rod remained sheathed into Shinobu's snatch but still, a small percentage of his shaft remained 'un-loved'. Moving his h.i.p.s back slowly, Nik sealed Shinobu's lips as she could barely control her own drooling nectar alongside her melodious m.o.a.ns while his right hand got back to tease Shinobu's clit to ease the tension of her muscles to provide more space for Nik's rod to fill as his left hand gently held Shinobu's right hand. The inner walls stuck onto his shaft as he moved back slightly and feeling the unwillingness of her body, Nik pushed deeper once again, this time, pressing her cervix a little more roughly as Shinobu's legs remained locked on Nik's waist while her free hand traced his back.

Moving once again, Nik pulled on his h.i.p.s, drawing a long and mind-numbing arc inside Shinobu's snatch before pumping deeply, making her eyes open widely as he gasped into Nik's mouth, her entire body never felt this full! Shinobu's h.i.p.s bucked upwards as Nik pulled back once again, unwilling to let the fulfilling rod leave her hold and finally, her arm slid towards Nik's butt, gently patting it while letting her tongue get ravaged by the Incubus.

She now knew why Nik smelled so good, unnaturally so. Why his saliva tasted better than honey and why it didn't hurt her even when she took something so big and thick into her snatch! Nik wasn't a human and finally, Shinobu could agree with her late sister's mentality. She, a pillar, fell for a demon. Once again, as Nik's thick c.o.c.k pushed deeper, only willing to stop with her w.o.m.b being struck by his c.o.c.k, Mitsuri, on the other hand, had already lost the concept of time as her fingers traced her innards with her hazy gaze focused on the ensnaring undershaft of Nik's stretching Shinobu's cute cunt. The pinkette's fingers worked quickly, spreading her insides while her other hand gingerly played with the swollen clit in debauched curiosity while Shinobu's and Nik's suppressed m.o.a.ns made her body shiver in anticipation.

That's why Mitsuri secretly admired hunks!

As Nik's virility drove Mitsuri into a delightful orgasm delivered by her own two hands, the hands she used to cook wonderful dishes with, Shinobu's body prepared for the much-anticipated orgasm with her legs holding Nik tighter while her pinches on Nik's butt cheeks growing rougher.

Finally, with her eyes rolling back and the sound of wet squelching echoing within the hut, Shinobu's cunt let out a stream of translucent, sensual nectar that impacted against the area above Nik's crotch, dampening his lower region in mere minutes while her hand that was held by Nik grew tighter in its clutches. Instantly, Shinobu's walls loosened further and with one long pull


Nik struck deeply, finally forcing his way in and allowing the entirety of his c.o.c.k to finally get sheathed as Shinobu's mind trembled and her body shivered the moment the tip of Nik's thick and hard c.o.c.k struck into the deepest walls of her snatch.


Shinobu cried in delight, with her lips finally unsealed, a torrent of l.u.s.t-inducing m.o.a.ns and groans slurred out of her sloppy mouth as Nik observed her glossy lips with rapt attention while finally moving his h.i.p.s in a casual pace that allowed more comfort to him. The position remained the same as Nik didn't want to tire the lady in her first time since he now knew well enough about the limits her body could truly endure. With one cycle of orgasm complete, Nik's hands that had been tending to Shinobu's swollen clit now reached up, cupping her perky b.r.e.a.s.t while continuing to smack deep into her w.o.m.b. Has Shinobu been a little more petite, Nik swore that he could have even made out the bumping of his c.o.c.k into Shinobu's snatch just like when it did with Virya and Pavaka.


With Nik's Pheromones continuously committing to the task in hand, Shinobu groaned once again as she felt the already thick rod swelling slightly. Her body, meanwhile, felt close to another round orgasm just as quickly like the previous one when Nik gently took her lips and let out a relieved sigh alongside


The searing load whose white colour only pointed out its holy origin seemed to have made Shinobu's mind go blank as she felt revitalised with Nik's Infernal seed filling her w.o.m.b pack with thick ropes of continuous ejaculations as her body screamed in delighted shivers that soon broke into a messy orgasm.

With a gentle kiss and under Mitsuri's widened eyes, Nik easily cleaned Shinobu's body while letting his words into Shinobu consciousness.

'Rest now Happy to have you, Shinobu.'

And even in the mental reply, Shinobu simply replied with a soft 'hum' of approval before drifting into a content sleep.

Finally, turning on his heel, Nik looked at the bare-b.r.e.a.s.ted Mitsuri with her hands into her skirt while she gazed at Nik before turning her attention towards his still rock hard c.o.c.k that would twitch in motion every now and then as a nervous but very endearing smile touched her full, plump lips.



Mitsuri groaned in delight as Nik manhandled her with her hair in his fist and her p.u.s.s.y stretched open to its limits while Nik continued pounded her with his other hand latching onto both of her wrists with her torso pulled up and her large, round bosom jiggling in delight.

How long has it been? Minutes? No, possibly hours. And even then, Nik's c.o.c.k remained stubborn, unwilling to rest while his hot c.o.c.k had already moulded her insides in his own shape as Mitsuri squealed while the couple remained oblivious of the fact that Shinobu had actually woken up from the noise for more than a single occasion and just groaned in frustration before finding herself falling asleep in exhaustion.

The feeling of her c.u.m-soaked cunt getting scratched by Nik's veiny c.o.c.k once again provided satisfaction way more than Mitsuri could have imagined as the current 'restraining' play proved to be more sensually appealing than she could have imagined.

Finally, feeling Nik's ridiculous load blasting into her w.o.m.b once again pulled out a relieved m.o.a.n from Mitsuri's throat as her tongue lolled out with saliva dripping down her chin and her eyes barely able to keep her focus of the surroundings.

With her body finally being pulled up entirely by Nik, Mitsuri barely hung onto consciousness by a thread as she continued to pant softly while Nik groaned in satisfaction while keeping his rod within her snatch, only willing to take out when the job is completed.

With a deep exhalation, Nik slowly let Mitsuri down before cleaning her body once again and allowing the already unconscious beauty to rest alongside the peacefully sleeping Shinobu. Unlike with the Insect Pillar, Mitsuri had already accepted the invitation to the party during the fifth round and Nik only whistled in admiration as he found out that Mitsuri actually boasted stamina comparable to Shizuka. Looks like his buxom healer can finally have the threesome she desires so much.

But, it looked like Nik wasn't supposed to rest just yet as the moment he sat beside the sleeping duo, his body cleaned and dried, credits to water bending, but still erect, he heard a soft click and one look at towards the door made him realize that he had no uninvited visitor. Instantly opening his [Life Vision], Nik found a peculiar movement in one of the most unique life force signatures that he had ever encountered in this world. With his head turning towards an inconspicuous box, Nik found the lid opened up as a pale-skinned, miniature girl stood in front of him with her petite body covered in pink yukata while her large, round pink-colored pupils gazed at Nik intently. And being the immodestly n.a.k.e.d Incubus he was at the moment, it didn't take long before the dark-haired demoness looked at Nik's erect package.

A period of brief silence ensued after the sudden awakening of Nezuko as even Nik didn't know what to say. So, with his experience in taking care of Pavaka and Virya, Nik smiled gently and patted his own n.a.k.e.d thighs without any illicit motives. Even though he wasn't drained enough and could probably continue for more hours, Nik didn't feel like it and wished to just enjoy Nezuko's gentle and silent company.

With her head tilting in a bout of momentary confusion, Nezuko looked at Nik's chiseled thighs before pacing up to him and turning on her heels to present her plump and tight rear that soon fell on Nik's thighs lightly while her soft hair instantly came to contact with Nik's torso as he sighed in content while his erect package remained towering in between Nezuko's cool thighs.

Still, Nezuko did not move at all and remained silent the entire time. Her eyes finally narrowed in delight when she felt Nik's warm hands patting her head and stroking her hair. His actions pulled a stream of approving Hums from the petite demoness as Nik observed the status of the energy within her body in detail.


Few hours earlier.

'Gotta get back fast!'

Obanai's heartbeat grew wilder as he simply couldn't find Mitsuri in the suddenly homophobic village. Every corner of the streets was filled with men and women indulging themselves in the most degenerative carnal actions that even put the demons to shame.

Finally, his ears picked a familiar cry. It was a shriek. But, unlike a pained one, this shriek sounded unusually sensual and tantalising, making Obanai's heartbeat shoot through his chest as he made his way swiftly towards the source of the voice.

What came then was a stream of soul-crushing m.o.a.ns and the squelching sound accompanied by the sound of flesh hitting against each other. Obanai didn't have to be an expert to understand what the sounds meant and the realisation sucked his very emotions. His knees trembled until he fell with his expression still in a trance when something strange occurred around him.

The pet snake coiled around Obanai lost its usual hostility as a melodious voice filled Obanai's consciousness.

"See? This is what happens when you choose a woman over countless men.

We boys aren't jealous of each other. We enjoy multiple companies. We are open-hearted and broad-minded." The voice cooed gently as a pink mist started lingering around Obanai's figure.

"You pursued the woman silently, and yet, she got with someone vocal. I wouldn't do that. I praise and admire such silent support. And, I would never hurt your feelings for another woman

After all

We men should embrace and ease each other's frustrations."

And that was the last of what Obanai heard before falling unconscious.


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